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Neighbours Episode 2981 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2981
Australian airdate: 10/11/97
UK airdate: 23/04/98
UK Gold: 22/03/04
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sondra Pike: Cathy Godbold
Sven Jorgensen: David Whiteley
Bar Person: Brad Wade
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alice/Sal
Phil and Ruth get back together.
Toadie tells Lance he can't stay at the Kennedy's.
Billy tries to find out where Toadie is and Anne finds him under the Wilkinson's house.
Karl and Susan ask Billy, Anne and Lance where Toadie is.
No. 30
The scene carries straight on from the recap. Billy tells his parents that he doesn't know where Toadie is, but admits that Toadie was at No. 30. He tells them that he doesn't know where he is now. Susan asks how long ago he left. "Ages," says Billy at the same time as Lance says, "not long." They speak at the same time again, switching answers. Anne looks away in dismay. "Not long." Billy says. Karl decides he can't have gone too far, and they go outside and call out for him. Karl and Susan walk off calling for him while Billy, Anne and Lance wonder where he's gone.
LANCE: If he's got any brain's he'll be miles away by now.
ANNE: Oh right, so he's still here then?"
Karl and Susan give up and make sure the kids tell them as soon as they know where he is. Susan adds that don't want to 'string him up,' but Karl says he'll string them up if they lie to him.
Ruth and Phil enter the kitchen. Ruth asks Phil if he wants a break.
PHIL: (filling up the kettle) Tea, coffee, Paris? What's it to be?
RUTH: I was thinking of something a bit bigger than tea or coffee and a bit smaller than Paris. [is it a breadbox?] Like, a couple of days away?
Ruth hands him a leaflet for a 'health village.' Phil laughs. One of Ruth's patients told her about it and said it was great and Phil wonders if this patient has shares in it. Ruth tells him he hasn't looked at it properly, but Phil says it's not really his speed, and besides, he can't take the time off. Ruth tells him it's a shame as they've only got just got back together, but she doesn't want to put any pressure on him in anyway,
RUTH: (massaging his shoulders) I just thought we could spend some time alone, just the two of us, by ourselves.
PHIL: Maybe I have been a little hasty.
Phil says he could get Debbie to come down and look after Hannah and that he deserves a break. He wonders how long this treatment will last and Ruth says he'll have to wait and see.
No. 30
Anne and Lance come back inside. Anne tells Lance that it's really unfair of Toadie to ask them to lie for him. Lance insists that they're not technically lying. Toadie comes back in and thanks them for lying for him. He was out the back hiding. Lance wonders where as they didn't see him, but Anne picks some dog hair of Toadie and works out that he was in Bonnie's kennel. "How low can you get?" Anne tells him that Billy is getting 'heaps' from him parents. Toadie tells them he feels bad but it won't be for too much longer. Anne insists he should go back, but Toadie says he can even stand for them to look at him because he feels so bad. He promises it'll be over once he finishes his last exam.
Lou's Place
Darren and Libby are having a drink. Darren tells Libby he's okay, but can't go back to work yet. Libby says it's been great having him all to herself. "For a while there I thought Martin was going to surgically attach himself to us." They talk about how Martin's gone away. Meanwhile a woman asks the barman where Darren is and goes over and introduces herself as Martin's sister, Sondra. She joins them saying that they've got some work to do: she's going to be working with him at the house. She's on an interior design course and her dad wants her in complete charge. "It's gonna be great."
Susan is shouting at Billy about how they seem to think it's a game. Billy asks her to leave him alone and he doesn't know where he is. "I can't, 'zhing' make him come back." Susan asks what she's supposed to tell Angie if she rings. Billy answers the phone as she talking. It's Toadie, but he pretends it's Pinhead. Toadie's glad it was Billy who answers. Toadie figures he can't talk, but tells him not to stress as he won't call again. Billy tells 'Pinhead' that he doesn't know where Toadie is and that a real mate would come back. Karl figures out it's Toadie and takes the phone but Toadie hangs up. Billy tells them he still does't know where Toadie is.
KARL: I won't you to imagine a speck on the horizon. Now that's how far my patience has run, okay? And it's just disappeared.
Susan tells Billy that next time he has to convince Toadie to speak to them but Billy says he won't be doing that: he can't be bothered anymore and doesn't care if Toadie never comes back.
Lou's Place
Sandra is at the bar while Libby and Darren talk about how 'full on' she is. Darren says he's already decided on what he wants in the bathroom and the laundry and Libby tells him she's sure they'll work something out. They make plans to have lunch tomorrow. Sondra comes back and starts talking about how to make it look like they've spent 'a zillion' without actually spending much. Darren tells he they should talk about it when he's back at work next week but Sondra wants him back tomorrow. She thinks he's faking his bad back, but Darren tells her he's a quick worker and he'll make up the work. Sondra says if he's not really commited she'll find someone else who is.
Darren stops by in the morning and stays for a coffee with Libby. He says his back is feelign pretty good. Libby asks him to promise her he'll take it easy.
DARREN: Promise me you won't spit on your hanky and clean my face?
LIBBY: Am I fussing to much.
His mobile rings: it's Sondra. He tells her he's on his way and he won't be long. Darren tells Libby that he spoke to her father, but he really has put her in charge of the project. Libby wonders if it'll be worth calling Martin, but Darren doubts he'll drive back to Erinsborough.
Outside No. 30
Lance and Billy walk down to where Toadie is hiding and Lance thanks Billy for coming by. Billy says he's only doing it as a favour to Lance. They discover that he's gone and all his stuff's gone. Billy is unsurprised, but Lance is shocked Toadie's left without telling him or leaving a note.
Phil, Ruth and Hannah are sitting around the table. Phil tells Hannah that he and Ruth wanted some time alone. Phil goes to answer the phone while Hannah tells Ruth she wouldn't be in the way. Ruth tells Hannah it's not that, it's just they want to celebrate getting back together. Hannah tells her that they can do the romantic thing in their room and she'll do her own thing. Ruth says it's up to Phil.
HANNAH: I'm sure you can help him make up his mind
RUTH: And how would I do that Hannah?
Phil comes back and says it was Debbie and that she might be getting a job in the new hotel, but she won't be coming back for a while if she gets it.
HANNAH: Great, now I'll never get to see her.
PHIL: I miss her too you know. More probably. I mean she didn't pinch my clothes or punch me.
HANNAH: Doesn't she love us anymore?
PHIL: Well she doesn't love us any less, so lets not be silly, okay?
He says it does mean they can't go to the health farm as Debbie can't look after Hannah. Ruth says it's a shame, but that Hannah could with them. Phil isn't sure. "Come on dad. I mean now that Debbie doesn't love me anymore, I feel really rejected." He tells her it's more for adults, but Hannah reads out a list of children's activities from the leaflet. She promises to be 'quiet as a mouse,' and tells him he knows he wants to say yes. PHIL: I do? HANNAH: Thanks dad! Hannah gets up and hugs him and Phil sighs.
Ramsay Street
Lance is walking along when Toadie grabs his attention from behind a fence. He stuffing his face with popcorn and continues to do so as he's talking. Toadie tells him Lance didn't bring him any breakfast and Lance comments saracasticly that he's found a feally good hiding place now. Lance tells him he has to go and see Billy and Toadie say's he's waiting for Billy, he just doesn't want to see Karl. Lance tells him Karl's probably gone to work already, and besides everyone will see Toadie where he is now. "Bull," says Toadie. "Well, what if people they see me talking to a bush? They'll have me commited." Lance convinces him to come out and go to the Kennedy's. They walk up the street and then Toadie spots Karl and dives to hide behind Darren's van. Lance follows him asn says he'll distract Karl while Toadie makes a run for it 'or something.'
Lance pops up from behind the van and says good morning to Karl, who is collecting the newspaper. Lance say's he's just popped in to see Billy. Lance asks Karl if he can unwrap the paper for him and grabs it off him. Karl protests and grabs it back as Darren comes down the path. Lance asks Darren what he knows about White Borers because everyone at his house is worried about them eating down the house. Darren looks as him for a couple of seconds. "Why don't you just stay out of the sun mate?" Darren walks around his van. Karl points out that he lives in a brick house with aluminium windows. "But what about the borers?" Lance calls after Darren. Darren gets into the vn and Lance tries to get the paper of Karl again but Karl keeps hold of it. "Why don't you pop down to the surgery and see my for an examination some time?" Lances says he will as Darren drives away revealling... no Toadie. Lance looks up and down the drive and starts to walk off. Karl asks him where he's going. "Home." "Didn't you want to see Billy?" "Well, yes." "Well come on then."
Inside the Kennedys'
Billy chokes on his food as Lance and Karl come in. The boys head to the kitchen and Karl and Susan go into their bedroom. Karl motions for Susan to be quiet. Lance 'whispers' to Billy that Toadie nearly got caught and explains what happened. Billy asks where he is now and Karl and Susan come out. "Yes, where is he now? It's amazing how the urgent teenage whisper will carry." Lance tells them he doesn't know. Ruth and Anne comes in and tells them that she's found out that Toadie was under the house. Anne told her that it was him. Lance tells them they really don't know where he is now, but Karl asks why they should believe them. Lance tells them that Toadie was scared and Anne says that he was more ashamed than scared. Ruth tells them she's astonished Anne and Lance didn't say anything and that she doesn't think she can go away and leave them alone now. Ruth apologies to Karl and Susan. Karl says he'll call the police if he's not back by tomorrow.
Darren and Martin's house
Darren drives up and Sondra comes out to meet him. She comments on how late he is and that she doesn't liek waiting. Darren wants to bring in his gear, but Sondra say she wants to talk to him first. They walk in and Toadie lifts up the cloth top thingy and looks around.
Inside Sondra is talking about how she wants a 'moody' laundry. Darren points out that everything off the square will cost more, but Sondra says she's planned for it. "I've done two years of my course you know." Darren says it shows. He tells her he's popping off for lunch to meet Lib. Sondra says she'll come to and they can carry on talking. Darren tells her she doesn't want to work over lunch and then that they're just going to the pub, but Sondra insists on coming along. The leave and Toadie gets out of the ute and creeps inside the house.
The Health Village
Phil, Ruth and Hannah drive up and start unpacking their bags while talking about how beautiful it is and what they want to do first.
RUTH: The we can check out the winery down the road.
HANNAH: Uh, pool first.
PHIL & RUTH: Winery.
Sven greets them by saying they were expecting them sometime ago and that 'I am taking your bags up,' so they can get started right away. Phil thanks him and then says he's going to check out the Spa first. Hannah wants to go in the sauna. Sven tells them that there is only a plunge pool and that it doesn't matter as Phil and Ruth have to do a 5 km power walk before the evening meal. Phil thinks he's joking at first. Hannah asks what she's doing. "First the games room, then rock climbing, then later horse riding." Hannah smiles and follows Sven.
SVEN: First the back and then I show you the track for you to walk.
PHIL: That'll be the walking track.
Lou's Place
Sondra is on her phone and Libby tells Darren she's going. Darren grabs her arm and tells her she can't go. Libby points out that Darren is being paid, but he protests that it's not enough. Libby says she'll take him out for dinner tonight and leaves. Sondra comes back. Darren says they should head back to the house. Sondra tells him her date for tonight has pulled up and she can't go to her father's party without a date. Darren wonders if he'll notice but Sondra says she's already got someone else lined up. "You've got a suit haven't you?" Darren realises she means him and tells her he can't because he's made plans with Libby. Sondra tells him that lots of people from the building industry will be there and it'll be good for his buisness. Sondra says she'd be helping her and himself and that her father is very impressed with him. Darren doesn't see what that has to do with tonight and Sondra says if he doesn't come with her, she'll find someone else to work on the house.
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