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Neighbours Episode 2880 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2880
Australian airdate: 02/12/97
UK airdate: 20/06/97
UK Gold: 21/11/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Snake Wrangler: Doug Wintle
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Toadie is asking Billy what is up with Susan, as she is sucking up to the Karl. Billy says mum wants a baby but dad doesn't, Toadie asks in all of human history how many times have men won out against women who want babies really bad, before confirming if Karl wins it will be a first.
Ruth is going to tell a really scary story as the camera shows a snake.
Helen is being burgled, but she cannot walk so it left alone as the intruder explores.
Number 28
Karl is woken by a telephone call from Mal before complaining about the time of day, Susan asks Mal how he is getting on. Billy wants to speak to Mal, but Karl wants Susan a chance to count her chickens so Billy leaves.
Number 26
Helen is sat watching the intruder go through her jewellery, the intruder wants to know how much she paid for 1 item, Helen explains it was a gift from her husband who is now dead.
Camp site
Hannah, Ruth and Anne all run out of the caravan as Anne saw a snake. It seems it has to be Phil who goes into find the snake.
Number 26
The intruder is cooking Helen fried eggs, they agree to have them cooked through. Helen wants to know why she has broken in, the intruder explains she has no money and needs to live. Helen thinks there is a better way to make money than breaking into peoples' homes, but the intruder is just hungry.
Camp site
Anne won't get back into the van with the snake in, but she won't have to as Phil and Ruth are going to look for the snake. Ruth looks under the bunk bed, but cannot find the snake. Ruth has found something like a snake, a bag strap which Lance and Hannah laugh at Anne, Phil and Ruth agree to recheck the van.
Number 28
Susan is still awake, she wants to write Mal a letter as she has so much to say. Karl wants to know is Susan is going to ask Mal about the baby, she wants to know how Mal feels as she knows everyone is against her having another baby. Karl says they aren't against her, he is worried. She has weighed up the risks and is prepared to take them, but Karl isn't.
Number 26
Helen and the intruder have finished eating, the intruder says Helen looks like her nana, Helen asks why she has no money. The intruder says for the doll you need an address which she hasn't got, she explains she hasn't got any family that wanted her around. Helen asked why she had to scare people in their homes, the intruder explains she hasn't stolen anything before and she was shocked when Helen was there and that she turned out ok, and she mucked up again like always. Helen explains she understands.
Camp site
They all shout goodnight to each other, in a dark van Anne and Hannah explain they are scared and Ruth explains they can go home early.
Number 26
Helen is getting to know the intruder who wants to leave without stealing anything, Helen asks where she will sleep. The intruder agrees to make herbal tea before she goes.
Number 28
Susan is still awake when Billy comes in, they didn't go back to sleep after Mal rang as they were "chatting". Toadie wants to know if Karl and Susan had a fight as he feels tension in the air.
Karl arrives with Holly and asks if someone can take her back later. Billy finds papers about base jumping, Susan wants to know where it came from.
Ruth says it is amazing how 1 small invisible snake can deprive 5 grown people of a whole nights sleep. Ruth says it was a lovely area and it was a shame they didn't have fun, Phil says they had some fun before the snake appeared. Lance starts singing "there was one brown belt lying on the floor, and if that brown belt should accidently move" to which Hannah adds "there will be no one in the van at all".
Number 28
Toadie and Billy agree to walk the dog.
Susan says they have downloaded information on base jumping, which Karl explains was him as he was looking for something new and exhilarating with a challenge. Susan says it is illegal and he has responsibilities, then realizes that it was a trap. He explains he loves and needs her and he cannot face the smallest risk of losing her.
Number 26
The intruder runs off as there is a knock at the door, she knocks a painting down in her rush.
Toadie and Billy come in with Holly, Toadie goes to look outside, when he returns he explains he saw a young chick running away very fast.
Number 28
Susan is sat on the sofa in her night clothes when Karl returns, Karl explains how much he needs Susan and so do the kids. She says it's not the same when you look back at photos and realise how quickly they grow up and how quickly things change and you think about all the stuff that you never got around to doing and you wish you had. Karl says those early days when the kids were young were the best of their lives, but things change and you have to learn to enjoy what you have now and to enjoy the grown up kids. Susan agrees, but it will take a while to get used to.
Number 32
Phil enters with backpacks and thanks Ruth for everything and explains it wasn't a complete disaster, Hannah liked the stories around the camp fire. Phil thinks the stories might have scared Anne.
Anne enters explaining she hates snakes, Ruth wants to go again explaining you have to preserver with camping.
Number 26
Billy has made Helen a cup of tea and it putting the painting back up, Toadie says nothing is missing.
Phil enters and Billy explains he thinks there was a break in, Helen explains they have run off but Phil calls the police.
Number 32
Ruth says they need to clean up and to put things away properly. As they leave the camera shows the snake again.
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