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Neighbours Episode 2891 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2891
Australian airdate: 07/07/97
UK airdate: 17/12/97
UK Gold: 03/12/03
Writer: Barb Angell
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Policeman - ?
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Ruth and Phil at the therapy session.
Billy and Anne horse riding.
Billy getting caught in Anne's room.
Number 24
Ruth and Phil are talking on the sofa when the phone rings. It's about Billy being caught in Anne's bed - Ruth can't believe it. Ruth tells Phil all about it and Phil asks if he can do anything, Ruth's only response is that he should stay and help her understand what's going on between them. Phil leaves.
Number 26
Debbie asks Phil how the course went. Phil says he didn't get anything personal out of it but him and Ruth learnt a lot about their relationship. Debbie is curious but Phil tells her not to worry about it. Phil heads to bed.
Debbie answers the door to Lisa who's there to talk. She wants to talk about her walking out on the netball team. Debbie invites her in.
Number 28
Karl slams down the phone and says he can't pick Billy up from the camp. Susan offers to go and they both agree that this is very unlike Billy. Karl thinks he can walk home.
Ruth knocks on the door and she can tell that they've heard. Susan and Karl stick up for Billy because it's out of character but Ruth thinks his recent behaviour shows it's completely in character, Karl apologises and says Billy will be in a lot of trouble when he get back. Ruth leaves and Karl tells Susan that she must find out what happened when she collects him. Susan thinks they should wait and see what Billy and Anne have to say.
Lou's Place
Darren and Ben are playing pool but Darren is clearly distracted. Darren looks over at Debbie and Lisa.
The two girls are talking. Lisa isn't sure what's happened with herself as she's so moody. Debbie thinks it might eb the pressure of the netball with being captain and everything but Lisa thinks it's more likely to be the teaching and she's going to talk to Susan about it. Lisa is worried that 4 years worth of study will be a waste if she gives up. Debbie disagrees and perhaps she will work somewhere else in education. Lisa goes to get the drinks and Darren come over to Debbie. He tells her that he told Libby how he really felt about her and it backfired. He doesn't know what to do now but Debbie doesn't think she's really the person to ask how to be getting Libby back. Darren leaves and Lisa returns with the drinks
LISA: Problems?
DEBBIE: There are just some things I do not want to hear about.
Ramsay Street
Billy thanks Susan for being 'so cool' about the whole thing with Anne. It turns out he went to get something from Anne's room and then hid in her bed when he heard people coming. Susan think that was a bad idea! Susan tells him to be calm with Ruth and they go over. Susan starts off saying it's all a bit of a storm in a teacup, isn't it Ruth? Well Ruth doesn't really agree. Billy tries to apologise but Ruth doesn't really listen and tells him he won't be seeing Anne at the moment. Susan puts a supportive hand on Billy's shoulder whilst Anne and Ruth go inside - Anne looks back at Billy.
Number 24
Anne can't believe Ruth. Ruth thinks that her and Billy are good kids but when they're together they lose all common sense and she thinks it could end in any kind of trouble.
ANNE: So I'm going to get pregnant like you did?
RUTH: (shocked) What?
ANNE: This is what it's all about isn't it? You think I'll make the same mistakes as you. I'm not that stupid, Mum!
Ruth turns away and is visibly shocked and upset.
ANNE: Mum...
RUTH: You have just gone one step too far.
Number 30
Ruth's come to see Ben, via the backdoor. She wants to take him up on his offer and asks him to help her sort out the car - she noticed something was wrong when she went to get Anne. Ben thought she was still away but Ruth explains there were some problems...
Coffee Shop
Ruth has obviously relayed the whole story of Anne and Billy to Ben. Ben wonders if perhaps they were telling the truth. Ruth thinks that even if that is the case Anne has changed since she's been with Billy an she isn't going to turn a blind eye to it.
Phil comes in and him and Ruth have an awkward conversation - which doesn't go unnoticed by Ben. Before he has a chance to say anything Ruth tells him not to even ask.
Phil offers Debbie a lift home. She whispers that she saw him talking to Ruth just now and is he going to tell her how miserable he is without her? Phil remarks that he's not miserable and they go to leave.
Number 28
Billy opens the door to Anne who has escaped out of the house while Ruth has gone to see Ben. Anne tells Billy how mad Ruth was and Billy wonders if she actually meant it when she said they weren't to see each other again. Anne doesn't know but she can't stop them seeing one another at school. Anne asks what Karl and Susan said about it all. Billy hasn't spoken to Karl but Susan just called him an idiot. They're relieved to be out of the horse camp though and remark on 'poor Lance' who is still there.
Number 30
Lisa and Debbie are playing a game - Lisa doesn't think this very wild and thinks they should do something else. Debbie says this'll be starters and then they'll do something else later. On the radio there's a competition to turn up to the station in your pyjamas and look silly. Lisa remarks on how embarrassing it would be and the idiots that would enter. When she catches Debbie's eye she says no way, and Debbie reckons starters is just about over.
LISA: How stupid do we want to be?
Number 26
Debbie's getting ready to be stupid. Phil comes in and asks how it's going, Debbie comments it isn't yet but they're having fun getting there. Debbie changes the topic to Ruth. Phil says he does want to be with Ruth but it has to be unconditional and all she wants is to change him. Debbie doesn't understand why and neither does Phil. Debbie says Helen asked her to ask him to sort out the rent with Ruth anyway - so it's an opportunity for him to go over.
Ramsay Street
Darren is hypothetically asking about what a guy should do when a girl keeps denying that she likes a guy. Ben thinks this is about Libby, but Darren says it's just hypothetical. Ben's advice is to move on. Ben and Darren look up to see two ridiculously dressed people -Lisa and Debbie. They look more like clowns than people in pyjamas if I may say so myself.
Number 24
Ruth obviously caught Anne sneaking out of the Kennedy's and isn't impressed. Anne defends herself saying that she was only saying goodbye. Ruth is disappointed because she trusted Anne.
ANNE: But we did nothing wrong. I mean, if you trusted me then you'd believe that....but you don't trust me, do you?
Anne leaves the table to go and answer the door leaving Ruth to look all sad. It's Phil, Ruth comes through and he gives her the receipt for her rent and then goes to leave. Ruth thinks they should put aside the last few days - they were so good together and got on so well as did their kids. Phil says that's what he thought too but was surprised when she wrote the list. Ruth asks to move on but Phil says they need to give one another space and leaves.
In the car
Lisa and Debbie are lost. They're going to be late if they're not careful and the only way Debbie can see on the map to make it would be through a one way street. Well, they could always run? However they both agree that they feel ridiculous.
Doctor's Surgery
Billy's come to see Karl. He tells Karl the story who says he already knows as Susan told him. Billy can't believe he made him relive it again. Karl sits down.
KARL: Congratulations on making something innocent seem distinctly suspect.
They talk about Ruth and Billy keeps saying that nothing happened. Karl can understand that Ruth just wants to protect Anne and explains to him that it's not just doing the right thing, it's being seen to do the right thing, even when it goes wrong. Billy wants to ask Karl what he thinks about him (Billy) going over and speaking to Ruth face to face and explain everything properly. Karl thinks that's very mature of him and tells him to be considerate of Ruth's feelings
In the car
Debbie and Lisa are pleased that they seem to be making it on time. However a policeman pulls them aside and asks Lisa to step out of the car. He looks them up and down and remarks on their outfit. They explain about the competition. He asks to see Lisa's driving licence and she hands it over. Debbie begs him to let them go as the radio station is just around the corner. And with that he gets in his car and puts on the sirens - and the girls drive behind.
Number 24
Bill has come to see Ruth. He asks if he could come in but Ruth says she's busy. Billy just wants to explain but Ruth isn't having any of it - she's heard he's sorry before and it's a question of his behaviour. She says she'll say hello to Anne from him and closes the door.
She makes her way to the sofa and Anne asks who was at the door. Ruth says it was Billy and she goes on to say all this has helped her to think things through a little more.
RUTH: I think it's time we made a new start.
ANNE: What kind of new start?
RUTH: I think it's time to pack up and leave Erinsborough.
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