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Neighbours Episode 2922 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2922
Australian airdate: 19/08/97
UK airdate: 30/01/98
UK Gold: 30/12/03
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Alistair O'Connor: Michael O'Neill
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
- Phil recaps how he met Alistair to Karl and Susan and how he thinks he is arrogant.
- Alistair is glad he met Ruth again.
- The Bishops taking over the coffee shop, but Debbie wants to buy the lease.
- Harold walks in on Billy posing naked for Anne.
Number 32
Billy is worried that Harold will tell the whole of Erinsborough that he saw Billy naked. Anne really wants him to start posing again but he is not keen as he is worried about someone else walking in
Number 24
Harold returns shocked after seeing Billy naked, and he will tell Ruth about it later. Madge is more worried about getting the lease for the coffee shop before Debbie does, she tells Harold to lie down.
Phil is there, he wondered if Debbie has been over about the lease. Madge says she has and if they get the lease it would be hard to keep Debbie on as a manager as they did not seem to work well together.
Number 32
Ruth and Alistair return home late, Billy and Anne are still there and claim that they have been doing homework. Alistair gives another of his motivational speeches to Billy about hard work getting nice stuff after Billy admires the car. Ruth convinces Alistair to stay dinner.
As Billy leaves he tells Anne he hopes that Harold keeps quiet.
Alistair sarcastically says he is really happy at the idea of dinner at home with the Wilco girls. Anne does not seem to care.
Number 28
Susan has set a secret test; she has a vocational aptitude test for senior school. To help them find the best work experience place.
She asks how Billy's first day at the pool went, he is happy no one drowned. But she just jokes about pool chicks seeming him in his bathers.
Number 26
Phil tells Debbie that he does not want to see a civil war between Debbie and Madge and that she may not have a job if Madge got the lease, but Debbie is not worried as she is sure she will get the lease.
Harold and Madge arrive at the door; they want to say that Jo has given official notice that the coffee shop lease is theirs.
Number 32
Alistair is showing off about his TV when Ruth walks in and asks how they want their chicken cooked. Alistair says that he would like it grilled, and offers to get a crisp young white from the local bottle shop.
Anne is not impressed by Alistair and how flash he acts, she says he ok but a bit slick for her as he is goes on about his mobile phone, car and going out to buy a crisp young white. Ruth says she does not have to go because of Alistair as he is just an old school friend. But Anne explains she does not really want to listen to them sing the school song and go on about old school days.
Number 26
Debbie is upset that Jo has sold the lease to Madge and Harold, Phil says she will have to work hard to keep her job. But she does not want it anymore as the coffee shop does not mean as much to her anymore. He says she will have to prove herself valuable to the business subtly. Which she is shocked at the way Phil looks at her shouting she can be subtle if she ever chooses to work there again.
Number 28
Anne thanks Susan for giving her dinner, Susan says Anne is lucky to get any as Billy normally eats it all up. Anne accidently mentions something happening that afternoon so Billy changes the subject but Susan wanted to know what happened and wants an answer.
Anne says Billy posed for her life drawing class, he says he was wearing bathers but is still embarrassed, but Susan says Billy may have made a major contribution to the art world.
Number 24
Harold has had a bath, but is still upset by the dirty goings on in the street but Madge is not interested. He says an eye for an eye will make the world go blind, and is worried about their friendship with Helen and Phillip. Harold is upset by catching Anne and Billy but Madge tries to calm him down but he decides to see Ruth first thing tomorrow.
Number 32
Ruth is looking at old photos with Alistair from their past, she had to kiss stinky McGuiness he was props manager of the school play. He says she did a lot of activities but she thinks she should have concentrated on her school work, Alistair was impressed by all the stuff Ruth did. She explains the children are the most important part of her life, he asks if she gave up too much for them but she doesn't think she has.
Anne arrives to say Alistair left the lights in his car on so he leaves. Anne wants to know how the evening went before going to do art work.
Ramsay Street
Alistair's white Porsche has a flat battery, Ruth says to call a repair company but he will call a cab and come back in the morning. She says to stay in the spare room before walking off in full view of Phil who is putting the rubbish out.
Debbie is off to see the Bishops.
Number 24
Madge is happy they now have an income but Harold is worried about Debbie, she wants to manage the coffee shop themselves but he wants to keep Debbie on.
Debbie arrives to apologize for the way she behaved earlier and wondered if she could have another chance to manage the shop. Harold is happy to have her back but Madge wants Harold to be the leader but will think about it. So Debbie leaves.
Harold thinks she will do a good job if they can work together!
Number 32
Anne is looking at her drawing of Billy when Ruth cheerily arrives Anne is off to the library and will have a doughnut for breakfast.
Alistair arrives and Ruth explains he slept in Lances room, Alistair has to leave as he has a meeting in half an hour and will loose a lot of money if he is late.
Anne jokes things are going well to Ruth.
Ramsay Street
Ruth runs out with Alistair's diary as he is opening the roof to his convertible Porsche. Phil clearly needs reverse parking sensors on his car as are he drives straight into his wheelie bin.
Harold arrives and says he caught Billy in a compromising situation, he was putting his trousers on. Ruth trusts her children and won't comment until she has spoken to Anne.
Harold questions her moral standards as she had a car parked outside her house all night, Ruth says he should concentrate on his power walking and not other people business before calling him Jelly Belly.
Number 32
Ruth sees Anne sketched Billy for life class.
Number 28
Billy wants to see the questions for a test, but Susan says it is a questionnaire. He wants some clues so he can go to a tropical resort in sunny Queensland, she thinks he might be a stand up comedian.
Ruth arrives and says Harold accused Billy and Ruth of acting irresponsibly, Billy explains he was posing for Annes life drawing class and was wearing his bathers. Ruth is shows a picture which we cannot see but must show Billy with no bathers on as he is very shocked.
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Madge Bishop, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2922
Madge Bishop, Philip Martin

Ruth Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Alistair O
Ruth Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Alistair O'Connor, Anne Wilkinson

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2922
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2922
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2922
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2922
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Alistair O
Alistair O'Connor, Ruth Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2922
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin

Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2922
Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2922
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Ruth Wilkinson, Alistair O
Ruth Wilkinson, Alistair O'Connor

Harold Bishop, Debbie Martin, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2922
Harold Bishop, Debbie Martin, Madge Bishop

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Alistair O
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Alistair O'Connor

Harold Bishop, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2922
Harold Bishop, Ruth Wilkinson

Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2922
Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ruth Wilkinson

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