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Neighbours Episode 2917 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2917
Australian airdate: 12/08/97
UK airdate: 23/01/98
UK Gold: 22/12/03
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Richard Jones: Chris Fortuna
Alistair O'Connor: Michael O'Neill
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Bob: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura

Summary/Images by: James
Ruth meets Alistair O'Connor who had a big crush on her.
Darren says it is a great view, Libby shouts chicken so Martin starts to shake the ladder so it falls and Libby is just caught by Darren, who he struggles to pull her to safety. When she is up Darren tries to calm her down and tells Martin they are fine.
The Pub
Alistair bumped into "Stinky McGuinness" who is in petrochemicals which Ruth thinks is perfect, they remember being sat behind him in an exam as he had greasy hair but is now bald.
Phil says hi to Ruth and Alistair, who invites him to join them but Phil is there for some wine club bottles.
Alistair asks where Phil fits in, she says Phil was a neighbour and they were in a relationship until recently he ended it. Alistair says he did not seem her type and first impressions come in handy in his business as it is a tough game. He asks Phil about the wine, Phil says some nice Margaret river Chardonnay which Alistair replies nice wine, they lost it abit in the late 80's but the last couple of years have been a real return to form one for the cellar. Phil asks if he knows his wine, Alistair likes his wine appreciation. Phil leaves them to catch up.
Alistair says he is a nice enough bloke, must have been crazy to let Ruth slip away.
Number 30
Sarah has done some laundry, and has shrunk some jeans. Ben wants to see Richard performing, she is nervous that it will not be funny, he thinks that Richard may be a dark horse.
Richard arrives after getting a phone call from an agent for a cruise ship, Sarah and Ben think it is a great chance, Richard is very nervous. Sarah says Richard should perform for her and Ben.
The Pub
Ruth asks is this the time, Alistair says not it's a watch, she is exactly how he remembers her only better looking, but she has to go so he agrees to see her to her car.
Martin tells Libby she would be a great stunt woman, she goes to sit down.
Darren tells Martin that his stupid joking caused he to fall and it could have been a lot more serious, Martin asks for a break but Darren argues no and he would have broken him in half if anything happened to Libby.
Number 28
Susan wonders if Toadie will eat steamed fish and veggies, Karl says he will have to and he will thank them one day. Susan asks if Karl will be giving up his caramel slices for morning tea, but Karl goes to get the door.
Phil arrives with a bottle, and says that Alistair said it was nice. Karl says Alistair seems a nice bloke but Phil thinks he is not Ruths type as he was arrogant, Karl jokes that Phil is jealous as he leaves.
Susan says Phil called things off with Ruth and is complaining she is with a bloke.
Number 30
Ricky is very cheeky, the opposite of Richard making jokes about Sarah being a babe and taking the mickey out of Ben. Ricky jokes that he is related to Pinachio and asks if they want to see him lie.
Darren asks if Libby is ok, she is but keeps thinking about what happened if he dropped her, he saved her life. He thinks it is worth saving, elevators one week, tall buildings the next. They share a deep look into each other eyes before Libby goes inside.
Number 28
Karl says Alistair was right it is a fine drop, Libby is not hungry. Karl says a degree in partying wont get her a job in a newspaper. Libby leaves to go to her room.
Susan asks why Karl has to be so self righteous, Karl says he doesn't want to see her through it in the same way Malcolm did, Susan says Libby was always the more academic one. Karl agree that Libby is doing a very creative impersonation of someone who wants to through in a great opportunity.
Number 30
Sarah thinks that Richard was good with the ventriloquists doll, Ben agrees and says Ricky is the anti-Richard. Richard assures Sarah they are just jokes, he hopes the people on the ocean liner like it, they both try to reassure him that he is great as he leaves.
Sarah tells Ben that he is right about the dark horse, they both hope he gets the gig but they will need to look for a new house mate, which Ben does not want to do. Sarah asks if she can borrow Bens car unless he wants to go shopping.
Bob barks at the doll as it moves on its own.
The square
Phil offers Ruth a hand as she is struggling with her stuff, she has a busy day. Alistair has brought Ruth a large bouquet of flowers and invited her to lunch, Phil asks where she wants her stuff she says in her room.
Number 30
The doll is still moving on its own, so Ben calls for Richard. Richard says that the remote for the TV activated the electronic on the doll which were fitted to operate the doll hands free and asks if Ben was scared. Ben says he was not scared but Richard did not believe him.
Number 28
Karl has a great day, no appointments all morning then Mrs Rogers and her home made cookies. Susan finds a not from uni to Libby in the washing, it is a warning that she has not been attending lectures or tutorials or handed in any work.
Libby arrives and says it is no big deal, which Susan says does not look good. Libby says she will get the work done. Karl says they need to get to the route of the problem, he wants to see her an lunch time and for her to have a good long think about things as her slack attitude has to stop.
The surgery
Sarah asks what Alistair looks like, as she wants to know if he is boyfriend material or not Ruth says that he is just an old school friend and no more.
Darren arrives to see Ruth, he has hurt his arm saving Libby as she is heavier than she looks when hanging from a building. Karl asks what happened, Darren is surprised she did not tell him about the accident, Karl goes home.
Number 26
Phil jokes about Susan not being at school, she says they have a lunch time family meeting and is there to see Helen. Phil asks if he will hear the fireworks, Susan says it is time for a conversation with Libby about work. Phil asks Susan if he knows anything about Alistair, she has not chatted with Ruth but Karl thinks he is nice. He says Ruth likes him and he sent her a big bunch of flowers to work, Susan says it may not be serious but Phil thinks there is more than friendship, not that it bothers him. But there is pride.
Number 28
Susan arrives to see Libby, Libby says it is nothing major just a warning and loads of people get them. Susan says maybe they don't care about poor performance and it is not a glowing reference and maybe Libby doesn't care. Libby does and will hand the work in.
Karl arrives and asks why Elizabeth was hanging from a university building yesterday and Darren is in his surgery on his arm after saving her. Susan is shocked but Libby says it was just an accident, Susan wants to know why she did not tell them. Karl says she should be in the library, Susan wants to see her have some balance in her life. Libby argues they cannot organize her life and uni is a different ball game to school, she knows what to do when and university think that she is responsible enough to take care of her self and wished they would do the same.
Number 30
Bob is chewing at Richards doll, so he chases after him soon joined by Ben, as they chase Bob he runs out in front of Sarah who is driving. She is very emotional that she ran over Bob so Ben says they will take Bob to the vet.
Number 28
Karl says he cares about Libby, she thinks he is trying to rule her life and she just wants to make her own decisions. He is just trying to help.
Martin arrives and asks if Libby is ready to get the decorations, Karl says university is traditionally a place of study for a degree and chases him away.
Libby asks who he thinks he is, Karl argues that if it is in his house then it is his business so Libby says she is moving out at Martin has a spare room.
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Richard Jones, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2917
Richard Jones, Sarah Beaumont

Alistair O
Alistair O'Connor, Philip Martin

Ben Atkins, Bob, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2917
Ben Atkins, Bob, Sarah Beaumont

Alistair O
Alistair O'Connor, Ruth Wilkinson

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy, Martin Pike in Neighbours Episode 2917
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy, Martin Pike

Darren Stark, Martin Pike in Neighbours Episode 2917
Darren Stark, Martin Pike

Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy

Richard Jones in Neighbours Episode 2917
Richard Jones

Philip Martin, Sarah Beaumont, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2917
Philip Martin, Sarah Beaumont, Ruth Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson, Darren Stark, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Ruth Wilkinson, Darren Stark, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2917
Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Bob in Neighbours Episode 2917

Libby Kennedy, Martin Pike, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Libby Kennedy, Martin Pike, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2917
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

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