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Neighbours Episode 2879 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2879
Australian airdate: 01/12/97
UK airdate: 19/06/97
UK Gold: 20/11/03
Writer: Barb Angell
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Snake Wrangler: Doug Wintle
Holly: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Ruth is concerned by caravan sizes, Phil is worried about leaving Helen alone, they kiss.
Ben has a problem with a car, a bomb of a ute, he has offered it to two people.
Lou is angry with Lisa and Debbie for destroying the bus, who tells them they need to clean it up.
Ruth explains the sleeping arrangements on their camping trip.
Number 32
Lance is still not keen to go camping but Hannah is very keen and wants to look inside the camper van, Lance adds food to a box which Ruth takes out. Lance is excited about the pile of rust outside Bens as the thinks it is their car to do up. Anne wonders when it will be ready to drive, Ruth says it will be ready when they have their licence. Anne and Lance try again to get out of the camping trip but it fails.
Number 26
Phil is checking the boxes, Hannah wants to bring a hair dryer and a tape player. Helen says they have everything they need and are only going for 48 hours. Ruth jokes they should make space for the kitchen sink, Phil jokes he has already packed it. Hopefully he left Helen with a dishwasher or paper plates. After worrying about Helen, Phil, Hannah and Ruth leave.
Hannah, Ruth and Phil Singing 100 green bottles, but Lance and Anne are not keen, Lance is playing his Game Boy.
Number 30
Ben is cleaning the jets in the carbi in the kitchen, Sarah is not happy as she wants to cook but Ben explains it is for the Yute. Lisa is not happy about the mess, so Ben says to order a pizza before leaving to feed Bonnie.
Sarah explains Ben is helping her with a car.
Lance is still playing his Game Boy, it sounds like Tetris, Hannahs legs have gone to sleep which Phil jokes to keep quiet or she'll wake them up.
The pub
Lisa still feels rough after the night before and wants her burger, Sarah wonders how she can eat. Lisa complains about the mess but Sarah reminds her about the wrecked bus. Sarah said Ben could work at home and most of the mess is for a car he is doing for her. Lisa tells Sarah to tell Ben the truth about not wanting the car as it is a mess, but she is not keen on the idea.
Camp site
Lance and Anne are putting up the tent badly, Lance is hungry. Phil is going to cook up a real campers meal eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and damper (bread), Anne says to use the stove, Lance wants fish and chips. Lance and Anne start fighting.
Number 30
The kitchen is still a mess, Sarah wants to tell Ben she doesn't want the ute as it wasn't what she had in mind. Ben is happy as now he can give it to the twins as this means he has two years.
Ben leaves and Sarah and Lisa agree he cannot do the car up there.
Number 26
Helen is asleep, but something wakes Holly, it is someone breaking in. She gets some food from the fridge for Holly.
Number 30
Ben has cleaned the kitchen, but Sarah and Lisa think it is still a mess and argue over who should tell Ben to stop using number 30 as his own personal private mechanics shop as they won't put up with it for 2 years.
Camp site
Phil is washing up, Anne is winding Lance up about having to sleep on a blow up mattress in a tent with spiders. They try to decide what to do, before deciding to tell stories, but Hannah doesn't want to hear the mad axe man story again. Hannah tells a story "it was the worst night I ever did see, really dark and stormy.
Number 26
Helen is still asleep, a noise awakens her so the intruder hides so she calls for Holly.
Camp site
Hannah continuing her story "then the mouldy corpse disintegrated in front of their very eyes", but she is spooked by a noise, "only its gooey skull remained, Phil coming in through the window", Lance offers to check on the noise, Ruth says maybe later if it doesn't stop. "The gooey skull kept coming towards him, the gooey skull would not stop" Someone in a mask appears which makes everyone jump and scream, and Lance wrestle them to the ground which makes everyone laugh, it turns out it was Phil. The camera changes to show a snake on the caravan window, it is going inside.
Number 26
Helen is scared about who is in number 26 with her, the intruder tells Helen to sit down.
Number 30
Lisa and Sarah are cleaning when Ben returns, they need to talk. They don't want the house used as a workshop as it is too messy. Ben says that is the worst over, but Lisa isn't happy as they had to leave their house. They agree he can use the garage as Lisa and Sarah will move their stuff.
Camp site
Anne is still winding Lance up about ants, Phil has extra blankets for them. Phil and Lance stumble about in the tent bumping into each other. Hannah, Anne and Ruth all laugh. The camera shows the snake again.
Number 26
Helen eyes up the phone, the intruder wants to know where the CDs and stereos are. Helen says the boys will be back soon, but the intruder knows they are girls and won't be back soon. The intruder wants to know where the jewellery so Helen says in a wooden box in the wardrobe, as Helen cannot walk the intruder goes to look alone.
<<2878 - 2880>>
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