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Neighbours Episode 2945 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2945
Australian airdate: 19/09/97
UK airdate: 04/03/98
UK Gold: 30/01/04
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jason Collier: Peter Roberts
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Pete/Sal
I'm afraid I missed the beginning, so we join Billy, shaken, on the other side of the road. Anne, Ruth and Susan are there, generally fussing over him making sure he's ok. He turns to Anne & says "I'm alright, thank you, thank you".
Madge & Harold receive a visit from a health inspector at the coffee shop. Madge isn't pleased at his timing, but Harold points out that it would be best to keep him onside.
Night, outside. Somewhere. The presentation of prizes for the rally begins. We can only see the RSR's that took part, but loud clapping suggests there was a bigger crowd. There's a bit of banter about the rally, and Susan says Ruth has gone to rescue Craig Pinders, who's ran out of petrol. She also tells of Anne nearly running over Billy, and jokingly tells her he's not a speed hump. Then Susan announces the winner of the rally as Toadie. Lance says it was because Toadie was speeding, a good natured row breaks out and Billy and Anne somehow separate themselves from it to talk.
Billy tells Anne he's been a real jerk lately, and he misses her. She asks "what does this mean?" but before Billy can answer, Toadie and Lance come over and make a joke about Pinhead running out of petrol. Billy walks away.
Susan tells Phil that her & Karl are having a barbecue, and leave him to wait for Ruth.
At The Coffee Shop, the health inspector wants to go through his report, but Madge is very rushed. Harold tells him to keep talking while they work. Then he announces in a packed coffee shop that they have asbestos, and will have to close while work is carried out to remove it.
Darren is giving Libby a shoulder massage. He moves her shirt to massage her bare shoulders. He says he would have been nervous about doing that in her house at one time, just as Karl, Susan & Toadie walk in. Karl & Susan are obviously embarrassed, but try to hide it, saying it's ok Karl "although you wouldn't want to catch cold". Susan changes the subject to Karl & Toadie winning the rally. Toadie says Karl "sat there very well". They invite Darren to stay for the barbecue, but he passes. On the way out he & Libby talk about how strange it is he's in Karl's good books. Libby "as long as you stay in my good books, you'll stay in his".
Toadie goes to Ruth's to see who's coming to the BBQ. He and Lance banter over who won, and how useless Lance is. They see him out the front door and join Anne in the lounge. Anne & Lance talk about her getting back with Billy. Lance says he might ask her at the BBQ (yes I'm bored typing it ). Anne says if he was going to ask her, he would have done it at the rally, and she'll just have to except that they're broken up for good
After the break, Karl buys a box of bottles of sherry from the pub, and invites Lou to the BBQ. Madge and Harold arrive to see Debbie (Lou "oh I heard you were talking again"). They tell her about the asbestos and Madge says she's won the price war, but she looks shocked.
Ruth tries to cheer Anne up, but Anne says she wouldn't understand. She doesn't care how it'll feel in a couple of weeks, just how she feels now. Ruth says that's how she felt with Bill. Anne says she doesn't want to go to the BBQ.
Lou is leaving the pub for the BBQ, when Debbie suggests they let Madge & Harold use the kitchen while the coffee shop is closed. She's got it all worked out. They decide to go and tell them the good news.
Libby arrives to see Darren, saying she can't study at home while the BBQ is on. Darren says he has to run the pub, so she should get her books and either use his place or Lou's office to study. Libby says this isn't the Darren she used to know, he says it's the new improved version and she better get used to it. Oooooh!
In the door of Madge & Harold's Lou & Debbie have just told them about the plan to work together. They are very pleased. Lou invites them to the BBQ (blimey, who's having this one???) and leaves. Debbie, Madge & Harold call a truce. Madge says next time she sees Helen, she's going to tell her how proud she should be.
Karl & Lou prepare food for the BBQ while Billy scoffs it all. Toadie and Lance come out of the bedroom with a 'ball' Billy asks after Anne, and Lance tells Billy he'll catch up with him Toadie gets it eventually and says "oh, have your little girly chat then" it is revealed that Toadie took a shortcut during the rally. Lance says he cheated, Karl says there was nothing in the rules about shortcuts. Lou says "smart people bend the rules, smart people come in second".
Lance says he looks out for his sister, and she's upset right now. He must still care about her to be asking about her. Billy says maybe he doesn't care. Lance says if he means that, she'll be out with someone else soon, who won't make her feel so bad about trying to prove a stupid point.
Anne answers the door to Billy. He notices she's been crying, she denies it saying she's just tired. When he asks to come in she says "why?" Billy gets defensive back and says that she's trying to avoid him to pay him back. "fine come in then" "I will." "Good". He says he wants to go back to being friends, she says she can't do that. He says the BBQ isn't the same without her there, she says she wanted to come. He says she still can, but she refuses. Just as he's about to leave, she offers him a drink. I think about banging their heads together.
Clearing up in the kitchen, Karl & Lou talk about Phil being mesmerised by the fire "or Ruth". Ruth, Lance & Toadie come in. Ruth asks Karl to clear up the allegation that they cheated. Karl says that they answered all the questions "ergo, we must have passed all the landmarks the questions pertained to" yes, yes, they did. J
Anne admits to Billy that she 'maybe' was crying. He says he hates them not being together. She says it was his decision. He says it was because she was always upset with him, and it was easier to break up than put up with it. He starts crying. He says that he thought she was controlling him. She gets angry and says he's made her feel miserable to prove 'some stupid point'. They row and he tells her to shut up. She says "oh so you're going to try and control me now. What is it that you want?" He goes over and kisses her. He says he can't hate her, he loves her too much, and would it be too crazy to try again.
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