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Neighbours Episode 2913 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2913
Australian airdate: 06/08/97
UK airdate: 19/01/98
UK Gold: 18/12/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Richard Jones: Chris Fortuna
Tim Shepherd: Tim Scally
Holly & Bob: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie comes second in the pizza eating competition, which unfortunately is also the cause of a food poisoning outbreak.
Libby is asked to cover the story for the paper.
Debbie is forced to close the Coffee Shop until the results come back from the food laboratory.
Ramsay Street
Debbie is not pleased to see Libby's article over the Coffee Shop appear in bold letters on the front of the paper. Karl admits it should be him who she blames as he was the one who reported it to the authorities. Debbie doesn't see it as fair as being trialled before the results are in, and storms back to the house.
Number 30
As Sarah is playing with Bob, Ben arrives back with the paper, chewed, courtesy of Bob. Sarah is pleased to see their ad for a new housemate has gone into the paper, and the phone starts to ring. It is someone interested in the place.
As Harold is busy trying to practice his notes for his next tuba piece, Darren organises a bowl of warm water for Harold to put his sore finger into; something about getting it moving again. There is a knock at the door, and Harold goes to answer it, still with his finger in the bowl. It's Madge; they hug, causing Harold to tip water all down her back.
Number 30
Sarah tells Bob to be nice to the applicant as he lets in a very scruff looking guy, who goes by the name of Skunk, and from the looks of things, probably smells like one too. He immediately starts hitting on Sarah, and she tries to tell him things wouldn't work, but he's not having any of it.
Libby comes over to apologise to Debbie about the piece. She explains that what she wrote was different to what got published, as he editor changed it about. Debbie isn't too happy, but Libby reminds her that it was only yesterday she was asking her to write a promotional piece about the CS. Debbie shows her out.
Number 30
With Skunk bopping along to some very loud music, Sarah tells Ben to try and get rid of him, as her attempts failed. Another person arrives at the door, looking for the room. He is very dorky and by the looks of things a bit dim. Skunk tells him the rooms are all gone, but they could share and cut the rent price. Sarah is not amused.
Harold offers to show Madge how much he has improved on the tuba playing since he's come to RS. As Harold runs to get his tuba, Darren admits he's perhaps still not as excellent as he may need to be for the audition. Harold returns and starts playing, but seems to be struggling a bit. Darren leaves them to it, and Madge reminds him she'll always love him no matter how well he plays.
HAROLD: You've no idea how much I've missed you.
MADGE: Well it better be about how much I've missed you, or there'll be trouble.
Number 30
With Skunk gone, it would seem Richard is a very dull administrative consultant who likes Barry Manaloe. Sarah thanks him for taking an interest in the room, and tells him they'll be in touch. Ben and Sarah wonder what they'll do with finding someone suitable for the new room.
Coffee Shop
Darren arrives to find Debbie quietly sweeping the floor of the empty CS. He asks how she is, and she admits she's not good, with people sending her horrid messages. She wishes it would all just go away or that she could just quit the Coffee Shop altogether. He hugs her.
With Libby in a foul mood heading down to the newspaper office, Karl reminds her that in their careers they both have a responsibility of service to the community, which by reporting the incident at the CS is what she did. She reminds him that she also has a responsibility to her friends too, and doesn't believe slagging them off to be part of her job description. Karl is unable to stop her as she leaves for a meeting with the editor.
Lou's Place
As Ben and Sarah bicker over the potential housemates, Lou thanks them for reminding him there is something else in life other than the food poisoning. Madge arrives and gives Lou a big hug. She admits she's worried over Harold's audition, as although he's not excellent, he still could get in and that would mean she'd have to move down to Erinsborough. She admits she's only agreed to it, because she thought he wouldn't make it, and she doesn't want to leave her family up in Queensland.
Ramsay Street
As Libby returns from her meeting, Darren comments that Debbie is not very happy and mocks Libby about threatening to quit her job. He calls after her not to write anything about his business. As she gets back to the house, Karl asks her if she'd like a scoop for the paper, and gets her to jump into the car with him.
Number 30
Darren is over as Richard arrives with a lamp. Darren offers him a hand with his stuff, but Richard declines as he goes to get the next box. Ben asks what Darren thinks, as Darren drops his head saying nothing.
BEN: He could make a fortune in hospitals. He could chat to the patients, and then they could operate on them without anaesthetic.
Ben gets Sarah to admit to a two week trial period.
Coffee Shop
As Debbie sits with a cup of coffee, Karl and Libby arrive with news. More cases of food poisoning have been turning up, all linked with a meat supplier. Karl comments that she'll need to check her supplier, but other than that, she'll probably be in the clear. Debbie thanks him, but reminds him the damage to her business has already been done.
Number 30
Bob is intrigued by one of Richard's cases, as he brings the last of the stuff in, they wonder what's inside it. Darren suggests they go for a drink down the pub, but Richard offers to cook them all dinner instead, as a way of saying thank you. Ben asks him what he does in his spare time and Richard eventually admits that he has an interest in stand up comedy.
Madge and Lou are trying to find out from Harold how the audition went. He tells them how he got their early and then there was a power cut, but it went better than he could've hoped for.
HAROLD: They want me in the band Madge. They want me. Looks like we'll be moving back to Erinsborough.
Madge looks a little shocked/horrified.
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