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Neighbours Episode 3140 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3140
Australian airdate: 07/08/98
UK airdate: 08/12/98
UK Gold: 02/09/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: David Myles
Guests: Mark Sindon: Marc Stafford
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan tells Karl that she wants to close their joint bank account - they have to face the fact that it's over between them.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Joel drive up. Joel's been to see the doctor and assures Toadie his knee is just a strain, and he'll soon be back training.
Libby has come to see Ruth. Libby and Toadie have a front- page article about their role in catching the Erinsborough Bag Snatcher. The headline reads, "Dangerous Criminal Caught On Video". Also, the video is going to be run on the TV news, so Ruth is going to be famous too!
Hannah and Anne have brought Toadie a video recorder - he is delighted! Anne reminds him that tomorrow is Jeans for Genes day. Toadie says that he might get all his stuff back eventually, as he kept a list of the serial number of all his appliances.
Ruth is double- checking Joel's x- ray and says the doctor is right - it's nothing a bit of light physio won't fix.
Libby comes in and gives Joel a letter that's arrived - it's from a company called Dominator Sports - they're interested in sponsoring Joel. But they want to come and see him at the next triathlon in two weeks' time - if he's not back in peak condition by then, he's blown it.
It's Jeans for Genes day, and Amy and Anne are collecting donations. They're also selling hand- painted jeans done by Anne. Amy take a pair and says she'll pay Anne later(!)
Joel has had his first physio session with Ruth. He asks her if he can go running or go for a swim - he's under pressure to get back in shape for the sponsor. Ruth says it's up to him, but she advises him not to.
Hannah and Mark agree that he'll pick her up from her house at 7pm for their date.
Amy is modelling her new jeans and telling Anne she is really talented. She wants them to go in to business!
Karl pops round to see Phil, but he's not there. Ruth invites him to join her for a cup of tea instead. They chat about Joel a bit, but Karl looks agitated.
KARL: Ruth, you and Susan are very good friends. And I hate to ask this...
RUTH: But you're going to ask it anyway.
KARL: I'm desperate. There's no- one else I can ask. You must talk. Does she ever talk about her feelings to you? Does she miss me?
RUTH:(awkwardly) I'm sure she does, or at least she misses what you had together.
KARL: But does she ever use the word 'reconciliation'? Has she ever given any hint that we...might be a family again?
RUTH: In a word, no. But that doesn't mean she doesn't think about it, I mean, who knows what goes on inside her head?
KARL: Yeah. Who *does* know?
RUTH: Look, um, whenever I talk to you, I feel kind of awkward, like I'm stuck in the middle or interfering...
KARL: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...
RUTH: No, no. What I was going to say was, do you want me to have a talk to her and see if there's any hope?
KARL: Thank you, I appreciate it. I need to know, one way or another.
Joel has been swimming in Toadie's pool. He tells Toadie about the potential sponsorship deal with Dominator Sports. Toadie looks interested and says he could be Joel's manager(!)
Outside No.30
Joel is just heading off for a cycle ride, as some light training. Joel suggests that as his manager, Toadie could pace him on his bike(!)
Hannah and Anne are counting the money raised for Jeans for Genes day - $330, just for the jeans. Amy comes over and asks where her jeans are. Anne says she sold them because Amy hadn't paid for them. Amy says her mum will kill her - they were Italian, and cost over $200! She rushes off to find them.
When she's gone, Anne tells Hannah that she didn't really sell Amy's jeans. They're safe in her locker!
Libby, Ruth and Anne are waiting for the news to come on. Hannah is heading off on her date with Mark.
Just after Mark has arrived, Libby's footage is shown. They have zoomed in on the thief, so only Ruth's eye can be seen, but Anne tells her that her eye is very photogenic(!) Hannah heads off while they're raving, looking a bit left out.
Joel is still worried about the sponsorship deal. Toadie is raving that Joel is going to the big time! Joel reminds Toadie that he'll have a lot of work to do as his manager and says Toadie will have to give up Uni(!)
Susan has come round and they are chatting about the news report.
RUTH: Uh, I actually had a visitor this morning.
SUSAN: Anyone I know?
RUTH:(laughs awkwardly) He came to see Phil, and, er, I was vaccuuming and about to have a cup of tea and I just...
SUSAN: Oh, Ruth, don't.
RUTH: What?
SUSAN: Don't apologise for talking to Karl. He's entitled to talk to anyone he wants to, so are you. I know how difficult this is - you and Phil must feel like you're stuck in the middle.
RUTH: Oh, not really.
SUSAN: Oh come on, I'm not completely insensitive, I saw how uncomfortable everyone was at the foxtrot. So what was he talking about?
RUTH: Are you sure you want to hear this?
SUSAN: Yeah.
RUTH: Uh, he's despserate, Susan. Really at rock bottom. Basically, he wanted to know if there's a chance, even the slightest chance that the two of you might get back together again.
SUSAN: He asked you to ask me?!
RUTH: No, it wasn't like that. I...I offered. I know, I shouldn't have done it, I promised myself I wouldn't get involved.
SUSAN: It's OK, it's OK. You and Phil are friends to both of us, how could you *not* get involved? And I'm sorry about that, I'm sorry about a lot of things, but...where Karl's concerned, my feelings haven't changed. It's over. Next time he asks, just tell him.
Joel pops around to hang out with Toadie. He says his knee is getting better (but he is still limping). Toadie tells Joel that he's decided not to be his manager after all. Joel tells him he's relieved. Also, he's decided not to compete in the next triathlon - he doesn't think he'll be ready. There'll be other chances.
Hannah and Mark have arrived back from the movies and are saying goodnight on the doorstep. He kisses her on the forehead.
Inside, Ruth and Anne are watching TV in their pyjamas. They chat about Jeans for Genes day - they raised over $2000 in total.
Hannah comes in and they ask her for the details of the date. They tease her about Mark, but Hannah doesn't like it and decides to go off to bed.
When she's gone, Anne asks Ruth if she thinks the camping trip did any good. Ruth doesn't know.
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