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Neighbours Episode 2914 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2914
Australian airdate: 07/08/97
UK airdate: 20/01/98
UK Gold: 19/12/03
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Richard Jones: Chris Fortuna
Bob: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Lou and Ben ask Phil to become the third party in the garage deal arrangement.
Dull Richard moves into Number 30.
Madge isn't keen on the move back to Ramsay Street now Harold has a place in the band.
Madge tells Harold that she hadn't intended on him passing the exam and getting a place in the band, and that she does not wish to move to Ramsay Street.
Harold is not pleased at all to hear that Madge does not want to move back, and that she thought he would just have a go, fail and move back to Queensland to be with her.
HAROLD: First of all you are telling me that you had no faith in my musical ability, and now you're telling me that despite your promise to me you had no intention of moving back to Erinsborough?
Madge admits she can't deny it, but that she can't move back, and leave her family in Queensland. She apologises to him for doubting his musical ability, but Harold is clearly hurt.
Number 30
Ben and Sarah wonder what kind of treat Richard is cooking them for dinner when he appears with a plate of baked courgettes. He gives one to Bob, before laying the rest on the table. Ben doesn't look to impressed, and would rather be at the pub with Darren, but Sarah encourages him to make an effort.
Lou pops over quickly to double check with Phil that everything is okay for the meeting with Ben the next day. Lou warns Phil that Ben thinks they are entering a 50:50 partnership, not a 49:2:49 with Phil.
Number 30
Ben and Darren arrive home to find Sarah hovering outside Richard's door. They hear him talk before a girl giggles. Darren warns them it's the quiet one's they have to watch out for.
Harold arrives back from a walk and tells Madge that he can't forgive her for lying to him and breaking a promise, but he understands that she wants to be with her family in Queensland. She thanks him and gives him a hug, saying they'll start packing after breakfast. He informs her that he won't be packing; his memories of his family are here in Erinsborough and he'll be staying, even if it means being alone.
Lou explains to Ben the finalities of the deal in which they each take equal share in the running of the garage. He offers for Phil to come in as a 2% share holder, giving the lee-way should a decision need to be made. Ben wonders if their friendship will influence decisions, but Phil promises it won't. Ben agrees to sign the paperwork.
Harold tries to explain that Madge's family can come and visit them in Erinsborough, during the holiday. Madge points out it won't be the same, and soon realises Harold is hiding something else. He admits that he thinks she should distance herself from her family a bit, but Madge doesn't agree that she is crowding them, and isn't impressed.
As Lou and Phil joke about Phil's role in the new business, he asks Lou to show him around his new 2% share project. Lou mentions the vintage cars that are down there at the moment, and how doing them up is part of the deal of sale. Phil isn't impressed that Lou hasn't told Ben this before they signed the deal, and isn't pleased when Lou asks him to tell Ben the news himself.
Number 30
Ben and Darren once again find Sarah hovering by Richard's door. They tease her over what he may be doing in there; perhaps he's an axe-murderer, or sneaked her in through the window. As the guys head out, Sarah resumes her position in the corridor. Ben tells her to just ask him.
At the garage, Lou wonders how quickly they could 'do up' the old vintage cars. Ben doesn't see it as a priority, but more as a hobby on the side as they build up their client base. Lou asks how quick it could be done, and realises he'll have to find his own way of doing it.
Lou's Place
Sarah arrives to find Richard pouring drink all down himself, as she offers him tissues, Lou arrives from the garage, but clearly in not such a good mood.
Phil arrives and starts fascinating over the vintage cars with Ben. Ben points out that Lou wasn't so enthusiastic about them, and didn't really want to discuss their potential at all. Phil lets slip that Lou plans for Ben to do them up quickly, but realising he doesn't yet know, he encourages him to ask Lou the details. Ben asks for at least one person to be honest with him.
Lou's Place
Sarah tries talking to Richard about what she may have heard the previous night, but he doesn't let anything slip and on hearing that she heard voices, makes a run for it, telling her, he'll see her later.
Harold re-appears from the bedroom and after having another hard long think, apologises for earlier before explaining that he couldn't live in Erinsborough without her.
HAROLD: You are right, and we are a team. You're my wife, and my soul mate.
They hug, before Harold starts talking about suitcases. She tells him not to rush, admitting that perhaps there is a way they could sort it out.
Number 30
Sarah admits to Ben, that Richard is starting to freak her out a little bit and that she wants him to move out. As Ben leaves for Lou's, Richard arrives back, but just as Sarah is about to ask him to move out, Bob appears in the living room carrying a doll. It turns out that Richard is a ventriloquist, and that Sarah heard him practising last night. She apologises for doubting him.
Lou welcomes Ben in, offering him a cold drink to celebrate their new partnership, but Ben warns him he'll have none of it, as he is a con artist and a shonk. He reveals that Phil told him what was going on and that he wants out of the business.
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