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Neighbours Episode 2901 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2901
Australian airdate: 21/07/97
UK airdate: 01/01/98
UK Gold: 10/12/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Lloyd Hawkins: Denzil Howson
Chris Mackie: Steve Hardman
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Lance starts hanging out with the 'cool' crowd at school, encouraged by Amy.
Marlene's date Lloyd is more interested in talking business with Debbie.
Phil informs Susan, that Karl went missing during the fishing trip.
Libby and Billy wonder what is going on, when Susan arrives back with Marlene. She informs them that their dad has gone missing, but that search and rescue are looking for him. Susan is keen to head to the site herself, but Marlene advises her to wait for a phone call. Karl could be looking for a phone box himself to call home, and he'll want to hear Susan's voice.
Number 32
Amy tries to persuade Lance to come market shopping with her for clothes. She persuades him to come along by saying her friends will be there, but isn't too impressed when he asks Anne if she and Billy would like to come too. Anne rushes off to get Billy, but Amy wonder why she has to come. Lance explains it'll be a good chance for them to get to know one another.
As they sit around the table the phone rings. Susan answers it, but it's for Toadie. She hangs up and declares that she can no longer sit around waiting and is going to the search site. Billy is to go with her, while Libby is to stay and listen for the phone. Anne turns up to ask Billy about the shopping, but he tells her about Karl and she asks if she can join them. They head out.
Ramsay Street
Lloyd gets out of a taxi and heads towards the Martin house.
Lance and Amy wander across to find where Anne has got to, but instead see her in the back of Susan's car heading down the street. Amy isn't impressed.
Lloyd pops over to see Debbie. He asks how the fishermen are, so she tells him about the search party. He explains that with the drama last night they never got to finish their conversation about the business and asks if they could continue it now.
Marina and Surrounding Bush
Lou and Phil are wrapped in blankets in the back of a police car. They're worried about Karl and how Susan took the news. The head search guy, Chris, shows them a life jacket - it was the one Karl was wearing. He comments that they'll have to keep searching the water.
Lloyd tells Debbie that she should treat her customers on a personal level as that's what they like best. Debbie tells him that Marlene also used to run a small business, and that she was a bit disappointed last night when he ignored her. He admits that he thought they were chalk and cheese, but agrees to go and speak to her again.
Lou and Phil grab a tea and talk about the possible scenario's Karl could've ended up in. Susan arrives and they point her in the way of Chris. He explains the situation and agrees that they can join the search party, but are to stay together as they don't want anymore missing people.
Coffee Shop
Amy is disappointed that she missed her friends at the market, as they were late because of Anne. Amy continues to whinge about how it's Anne's fault that her friends get annoyed at her. Lance stands up for Anne, but admits he doesn't know what happened.
Marina and Bush
As a boat searches the water, the group continue to search the bush, yelling out for Karl at regular intervals. They decide to change the direction of source as the bush gets too thick.
Number 22
Lloyd visits Marlene; he explains that he'd been to see Debbie for business, but then learnt about her. He admits that he didn't think they had much in common, but now realises there's another side of her. He tells her he's got plans to get another small business going, but he wants a partner to do it with, preferably a woman; her.
Marina and Bush
As the search continues, they decide to scale down the search on the water. Susan is concerned by their attitude, but as they talk the dog picks up a scent, and Karl is found very bedraggled under a shrub.
Number 22
Lloyd informs Marlene how if he's going to play the horses he likes to do it the proper way, with all the extras. He tells her he's like that in business too and won't take any measures. He tells her they'll be putting everything into the business, but Marlene doesn't look too convinced.
Karl is brought back to the base camp where he is greeted by a round of applause and Phil and Lou go running to him. Karl is loaded into the ambulance and Susan jumps in alongside him.
Libby has made a welcome home soup, which Susan is forcing Karl to drink. Billy apologises to Libby for making her stay home when they went out to search, but she tells him not to worry, as she'll get him back some other time. They go to join Karl and Susan. Libby asks Karl why he didn't just stay put like he always told them to. He admits it seemed like the best thing to do at the time, as things were getting tense in the boat, but then when the lights on the shore disappeared he fell into trouble. When he got to shore, it was then that he implemented the rule of staying put. He admits that it was only the thought of them that kept his spirits up.
Number 22
Marlene thanks Debbie for sending Lloyd her way, and tells her about the business proposition. Marlene admits that they don't have much more in common other than the business, but she doesn't want to throw away the friendship. Debbie warns her that there are other men out there and she would hate to see her make a mistake.
Number 32
Lance arrives back and starts yelling at Anne about not turning up to go shopping. She eventually gets him to stop yakking and explains that Karl had gone missing and she joined the search party. She comments that if Amy can't handle that, maybe he should find himself a different girlfriend.
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