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Neighbours Episode 2946 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2946
Australian airdate: 22/09/97
UK airdate: 05/03/98
UK Gold: 02/02/04
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Gavin Driscoll: Robert Ratti
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Asbestos being found in the Coffee Shop.
Madge telling Debbie that she's got no competition now TCS is to close until the asbestos is removed.
Debbie persuading Lou to let Madge and Harold share the pub kitchen too.
Madge accepting Debbie's offer.
Lance asking if Billy sill cares about his sister.
Billy begging Anne for another chance for them.
Number 32
Now they are back together, Anne wants Billy to fill in a relationship quiz from her magazine.
Number 26
Madge and Harold pop by to discuss plans with Debbie and to confirm that it's safe for them to sell from the front of TCS (its asbestos free). Phil is just puzzled as to how 3 businesses can operate out of one kitchen but Debbie reassures him that the kitchen is massive and the pub chef is happy with the arrangements.
Hannah enquires if Claire is home (she should be) and so leaves to go and see her - she is keen to spend her jute box profits despite Phil's warning to keep some in reserve!
Number 32
They are still at the quiz although Billy thinks the questions are daft! Anyway according to the magazine he's a caring and sensitive boyfriend although Anne thinks he needs some more work on the final question - rating his kisses!
Number 24
The girls quickly hide the clothes magazines when they hear Harold and Madge returning home. Harold thinks they have been studying all night but Madge knows otherwise! He also manages to get Madge to promise to behave around Debbie while they share the same kitchen!
Lou's Place (next day)
Day 1 and Madge is already moaning about the schedule Debbie has drawn up over who is going outside since the weather is inclement! Lou orders them to compromise I.e. listen to Harold who has been trying to see all points of view even if it is against what his wife wants to do!
Number 28
Susan laughs at the answers Billy gave for the quiz after she found the magazine in his room (she wanted to read an article in it). He is rather aghast at her reading his responses and orders her not to go snooping in his room again!
Lou's Place
Madge continues to moan at Harold while they take a breather over him siding with Debbie. She is going to have a word with Lou and wants his full support and the way she said it woe betide Harold if he doesn't back her up!!!
Number 28
Susan lets Anne into the house and tells her about finding out about the quiz. She makes her feelings clear to Billy when he comes out of his room to see Anne that she wasn't amused at how he talked to her earlier (even if he is miffed at what he perceives it to be her invading is privacy). They come to a deal (with an apology from the son) - anything private he will put away and not leave out... or ideally tidy his room more so mum doesn't need to keep going in!
"At least it wasn't a sex quiz," Anne points out to him after Susan leaves. Turns out, the quiz was actually part of a competition and Anne wants them to enter but it gets a big no from Billy.
Number 24
Hannah is now having doubts about spending all her money (almost $400) but Claire wants her to blow the lot!
Number 28
Anne sweet- talks Billy into entering by telling him what the prizes are. The only thing they need to back up their application is have some photo's taken.
Lou's Place
Madge drops by the office to talk to Lou and he agrees to settle things once and for all after hearing Madge voice her worries.
Later in the kitchens, Lou gathers everyone to announce who is in charge - his chef Gavin with instructions to interfere where he sees necessary! He does offer an opt out for anyone... to leave now if they aren't happy!
Lou departs and Gavin puts the wheels in motion - despite the moans, they will stick to the schedule Debbie came up with meaning Madge is outside first with Harold and Debbie doing a top up run every hour.
Number 24 pool
Anne and Billy recreate the place (and themselves) to make it look like they're in Hawaii before posing for photos with the aid of a self- timing camera.
Number 26
The girls come home struggling to carry a box with a brand new TV in it for Hannah. Phil isn't amused and asks for Claire to leave so he can chat to his daughter privately.
Number 28
Anne and Billy take more photos of themselves - posing on the couch, whilst baking and in their formal get ups as if recreating a romantic meal.
Number 26
Phil is not amused at Hannah spending all her money and the fact she didn't discuss it with him! He orders her to take it back.
Lou's Place
The three of them sit relaxing in the kitchen with a cuppa after a hard day and after discussing how things went; think a trolley would help them. Debbie approaches Gavin to ask him but his advice is for them to change their menu - use their current equipment to sell fried food, which goes against what all three of them want. Gavin is unrepentant about them changing their menu and they unanimously agree to talk (or grovel to Lou) because they don't want that to happen.
Ramsay Street
Claire catches up with Hannah and she tells her about having to take the TV back but she doesn't see that this makes any sense at all and urges Hannah to fight her dad's decision.
Number 26
Phil is re- packaging the TV up when the girls enter the house. Hannah defies her dad and refuses to take the TV back but he thinks it's a good lesson for her to learn.
HANNAH: No dad, I'm not a child any more, I'm part of a successful business venture, I have the right to spend it and as far as I can see there is nothing you can do about it.
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