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Neighbours Episode 2892 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2892
Australian airdate: 08/07/97
UK airdate: 18/12/97
UK Gold: 3/12/03
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick - Paul Zebrowski
Hotel Employee: Penny Bartlau
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Phil ending things with Ruth.
Ruth admitting to Ben it's over between her and Phil.
Debbie and Lisa being stopped by the police but then getting an escort to the station.
Ruth telling Anne she thinks it's time to leave Erinsborough.
Number 30
Debbie and Lisa are telling Ben all about their radio station trip and being stopped by the police. They won first prize: dinner for 6 at the Winchester. Ben thinks that sounds great and Debbie leaves to get ready for work. Ben tries to invite himself to the dinner for 6, just to make up numbers of course! Lisa tells him to stick to his hamburger.
Number 28
Anne has obviously relayed the idea of her and Ruth moving away from Erinsborough to Billy. He promises her that they'll stay together what ever happens - aww bless!
Number 26
Debbie is ready for work. She tries to talk to Phil about Ruth - she wants to understand what's going on. Phil says they both just had different ideas of what makes up a good relationship. Debbie says she only goes on because she wants to see him happy and she loves him. Phil reminds her that there's nothing anyone can say to make him change his mind. He kisses her forehead.
Number 28
Anne goes to leave and bumps into Susan and Libby as they walk in with lots of shopping. They hand him some bags to carry. Libby tells him not to be strong and silent and to tell them what's happened now. He says that Ruth is insane - she's moving house to avoid her daughter's boyfriend. Libby and Susan are shocked.
Number 26
Lisa knocks on the door and is looking for Debbie. Phil says she's at work and they talk about the radio competitions. Lisa says she's still trying to decide to invite and then reams off a list of people that shouldn't go because they've broken up recently or they fancy someone else. Phil tells her to challenge disaster.
Ramsay Street
Ben, Rohan and Darren are outside discussing, over an engine, the state of this car. Lisa comes over and asks them all to dinner. They all accept and Rohan announces that tonight is his last night - as a house has finally been found for him. They agree to make it a farewell dinner as well. Lisa leaves them to it and Darren wonders who else will be there as there's a couple of people he doesn't want to run into. Rohan doesn't think just because he's a jerk Debbie and Libby shouldn't go to the dinner. Ben manages to break the tension between the two by reminding them it's free food and it'll be fun.
Coffee Shop
Lisa approaches Libby and asks her to dinner and then explains about the competition. Libby sees Debbie and asks if she has a second - Debbie tries to ignore her. Libby tries to talk to Debbie about Darren but she explains that she doesn't want to be in the middle between the two of them - she tells Libby, as she did with Darren yesterday, that she isn't the person they should be talking to and she's sick of it.
DEBBIE: I'm sorry, but if you can't find something else to talk to me about, I'd really rather that you didn't talk to me at all.
Libby says she won't then and says goodbye to Lisa. Lisa thinks Debbie was a little harsh but Debbie says why should she help Libby sort out her problems with her (Debbie's) ex-boyfriend. She doesn't want to see either of them at the moment. Lisa breaks the news that they're having dinner with them.
Number 28
Billy is ranting to Susan about Ruth. Susan says the world isn't as black and white as he thinks it is and there might be other reasons that Ruth wants to leave. Billy asks like what and Susan responds with 'personal problems'. Billy guesses it's to do with Phil and thinks it's unfair that just because she's broken up with Phil doesn't mean that she has to blame him and Anne.
Libby comes through and Susan tells her she looks beautiful. She asks Susan to call Lisa for her and tell her she'll meet her there. Libby is under the impression it's just Lisa and her at this meal. Uh oh. She leaves and Susan tells Billy he's supposed to be peeling not whittling.
Winchester Restaurant
Everyone is waiting for Libby who runs in late. She's surprised to see all of them and Lisa says she would have come anyway and they're all going to have a great night. Noone looks particularly thrilled. Libby thinks she should leave, but Darren thinks his at fault. The Rohan offers to leave but Lisa reminds him it's his farewell - he can't. Libby is surprised and he tells her that he's been found a house. Lisa asks them to forget their differences for one night - they were all such good mates. They all argue and Lisa walks off saying if she has to enjoy the meal herself then she will. Ben joins her.
Number 28
Billy says to Susan that he's going over to Anne's and doesn't think that Ruth has any right to blame this on them. Susan tells him not to, especially not in the mood he's in, and she only told him about Ruth because she didn't want him to punish himself, she doesn't want Ruth to think that she's been gossiping behind her back. Susan tries to get Billy to promise he won't go over there - he sits down looking beaten and she thanks him.
Winchester Restaurant
Libby, Rohan, Darren and Debbie get into a lift. Libby, Darren and Rohan agree they'll make the most of it but Debbie feels like they're ganging up on her - especially as she won the prize anyway. The lift they're in shudders to a stop - it's broken. Darren tries pressing some buttons.
Number 24
Anne answers the phone in the living room, Ruth listens on and Anne pretends it's 'Mary'. Billy laughs at his new name and then tells Anne that the real reason Ruth wants to leave is because she's broken up with Phil, he heard from Susan. Anne thinks they have to do something and Billy asks if they can meet now - just as Susan appears in the room.
ANNE: Alright, Mary, that's fine.
BILLY: Alright thanks, Russell. I'll see you there in 15 minutes.
Then we flick from one house to the next in a difficult-to-summarise kind of way.
Number 28
SUSAN: Who's Russell?
BILLY: What?
SUSAN: Russell who you were just talking to on the phone.
BILLY: Oh just a friends, we're going to meet down the coffee shop now.
Number 26
RUTH: Who?
ANNE: Mary.
Number 28
SUSAN: Now? It's a bit late isn't it?
BILLY: We won't be long.
Number 26
RUTH: I haven't heard you mention her before.
ANNE: No, I probably haven't.
Number 28
SUSAN: You're not going anywhere near Ruth.
BILLY: No, you told me not to so I won't.
They say goodbye to one another.
The Lift
Libby thinks they should have sorted it out by now - they should be moving. Rohan doesn't think it will be long. I can't believe this but now - only now - Darren decides to try and use the phone in the lift to see if he can call someone. Why didn't they do that earlier? Anyway he calls this woman who tells him that they'll get it sorted soon and call him back when they know what's going on. Libby wonders what they're going to do now...
Coffee Shop
Anne's bright idea is that they should try and get Ruth and Phil back together. Billy says that it must be pretty bad if Ruth wants to move away because of it. However, he doesn't have a better suggestion. They need a plan.
The Lift
They're all on the floor. Darren is talking about food and Libby tells him she's feeling really claustrophobic and can't believe he's talking about food! Rohan thinks it's better to listen to that than someone freaking out. Him and Libby arguing about whether she was or wasn't freaking out.
DARREN: Don't people with phobias freak out?
LIBBY: I wasn't talking to you.
DARREN: Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry for overhearing, perhaps I should just step out of earshot!
Debbie tells them to drop it, they continue and she gets annoyed. Darren tries the phone again and there's no-one on the other end. He slams the phone and Libby thinks that typical Darren - about to break the only thing that can help. Someone answers on the other end and Darren demands to know what's going on. The woman says the technicians are working on it and she'll phone back and then hangs up. Libby says she can't take much more of 'this' and starts pacing.
Number 26
Susan is at the front door. As Ruth opens it she says she promises to keep her opinions to herself and offers Ruth food - Ruth lets her in. Susan has come to apologise. The two go for hot chocolate and biscuits. Susan says that she felt the same way about Darren as Ruth feels about Billy, and the more she tried to keep Darren and Billy apart the stronger they stayed together. Ruth says it isn't that - she knows Billy is a good kid and she recognises that she took out her frustrations about Phil out on them. Ruth promises to reassess the situation. Ruth tells Susan that Phil was fine as he was and she should have left him well alone. Susan says they all make mistakes and then tells her to dunk her biscuit - which Ruth does. They laugh as it taste so good!
The Lift
Darren tries the phone again The very calm woman tells him getting agitated won't help and the technicians are sorting it out. Darren tells her if she can't do something about it then he will! He forces the doors open and sees a blank wall - the doors shut again. As he leans back in frustration he notices a screw is loose in the ceiling of the lift. He turns it and opens up a door on the lift. He climbs out looks up. As he does so the lift starts to move with Darren on top and the door he's opened slams shut. He tries desperately to get it open but the lift is going up to the very top...
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