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Neighbours Episode 2895 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2895
Australian airdate: 11/07/97
UK airdate: 23/12/97
UK Gold: 05/12/03
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Ashley Cooper: Liam Kennedy
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Troy: Matt Thomas
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Jamie-Lee admits to burning down Lou's bus.
- Marlene tells Susan she is relieved that someone has admitted to the burning of the bus and goes to see Lou - Susan shouts after her that he's not very happy with them at the moment.
- Lou tells Marlene not to come back to live with him and Marlene apologising.
- Debbie tells Lou that Helen won't forgive herself if he doesn't let Marlene come back to live with him; Marlene deletes everything from the computer from the doctors surgery.
- Toadie offers to Karl to teach Marlene and Sarah how to use the computer - for cash of course.
- Lance falls into the lake and Amy laughs.
- Lance tells Toadie his date was a disaster, Lance and Amy kiss.
Number 32
And we're with Amy and Lance after possibly the longest recap in Neighbours history! Anyway, the two of them are being all loved up on the sofa and then Ruth walks in - much to Lance's surprise! Ruth introduces herself and Lance introduces Amy - they shake hands. Ruth offers to make lunch:
LANCE: No! We're not hungry. Well, I'm not hungry. Amy, are you hungry?
AMY: Me? No! I had a huge breakfast. I'm not hungry.
LANCE: See, no hunger here!
Ruth departs.
Doctors Surgery
Karl tells Sarah that she has a new computer tutor, but doesn't tell her who it is. Sarah is looking forward to having a professional teach her, but then in walks Toadie. He notices the computer is not new, but second hand. Honestly, Toadie, what do you expect from Dr K? He enquires after Marlene but Karl says she won' be in today, not that Toadie seems too put off to be spending time with Sarah. Karl gets lunch for everyone and leaves Toadie and Sarah to it.
TOADIE: Right! Now put your thinking cap on because we are about to embark on a strange and magical journey in to the wonderful World Wide Web of computers.
Sarah looks a little scared and asks if they can just get on with it.
The Coffee Shop
Karl orders the lunch and chats with Phil. Phil thinks him and Karl should do something to clear the air with Lou, to which Karl say he'll think about it.
Number 32
Regardless of the fact Lance and Amy weren't hungry, Ruth has bought them through some food. She leaves the room and Amy and Lance go to kiss but Ruth walks back in with the sauce for her snacks. Unfortunately for Amy and Lance she doesn't leave the room and tries to strike up conversation with Amy. Lance decides that he and Amy will walk Bonnie. They go to leave and Lance tells her that even though he knows Ruth is only trying to make Amy feel welcome - Lance was doing fine by himself. Ruth laughs and wipes lipstick off Lances face - so she can see!
Doctors Surgery
Toadie and Sarah are playing computer games. Karl walks in and is unimpressed that they aren't working. Toadie says the game helps hand-eye co-ordination with the mouse, to which Karl doesn't buy. He tells Toadie to teach her what she needs to know. Then, Phil runs in:
PHIL: Karl, Karl! I've got it!
KARL: Well, don't give it to me.
Phil has had an idea regarding their conversation earlier - they should go fishing! Karl reluctantly agrees after Phil reminds him that Lou would love it. They go to tell Lou their plans and then Karl has to go on house calls - when he gets back he wants Sarah computer literate! They both leave and Sarah begs for one more game on level three and then she's "all yours". Toadie smiles and allows her one more game.
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy chat. Amy says that she never really noticed him before and she asks him if he wants to hang out with her and her friends at lunch because all her friends will agree with her. "About what?" Lance asks. Amy kisses him and says that he's cool. She thinks that an earring would make him look really sexy.
Doctors Surgery
A man comes in wheezing heavily saying that he needs to see a doctor. He says he's asthmatic. Sarah says to Toadie that Karl isn't back for another 20 minutes. He helps the wheezing man (who's name is Ashley by the way) into the doctors room and says she's seen Karl do the nebuliser procedure lots of times and she'll sort it. She tells Toadie to plug in the nebuliser thingy and tells Ashley to calm down. She puts the mask over his mouth and tells him to take deep breaths. She leaves Toadie to look after Ashley whilst she goes to page Karl.
The Coffee Shop
Amy says she loves piercings everywhere. Lance thinks if he was going to get a piercing anywhere it would only be his ear - and even then he might not like it. Amy tells him to get clip ons but Lance laughs and thinks he'd feel silly with just a clip on. Amy says she wouldn't tell anyone.
Lou's Place
In the office Phil has obviously run the fishing idea past Lou. Lou, however, isn't too impressed that Phil wants to make up now after accusing him. Phil explains they want to make it up to him. Lou eventually comes round on the grounds that he doesn't bring anything because they owe him.
Doctor's Surgery
Karl is giving him a quick check over and tells him not to go into work later and gives him instructions about his own nebuliser use. Ashley thanks him, and Sarah, on his way out. When he leaves Sarah is worried she's in for a telling off for doing something without Karl. Karl is impressed and thinks Sarah should do a first aid course.
TOADIE: What a woman! I mean she saves a life, learns an entire software programme, plays her first computer game and makes it into the high score table all in one day!
KARL: Enough of the praise, she'll be wanting a pay increase.
SARAH: Actually that's not a bad idea.
KARL: Told you!
Sarah explains that she meant about the first aid course.
The Coffee Shop
Lance attaches a clip on earring to his ear as Amy instructs him where to put it. She says it looks great, but Lance clearly disagrees. Amy and Lance agree to see a movie and then she leaves, giving him a kiss as Hannah walks in.
Hannah laughs that Amy must have a short memory - if her date fell into a lake she wouldn't want to see him again. Lance is attempting to hide his clip on earring, very indiscreetly! Hannah notices it and laughs.
Lassiters - walking around
Lance explains to Hannah that he was just trying it to see what it would look like for real. She doesn't believe he would actually get an earring and reminds him that getting an earring won't make him automatically 'cool' - Amy should like him for who he is. Lance tells Hannah all about Amy's friends and Hannah reminds him that he's going out with her and not them - so it shouldn't matter what they think about him. When he says that she might not like him if her friends don't then Hannah thinks that maybe he's better off without her then. Good point, Hannah - I agree. Lance says that he really likes Amy and he's going to do everything he can to hold onto her.
Number 32
Lance is all dressed up and Ruth notices this and say she won't be too welcoming when Amy comes this time. Lance asks Ruth what she'd think about him getting an earring. Ruth said he's never pictured him with one. Lance thinks that she agrees with everyone that he's a nerd. Ruth senses that this is Amy's idea. Lance doesn't think it matters whose idea it was. Ruth reminds Lance that the reason her and Phil broke up was because he thought she was trying to change him. Ruth says that all relationships have to accept people for who they are.
LANCE: Even if they're dull and boring?
RUTH: Sweetheart, you are anything but dull and boring! Your personality is perfect!
Ruth doesn't think a ring will make any difference to who he is.
Doctor's Surgery
Karl waves goodbye to his last patient and him and Sarah both agree that they are glad the day is over. Karl thanks her for covering for Marlene and says she's had a very good day, what with Mr Cooper and the computer. They say goodbye and Toadie comes in and follows Karl into his office - he's after money and Karl hands him $20
Ashley Cooper has come in with flowers for Sarah, she thanks him for them. Karl asks if he's feeling better, which he is. He also mentions that after today he's thinking of changing doctors! Karl says there's always room for one more. Ashley leaves and Karl says for attracting more patients he would offer a lift home but unfortunately he can't because he's got to see Phil at the pub. Toadie offers to walk her home to which she agrees.
Number 32
Ruth is practising piano, badly. Lance rushes over and says that Amy is here and reminds Ruth not ask any silly questions, not to mention the earring, and not to embarrass him. She jokes that she could always play a moonlight senata! Lance gets the door. Ruth tells Amy that she looks very nice and in an attempt not to embarrass Lance reminds them they should be going! She offers Lance some money for the evening but he declines. Once they leave, Lance runs back in quickly and grabs the money off Ruth - who smiles.
Lou's Place
Lou, Phil and Karl are all chatting about the fishing. The two of them joke abut cooking and camping to do with petrol and chargrill-ing things, it's all rather humorous, accept to Lou who reminds them that it was his livelihood up in flames (I would have thought his pub was his livelihood, but never mind!). Karl and Phil apologise.
Walking in the dark...
Lance stops Amy and asks to talk. They do, about the earring. He tells her he doesn't want one. Amy says she thinks it's cool he wants to do his own thing - and her friends will see it that way. Lance wonders if her friends are really that important? Amy says of course they are, and they'll really like him. Lance asks what if they don't. And she says tomorrow they'll find out.
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