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Neighbours Episode 3037 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3037
Australian airdate: 17/03/98
UK airdate: 15/07/98
UK Gold: 10/06/04
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: David Myles
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Amy telling Lance that her mum is going away and she gets to stay at home alone.
- Lance asking his mother if he can stay with Amy during the holidays. Ruth saying she'll have to talk to Amy's mum.
- Lance telling Hannah and Toadie that they should take the money that they've made out of the jukebox and put it into something else that will make them even more money.
- Lance discovering Toadie has bought more CDs and deciding he's going to go out and make more money on his own.
- Toadie asking Philip how he, Lance and Hannah break up their partnership.
- Josh telling Caitlin to decide whether she wants to carry on to Adelaide or return to Erinsborough.
Josh's car
Caitlin comments to Josh that he really doesn't want to go to Adelaide, does he? Josh asks about jobs and money. Caitlin insists that he can stay with her friends. Josh tells her that he's just trying to do the grown- up thing; what's right.
Coffee Shop
Hannah tells Toadie that Lance is their friend; they shouldn't be fighting with him. She looks at the new CDs Toadie has bought and he tells her that they're guaranteed crowd- pleasers. Hannah then accuses Toadie of being worried Lance will make more money than him. Toadie, however, insists that he's going to make Lance see the light; Lance is nothing without him.
Side of a road
Josh and Caitlin are standing together and Caitlin comments:
CAITLIN: My brothers are going to make my life hell.
Josh asks if she wants to go back, then. Caitlin sighs that Erinsborough it is.
No. 32
There's a knock on the front door and Lance opens it to Toadie. He asks him tersely what he wants. Toadie tells Lance that he wants what's best for him and for him to do whatever he wants with his fortune. Lance asks him suspiciously what's going on. Toadie insists that it's nothing; he was just jealous. Lance asks if they're still in together with the jukebox. Toadie nods that Lance can't get rid of him *that* easily!
A dirt track
Josh's car comes to a halt as it runs out of petrol. He tells Caitlin that it gets worse: he has no money, either. Caitlin sighs and asks why he didn't say anything before. She takes out a $5 note and asks how far it will get them. Josh muses:
JOSH: About halfway to nowhere!
Caitlin comments that they're going to have to walk - or use her $5 to make a 'phone call. Josh asks if she means to her brothers, but Caitlin says she couldn't face the humiliation. Josh points out that she's going to have to face up to them sometime - and he'll be with her.
No. 26
Philip is commenting to Toadie in surprise that a few hours ago he wanted to kick Lance out of the partnership because he wanted to invest in a new project, and now Toadie is doing the same thing; wasn't it Lance's idea to invest in a new machine? Toadie shrugs that this will teach Lance to get too big for his boots; as long as he and Hannah get to the table soccer machine first, Lance will be crying into his calculator. He then warns Paul - who's sitting there - to keep his trap shut so Lance doesn't found out what they're up to. Hannah joins them and hands Paul her video camera. He takes it and walks out. Hannah then turns to her father and comments that he doesn't look very happy. Philip tells her that Toadie has just been filling him in on their plan to rip off Lance. He adds that he's very disappointed...
No. 32
Ben and Nick head into No. 32 and tell Ruth and Geoff that Caitlin wants to come home. Geoff offers to take them to collect her, but Nick tells him curtly that he's done enough.
Coffee Shop
Lance is sitting at a table on his own when Amy comes in and sits down with him. He tells her that she looks unbelievably sexy! She asks when he's going to come and stay, but Lance tells her that there's a slight problem: *his* mum wants to talk to *her* mum. Amy exclaims:
AMY: No way... Why are old people always trying to ruin our fun?
Philip comes in - followed by Paul with his camera - and Lance calls him over and tells him that Toadie and Hannah aren't going to buy him out of the jukebox anymore. Philip frowns in surprise. Lance explains that Toadie came round this morning, said it was OK to invest in his own thing and that he's still involved in the jukebox. Philip sits down and says:
PHILIP: Listen, Lance, you didn't hear this from me, but, um, if I were you, I'd be taking what Toadie says rather cautiously.
Paul chips in that Philip promised not to tell him. Philip, however, reminds Paul that *Paul* promised! Amy asks what Toadie has done. Paul tells Lance that Toadie is so dark that he's selling Lance's idea just to get back at him.
No. 30
It's evening- time. Caitlin walks into the kitchen, followed by Josh, Nick and Ben. Toadie leaves them to it. Ben suggests to everyone that they sit down and sort things out like civilised human beings. Caitlin snaps at them that they can start by accepting that she's an adult. Nick retorts that she's 16. He goes on that when he got back and found her and Josh together, it was a bit much. Josh chips in that he knows everyone's looking out for their little sister, but they don't have to worry about him: he loves Caitlin... and he's leaving to go back to the Institute.
No. 32
Lance has bought the table soccer machine and is setting it up in the lounge room of No. 32. Ruth asks where they found it. Lance tells her that she knows he's been wanting to invest in another machine for ages - and when he's done it up, he'll be beating people off it with sticks!
Ramsay Street
Caitlin and Josh are kissing passionately outside No. 30. When they finally pull apart, Caitlin has tears in her eyes. She watches as Josh climbs into his car and starts the engine. She walks over to his window and stares at him for several seconds before saying sadly:
CAITLIN: I love you.
JOSH (softly): I love you too. Bye.
He drives off. Caitlin stars after him. She isn't aware of Paul hiding in the bushes, filming everything...
No. 32
Paul is cleaning the soccer table in the lounge room, although Ruth asks him to take it outside. There's a knock on the front door and Ruth opens it to Toadie and lets him in. He looks at the soccer table and grins:
TOADIE: You know, Lance, for a smart guy, you are such a nong!
He then asks who wants to play skanky old table soccer. He explains to Lance that he set him up; he ripped into Lance in front of Phil and Phil told spilled the beans. He goes on that they live in a computer- generated, virtual- reality world; are the punters going to pay for second- hand table soccer. He concludes:
TOADIE: You fell for it, you doofus.
With that, he walks out, leaving Lance staring at the soccer table in disbelief.
No. 26
Paul is watching playback of his video recording on the TV as Hannah talks on the 'phone to Toadie, hearing about Lance having bought the soccer table. She hangs up and asks Paul if that's Caitlin on the screen. She turns the TV off and snaps at him that he's so close to a peeping tom. Paul, however, shrugs that it's a grade A for the school project; you're not going to get good marks for doing something boring.
No. 32
Ruth is sitting on the couch with Lance, commenting that she's very disappointed in Toadie. She then suggests that maybe Toadie's wrong and there *is* a market for the table soccer - or he could keep on doing it up and see if he can make a bit of a profit. Lance just sighs that Toadie's right: he *is* a doofus.
No. 30
Nick hands round mugs of hot chocolate to Ben and Caitlin, commenting that it's just like when they were kids. Ben sips the drink and nods that it's not bad. He then tells Caitlin that it's not like Josh is on Mars; he's only at the Sports Institute. Caitlin retorts that she loves him and he's gone; that *hurts*. Ben presses on that he knows it hurts, but at her age—. Caitlin snaps at him and tells him not to dare to make it sound like it wasn't serious. Ben warns her that long- distance relationships are really hard. Caitlin insists that when you love someone, it's worth it; what she and Josh has is the real thing and they're going to wait for each other; nothing Ben or anyone else says is going to change that. She gets up and walks out, leaving Ben to comment to Nick that Caitlin is making herself miserable about a guy she hardly knows. Nick tells his brother that he's only upsetting her. Ben growls:
BEN: Yeah, well, *you're* the one that took—. Look, forget it. You're going to be leaving here soon, anyway.
Nick hesitates and then says he's going to be hanging around for a while: Ben has enough on his plate, recovering from the accident, and they need his help.
No. 32
Ruth opens the front door to Philip and Lou, Philip explaining that he wanted to show Lou the soccer table. Ruth tells Philip that Toadie conned them both. Lou just stares at the table excitedly and asks how much to buy it. Philip tells him that he can lease it. Ruth calls out to Lance, who joins them. Philip tells him that Lou wants the table for his pub. Lou grins that the punters will love it! He adds:
LOU: How much do you think I should charge? Fifty cents or shall I go the full dollar?
Lance stands there, a sudden smile on his face!
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Josh Hughes in Neighbours Episode 3037
Josh Hughes

Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Caitlin Atkins

Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3037
Toadie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin

Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins

Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3037
Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson

Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins

Toadie Rebecchi, Paul McClain, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3037
Toadie Rebecchi, Paul McClain, Philip Martin

Ruth Wilkinson, Geoff Burke in Neighbours Episode 3037
Ruth Wilkinson, Geoff Burke

Ben Atkins, Nick Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Ben Atkins, Nick Atkins

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3037
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Philip Martin, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3037
Philip Martin, Paul McClain

Nick Atkins, Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins, Ben Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Nick Atkins, Josh Hughes, Caitlin Atkins, Ben Atkins

 in Neighbours Episode 3037

Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3037
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Caitlin Atkins, Josh Hughes in Neighbours Episode 3037
Caitlin Atkins, Josh Hughes

Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3037
Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Paul McClain, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3037
Paul McClain, Hannah Martin

Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3037
Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson

Nick Atkins, Ben Atkins, Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3037
Nick Atkins, Ben Atkins, Caitlin Atkins

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3037
Lou Carpenter

Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3037
Lance Wilkinson

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