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Neighbours Episode 2982 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2982
Australian airdate: 11/11/97
UK airdate: 24/04/98
UK Gold: 23/03/04
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sven Jorgensen: David Whiteley
Sondra Pike: Cathy Godbold
Anna Betts: Kylie Mopper
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Toadie hiding in Darren's ute and sneaking into the house under renovation.
Phil and Ruth talking about their health farm break and the spa, then arriving and finding the activities are quite different.
Sondra introducing herself to Darren, then telling him if he doesn't go to the party with her, she won't be needing his services any more.
Middle of a forest
Most of the holiday group are power walking up the hill, but Phil and Ruth are lagging well behind. Phil stops to get his breath back and wonders where the others get all their energy. Ruth says it's probably through eating healthy. They decide they are going to take a short cut back to the hotel for a warm shower, but as they are about to go Sven appears and thinks they have lost their way. He is going to help them catch up, but they want to head in the other direction saying they are taking the scenic route. He tells them it's good they are interested in scenery and he'll take them to see a waterfall which is only two kilometres extra to the route.
No. 28
Libby opens the door to Darren and tells him she wasn't expecting to see him until tonight. He tells her that Sondra has invited him to a formal black tie party. Libby says he should tell her he already has something planned, and he explains to her that Sondra insisted and practically made it a condition of his continued employment. Karl and Susan have been listening in, and Susan interrupts to say she thinks it's outrageous. Darren agrees but he doesn't think he can fight her on this one.
The house
Toadie is lying on the kitchen cupboards studying by torchlight. His mobile rings and it's Lance calling from No. 32. Lance again tries to persuade Toadie to go back and face the Kennedys and sort things out with Billy, as Karl is going to call the cops if he doesn't show up in 24 hours. Toadie says all he can think about is his final exam, as he's stuffed everything else up and doesn't want to stuff this up as well. Lance suggests he moves back there. Toadie thinks he means under the house again, but he says in the house. Lance says his mum is away so won't know, and tries to persuade him with the promise of hot spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. Eventually Toadie agrees, but asks one favour of Lance. He left his physics book at the Kennedy's and needs Toadie to go and get it for him.
No. 28
Libby is putting her dress away and says she won't need it for a night in front of the telly. Susan says she can't believe the way Sondra abused her power and Darren could have a case for sexual harassment, but Karl is less convinced and thinks Darren is up to his old tricks again. He thinks Darren probably misinterpreted what she had said, and an argument begins between him and Susan with Libby not taking much notice. In the middle Karl says "Did you hear that" and points towards the bedrooms, but Susan tells him not to change the subject and they continue arguing. Libby leaves them to it and heads out of the front door saying she's going to see Darren to tell him it's OK for him to say no.
The health farm at night
Ruth is looking through the brochure of activities which includes a rousing night of Swedish folk music and a documentary about the macrobiotic diet. Phil isn't keen and Ruth wonders if he had enough of that at dinner.
PHIL: "Wallpaper paste and purple stuff. What was that?"
RUTH: "Poi I think. It's some Hawaiian thing"
PHIL: "If it had been steak and kidney poi it might have been all right!"
They decide they would rather go back to the room and do their own activities, then they start kissing but Phil stomach rumbles. He remembers there was a pub half a kilometre from the gate where they could get a grilled steak and a bottle of red wine. They decide to break out, since Hannah is busy doing activities and they won't be missed. Just then Hannah shows up exited about all the facilities including air hockey, table tennis and a horror movie marathon. She tells them she's having a great time, and Phil and Ruth just start laughing.
No. 22
Libby arrives on the doorstep and is let in by Lou who is about to put Lolly to bed. He asks her if that's what she's wearing as Darren is dressed up. Libby says he isn't going out with her, and Lou realises he put his foot in it. When Darren comes down, she tells him he shouldn't let Sondra get away with it but he says it's just a one off. There's a knock at the door and Darren opens it to find Sondra who is pleased to see him dressed up, and then her expression changes when she realises Libby is there as well. Libby tells Sondra the only reason he is going is because she forced him into it, but she says it was actually Darren who jumped at the chance. Darren says it wasn't like that at all. Sondra has a taxi waiting and says they need to get a move on. As she goes out, Darren tells Libby he will deal with this his own way.
The health farm
Phil and Ruth stagger back from the pub rather drunk. Phil drops the keys on the ground and they struggle to find them. Hannah opens the door and says she has been worried sick about them and they should have been more responsible and told her where they were going. Phil tries to argue they didn't do anything wrong, but Ruth agrees they should have told her. Hannah says she was only joking and just wanted to give them the big lecture. They all start laughing, then Sven appears and tells them they are keeping the other guests awake. If they don't get some sleep they will be too tired for the morning hike, and should take their relaxation more seriously.
No. 32
Toadie is asleep on the sofa with a school book in his hand. Lance wakes him and tells him it's time to go to bed since Anne has already gone. Toadie says he needs to do more study so he can ace the exam and prove it to the Kennedys. Lance says the Kennedy are more worried about where he is than his exam results. Toadie says Lance is "a real bud" and thanks him for letting him stay there and making him spaghetti bolognese.
No. 22
Darren and Sondra return from the party, and Sondra suggests he gets changed and they hit a club. Darren declines, then she asks to stay for coffee but Darren doesn't want to wake Lou. He tries to brush her off, but she says her father thinks they make a great couple and he has a talent for spotting good partnership. Darren says they have a good working relationship and that's all, and she says he should get his beauty sleep and she'll see him on the site in the morning.
No. 32 next morning
Lance wakes Toadie in a panic because his mum has just arrived back, so Toadie rushes out through the kitchen. Ruth, Phil and Hannah come in and Ruth comments that Lance is up early. Lance says they are back early and asks if they got thrown out of the health farm. Phil said he was glad to leave, but Hannah says she was enjoying it and starts to tell them how irresponsible they were. Ruth spots the text book on the table and says she though Lance had finished studying. He says there was a documentary on TV and it had inspired him to get his book out again. Ruth points out he doesn't do physics and his name isn't Jarrod Rebecchi.
No. 28
Karl starts interrogating Lance to find out where Toadie is, with Susan and Ruth joining in. Lance eventually tells them he's probably sitting his physics exam about now. Ruth and Lance leave with Ruth telling Lance they will continue the discussion back at home where the neighbours can't hear him scream. Karl intends to sort things out with Toadie, but Susan tells him to wait until after the exam since he has the right to finish his education.
Exam hall
The invigilator is about to close the door when Toadie bursts in on the last minute apologising for having missed the bus. She goes through the exam rules saying calculators are allowed but no study devices. Toadie's mobile starts ringing to laughter from the other students, and she takes it off him.
No. 32
Lance is on the phone (we assume trying to call Toadie) and when Ruth asks who he is phoning he tells her it's Pinhead. Ruth wonders why it feels like whenever she asks a question she never gets a straight answer and doesn't know what has got into him. He points out Anne was in on the plan to let Toadie stay there, and Ruth says she will be having words with her too. Lance tries to talk her round by describing Toadie as a brilliant guy who just made one stupid mistake, and as a result he's out on the streets eating rubbish and all he wants to do is pass his exams. All he was doing was taking pity on him and trying to help him and he says she would have done the same in that situation. She reluctantly agrees and forgives him.
No. 22
Darren opens the door to Libby. She starts apologising for the way she behaved last night about Sondra, but he tells her she was perfectly right to since she started coming on to him. Libby says she is going to kill her, then there's a knock at the door from Sondra who has come to see why he isn't at work. Darren makes things clear again that he is only working with her nothing else, but she manages to turn it round to make it look like he was mistaken about her intentions. She says she just called round to tell him she has to fly to the Gold Coast to look at a block of apartments her father is thinking of buying and she won't be back until next week. She tells Libby that her boyfriend is cute but he isn't her type.
Exam hall
Karl and Susan arrive after the exam but there's no sign of Toadie. Karl wonders if Lance was stringing them along or if he had no intention of sitting the exam, and Susan asks why he always has to think the worst. The invigilator comes over and says "Is he yours?" pointing to Toadie asleep at his desk. She says he crashed out as soon as the exam finished and he must have been exhausted from all the study and they must be very proud of him. Karl says "He has his moments" and they go over to him. Karl wakes him by saying "Toadie your pizza's ready". He is slightly disorientated, then says "Oh no!" when he realises they have caught him.
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