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Neighbours Episode 2900 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2900
Australian airdate: 18/07/97
UK airdate: 31/12/97
UK Gold: 10/12/03
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Lloyd Hawkins: Denzil Howson
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Note: Due to illness Anne Haddy was unable to appear in these episodes. The storyline was rewritten so that Lloyd became interested in Debbie's business abilities and neglected Marlene.
Marlene creates a video for a dating agency
Toadie is paid for the juke-box, though Darren reckons he has no chances of mending it.
Karl, Phil and Lou end up stranded out on the marina.
Susan arrives back to find Toadie and Hannah dissecting the juke-box. She isn't very impressed but Toadie points out that he did lay newspaper down. Susan wonders why they can't do it down in the garage. She asks how much they paid for it, and soon realises they were paid to take it away. Susan wonders if Mrs. Pepper knew exactly how much money it could be worth when it was done up. Toadie isn't in the least bit sympathetic.
Phil and Lou are trying to row the boat with tiny little oars. They decide to switch sides, but Phil gets cramp and in the process of falling over flings the oar over board. Karl decides to switch places with Phil, but they soon realise they are only down to one oar. Lou starts to paddle.
Lou's Place
Marlene waits as he date arrives. He asks if she'd like to have one drink before moving on to a restaurant. Marlene asks why they don't stay and eat in the pub, and she recommends the food quite highly.
Toadie tries explaining the importance of music in people's lives. Debbie asks him to get to the point, so he tells her that he'd like to offer her a juke-box. Debbie isn't too impressed when Hannah lets slip that it's still in pieces, but agrees to give them an offer if and when they fix it.
It's now dark and Lou is the only one 'rowing' paddling the boat. They have a bit of a bicker, but all admit they ended up where they were through accident. Karl offers to let Lou have a break and to take over the rowing; only Lou then goes and breaks their final paddle.
Lou's Place
Marlene and Lloyd are talking about Elvis when Debbie arrives. Marlene goes to the bar to order some more drinks and asks Debbie what she reckons. Marlene invites her to meet him, which she does, but then decides to leave them to it. Marlene wonders why she doesn't join them for desert, and Lloyd soon picks up that she runs the Coffee Shop. He tells her about his long chain of restaurants and Debbie admits that she would like to expand one day. Lloyd asks her again to join them for desert, though Marlene doesn't seem so keen this time.
The guys are getting bored bobbing around in their boat. Phil wonders if one of them should swim for it as it can't be that far, but Karl advises it's probably safer if they sit and wait as none of them are in A1 condition. Karl reminds them that someone at home will soon suss that something is wrong, but Phil reckons that could take all night.
Susan wonders where Karl might have got too as he normally rings, but decides to give him a few more hours in case they've gone to the pub. She gives Toadie a cup of tea and joins him with his research for the juke-box repair. Susan reckons it might be easier to just get a professional to repair it for him, but that would cost money.
SUSAN: Ah, you're a clever boy. If someone paid you $20 to take this lot away, I'm sure you could find someone to chip in another thousand dollars or two.
Lou's Place
Lloyd is busy telling Debbie about his businesses and how they failed and succeeded. Marlene feels a little left out so tries changing the conversation, but Lloyd isn't interested very much and continues to ask Debbie about her future plans for the Coffee Shop.
The cold is getting to the gents and the bickering about whose fault it is starts up again. Karl is sure that someone will raise the alarm on the shore as he always rings Susan if he's going to be late, but Phil and Lou both reckon something would be done faster if one of them was to swim. They draw matches - Phil draws the short one, but Karl won't let him swim with the cramp so volunteers to go. He puts on the life jacket and starts swimming towards the lights of the shore.
Lou's Place
Lloyd and Debbie are setting up for a game of pool, but Marlene offers for them to go to the pancake shop. Lloyd politely declines and Marlene leaves them to it, heading to the bar. She bumps into Susan, who is wondering if anyone knows where the men are as they haven't called or shown up.
Lou and Phil aren't able to see Karl anymore. They wonder if it was the right thing to do sending him out to the water.
The following morning Susan, Marlene, Debbie and Hannah are all waiting for news. They try to talk about the positives, with Karl being a doctor, to keep moral up. Debbie wonders about calling the police again, but Marlene says not to worry them as they'll let them know if anything happens.
Phil and Lou wonder how far they've drifted. Phil is concerned that they haven't heard anything from Karl since he swam, he wonders if something has happened.
LOU: Mate, we did what we thought was best at the time.
They hear the motor of another boat, and start waving. The driver spots them.
Hannah has cooked them all a fried breakfast, but the phone rings. Marlene answers it to Phil. He explains that the boat broke down and they became stranded. He asks to talk to Susan.
PHIL: (quietly) Hello, Susan
SUSAN: What's wrong? Is Karl there? Can I talk to him?
PHIL: That's what I need to tell you.
SUSAN: What do you mean? Where's Karl?
PHIL: He made a swim for it, late last night; to get help.
SUSAN: And you let him do that?
PHIL: It seemed like the best thing to do at the time. I'm sorry Susan. There's a search and rescue party out there looking for him now.
He tells her to stay calm and with the others, as he'll be in touch as soon as they hear news.
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