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Neighbours Episode 2896 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2896
Australian airdate: 14/07/97
UK airdate: 24/12/97
UK Gold: 08/12/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jacinta: Caroline Morgan
Mitch: Simon Adler
- "Even When Im Sleeping" by Leonardo's Bride
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Billy tells Susan that some of the kids think that Lisa doesn't bother to read their essays.
Billy and Toadie talk about their recent marks.
Karl suggests Sarah does a first aid course.
Anne and Billy plan to get Ruth and Phil back together.
Lance falls in the lake.
Lance worried that Amy's friends won't like him
Number 28
Karl keeps calling Billy for dinner but he's trying to finish off an assignment - which Karl doesn't think he should be doing the day before term starts anyway. Anne comes to the door and Billy asks Anne to check his science assignment for errors, which he's deliberately put in to see if Lisa read them. Anne doesn't understand why Billy has written, "Lisa is a numb nut" but Billy says it'll truly test if she reads his essays or not. Billy is called for dinner again. Billy wonders if Anne has had any ideas about getting Ruth and Phil together - which she hasn't.
Number 30 - kitchen
Ben tries to make conversation with Sarah and Lisa but comments that he must have missed the sign that said "silence in the library". Lisa is complaining that she needs to get her notes done. Ben goes over to Sarah to see what she's reading. Sarah explains that Karl thinks she should go on a course but she's not sure about all the things she has to learn. Lisa adds that she should make sure it's something that she really wants to do.
Sarah isn't sure as she was never much good at studying. Ben encourages Sarah - at the very least Karl would have to give her a payrise and Sarah thinks it might start to become interesting.
Number 28
Billy is obviously keen to get away from the table but Karl makes him stay as it's not often they get to talk to him and Anne. Billy comments there won't be any Anne much longer if she has to move away. They leave the table so Anne can check his assignment and Karl shouts after him to leave the door open.
Susan tells Karl to be nice - Billy will miss Anne a lot if she goes and she's been a good influence on him.
SUSAN: He's sensitive my baby boy.
Erinsborough High
Anne asks if Billy is going to go through with handing in his assignments which he is - he has to know whether she's reading them or not.
Amy introduces Lance to Jacinta. Amy and Jacinta talk about when Amy told her about Lance and she didn't know who he was. Jacinta denies not knowing and they laugh together. Amy sees another friend and leads Lance off.
Number 30
Ruth has come to tell Ben that she wants to leave Erinsborough. He doesn't understand and Ruth explains she feels uncomfortable living here now. Ruth proposes to go sooner rather than later to make it less difficult. Ruth wants to be nearer her parents because being close to family is important.
BEN: I know, that's why I came looking for you.
Ruth hopes Ben can visit - he's a very important part of the family. Ruth leaves.
Sarah walks through to the kitchen and Ben tells her Ruth is leaving and he doesn't want her to because he was only just getting to know her. Sarah likens the situation to her moving to Erinsborough to be closer to Cath - then Cath going to England. Sarah suggests talking to Ruth, otherwise there's not much he can do.
Erinsborough High Classroom
Amy tells Lance he no longer sits at the front of the class and he goes to sit with Amy's friends. They say "hello swamp boy" and tease him about the lake incident. Lance can't believe Amy told everyone but Amy says only her friends. It was so cute but so funny.
Number 28
Sarah has come to get a lift to work Karl. She talks to him about the course and thinks there's a lot of study involved. Karl says that if he can he'll help her and suggests her phoning and seeing what the chances are of her being accepted.
The Coffee Shop
Anne and Billy talk about Bill's essay, which he handed it in. They just have to wait. Anne hopes it doesn't backfire on him and that Susan doesn't get mad at him. Billy asks to change the subject and they do - to Ruth and Phil.
Lance and Amy come in. Lance wants to go and sit with Billy and Anne but Amy wants to eat with her friends at school. Lance says he doesn't like being made fun out of by Amy's mates but Amy said it was only a bit of fun and it's because they like him. Lance comments that Jacinta is a snob but Amy retorts not as much as Anne. Amy says everyone else thinks she is because she only hangs around with the year 12s.
Erinsborough High Classroom
Lisa is doing some work and Susan comes in and asks Lisa to go to the staff luncheon. Lisa declines as she has essays to mark and would rather do them now and not at home. Susan thinks the luncheon would be a good opportunity for the other staff to get to know Lisa as they feel like they don't know her very well. Lisa thanks her but declines and keeps marking.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth says hello to Karl. She asks if he's busy at work at the moment, as she wants to have a check up and ask him something, as she's not sleeping very well. Karl tells her to come along later and he'll fit her in. He goes on to talk about her and Phil and perhaps hat has something to do with the sleeping? Ruth comments that everyone in Ramsay Street knows everything and that's one of the reasons she wants to move out. Karl wonders if she should make such a decision whilst she's tired - he makes bad decisions when he's at his most uptight, even though he'd never admit it to Susan. Ruth says she's is guilty of being grumpy and not admitting to it too.
KARL: Us stubborn people we often make decisions that we regret in hindsight. It would be a shame if this was one of those decisions.
Erinsborough High
Anne invites Amy round to dinner sometime at their house. Lance tries to put it off and get Amy to agree to the week after but Amy says that tomorrow is fine. Amy is looking forward to it and wants to see all the photos of Lance when he was a baby! Amy is about to go with Lance but he says he has to speak to Lisa quickly, so she leaves without him. Amy leaves and Lance has a go at Anne saying he isn't ready for the meet the family quite yet because of how embarrassing Ruth was the other day. Anne says it won't be half as bad as he's making out.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is still trying to change Amy's mind about going to his house. However he is defeated. Amy says she's looking forward to it and then turns to Jacinta and tells her she's going to see photos of him as a baby. Jacinta says that's something she has to see and Amy says she'll ask to borrow some and bring some to school. Lance looks less than impressed and Ben asks Lance if he's going to help him with the car next weekend. Lance agrees and Ben leaves.
Amy asks who Ben was and Lance says he's his half-brother. Amy gets quite excited at this and wants to hear all about him. Lance says he'll tell her later, in private. But Amy says she tells Jacinta everything anyway so he may as well just tell her.
Number 28
Karl asks Billy about his day at school. Billy tells him he has a couple of assignments to do and tells him that he handed in his essay to Lisa and will get the same grade unless she actually read it. Susan comes to Lisa's defence and says of course she reads them - in fact she saw Lisa doing them earlier.
Karl and Susan talk alone in the kitchen about Ruth and Phil. Susan mentions that there's a PTA meeting soon and that she hopes they can be civil to one another. Billy listens in. Karl thinks if they talked they could work it out and Susan agrees adding that they are a match made in heaven.
Number 32
Lance and Anne talk about moving and how they don't want to. Lance thinks that they should tell her to put her children's welfare first. Anne reminds him not to start an argument and that Amy coming round might help somehow. She asks how things are going with Amy and Lance tells her it feels like he's going out with her friends as well as her. They argue over whether it's a girl thing or not.
Ruth comes in and Lance tells her Amy is coming tomorrow. Oh no, but she can't - it's the PTA meeting! Regardless of when Amy comes, Lance wants no fuss from Ruth. In which case, Ruth jokingly suggests that Amy should come tonight as she isn't in the mood to do anything at all other than watch TV.
Outside Number 32 - next morning
Susan runs over to Ruth and tells her she's sorry but she can't make the PTA meeting later but she'll give Anne a copy of the proposal and she can report back to her about how it goes. Ruth asks if there is anything else and Susan mentions her and Phil. Ruth tells Susan not to worry - they can remain civil with one another for one evening.
Erinsborough High
Lisa gives out the essays. When Billy gets his he checks it and when the bell goes he meets Anne and gives her the essay - it's the same mark as usual. Susan walks past and Billy stops her and shows her his essay. Susan can't believe what he wrote in his essay but says she will go and talk to Lisa. Susan understands Billy is angry but asks him to leave it with her.
Susan goes to find Lisa and asks to speak to her. When asked, Lisa says she's read Billy's essay all the way through. Susan asks her to read a particular section. Lisa's face falls.
SUSAN: Alright. I'll ask you again: Have you read this essay all the way through and marked it accordingly?
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