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Neighbours Episode 3203 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3203
Australian airdate: 04/11/98
UK airdate: 08/03/99
UK Gold: 15/10/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Dorothy Stevens: Jenny Seedsman
Dee Generate: Trent Baker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bill telling Anne he'll take Anne to the races.
Bill gives money back to Lance that he didn't bet and tells Lance he has a problem.
Lance rants at Amy saying she's self-centred.
Amy turns to leave, but Lance realises he's gone too far and asks her not to go. He says he has a problem. Amy says it's too little too late and he's lied to her for weeks. Amy breaks up with Lance and goes out crying. Lance punches the wall leaving a hole.
Toadie is going to interview Dee-generate, the lead singer of Battery Acid and suggests a debate with Harold about moral standards. Madge and Paul don't think he should do it, but Harold wants to do it. Toadie says to come to the radio station tomorrow lunchtime.
Lance has patched up the wall. He talks to Ruth on the phone. He is obviously missing her but tells her everything is OK.
Phil comes in and notices the patch. Lance apologises. Phil asks him what's wrong and Lance says he misses Ruth, but everything is fine.
Later at the Martins
Phil improves the patch on the wall and talks to Lance. Phil says while Ruth is away he's all he's got and to talk to him. Lance says he feels like his whole world is crashing down. Phil says they'll see Karl about Lance not feeling well. He tells Phil about the breakup with Amy, but not about the gambling. Phil listens sympathetically. He says Lance doesn't have to do any more chores until after the exams so he can concentrate on his studies.
Madge's voice is croaky this morning. Phil calls in and says he's selling the horse and the caravan, but can he keep them on Harold's allotment temporarily. Paul isn't chuffed telling Phil that Hannah will be very upset. Paul storms out leaving Harold to apologise to Phil.
Lance apologises to Toadies. He says he's done with the gambling, but Toadie isn't convinced. Toadie already knows about the breakup as Amy told him. He says Lance has to get over the gambling if he wants Amy back. Toadie says he and Lance are mates and he's there for him if he needs him.
The Coffee Shop
Drew worries about his meeting with the bank manager. Madge encourages him. She is coughing and seems to be losing her voice.
Uni FM
Toadie talks to Dee-generate, the lead singer of Battery Acid, complete with several facial piercings. Harold waits outside. Paul begs him not to do the interview, but at that moment Toadie calls Harold in.
Recording Studio, Uni FM
Toadie introduces Harold as a critic of Battery Acid songs. Harold gives a rather weak example of some Battery Acid lyrics saying they're sending out a wrong general message. Dee-generate says he'll have to be more specific if they're going to have a proper debate on the subject.
Karl is examining Lance and says he's sending him for blood tests. He quizzes Lance about stress in his life. Lance says he's stressed about his exams, but insists there isn't any other stress. Lance leaves to go to a clinic for his blood tests.
Recording Studio, Uni FM
Harold says the music is sending out "bad messages". Dee-generate says you could say that about a lot of thing, including classics like "Romeo and Juliet". Harold continues that his music is aggressive but Dee-generate counters all his examples, pointing out that there are many interpretations for the words. He says society at large has far more damaging messages.
Harold says Paul is a first-hand example of the effect of the music, but is forced to admit there are other factors that might be contributing to his sulky moods. Paul looks mortified, but Dee-generate says he likes Harold - he's got and opinion and he isn't afraid to state it! He asks Harold what music he likes and when Harold mentions a brass band artist, Dee-generate says he played his stuff in the early days - so they end up getting on quite well!
Madge has come to see about her voice. Karl says, "A speechless Madge Bishop - that's got to be one for the record books!". Madge can only glares. Karl says there's no obvious cause, but Madge produces a bottle of mouthwash and mimes gargling with it. Karl pretends not to understand her mimes(!)
Uni FM
Paul and Harold agree to disagree on Battery Acid. Harold agrees to give Paul his CDs back if he turns down the volume. They agree to stop fighting.
Dee-generate and comes up and gives both Harold and Paul a signed T-shirt!
Amy comes to return Lance's CDs and get her own. Amy says she's not backing down on the breakup. Lance says Karl says he could be contagious so she should see Karl if she has any symptoms. Amid much heartbreak, Amy says her friends made fun of her when she first got together with Lance. But she thought he was honest and truthful and wouldn't let her down or go behind her back. Now he's let her down. She leaves, crying.
Phil and Drew are talking to the manager about a bank loan for Drew. The manager says his idea is good and at one time they would have lent to him without many questions. But times have changed and since Drew doesn't have a proven track record she can't lend him the money.
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