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Neighbours Episode 2869 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2869
Australian airdate: 05/06/97
UK airdate: 17/11/97
UK Gold: 06/11/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Trainer: Gus Mercurio
Mac: Mark Campbell
Cindy Willets: Chelsea Johnson
Myles Geuerber: Liam Janke
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Ruth wants Lance to know she isn't neglecting him because she's spending time with Ben, Lance isn't impressed
Toadie and Hannah signed themselves and Billy up for the debating team.
Erinsborough High
Lance, Toadie and Hannah are walking along outside. He tells them they're stupid spending extra time in school - people will think they're nerds. Toadie says he couldn't let Karl win. Lance thinks Anne must be annoyed as she gets serious about her debating! It turns out they haven't told Anne yet...
He leaves them to do some boxing.
Boxing Gym
Lance is punching those boxing things that hang down. His coach spurs him on, and then tells him that his opponent would have seen his moves coming. Lance does it again - a bit better it would seem. Lance asks if he can have a go in the ring, but his coach tells him to stick with this for a bit. Lance isn't impressed and thinks he'll learn quicker if he's against another person. His coach tells him he has to look after him as well as train him. Lance thinks his ready but his coach is just glad it isn't his decision.
Lance says he wants to prove himself. His coach tells him he doesn't have to go into the ring to do that and then leads him off to somewhere else.
Erinsborough High
Billy has discovered his name is down for the debating team and isn't very happy. He thinks it'll look like he's trying to suck up to Anne. Susan sees them in the corridor and is surprised that they aren't well on their way home by now (the bell went at the start of the scene). Toadie says they're sticking around for school and Susan reminds them that school is over. Hannah adds that they've joined the debating team. Susan can't quite believe it.
She turns to Toadie with a smile on her face
SUSAN: Debating...?
TOADIE: Hmm...actually we should be there right now...
SUSAN: No, no, no you don't.
TOADIE: Yes we do.
SUSAN: No you don't.
TOADIE: This is not a debate
Susan knows they're only doing it to avoid getting grounded. Hannah says she's really looking forward to it and Toadie reiterates that they were to go straight home after school unless they had a school activity. Susan tells Toadie to be very careful because he's just too smart for his own good. She turns to Billy, who she comments hasn't said much. He looks very unimpressed, saying it's going to be hard work. Susan agrees - but if they're going to do it, they'll do it properly otherwise they'll be out. They all agree that they'll pull their weight and Susan smirks, and slowly walks past with a smug "we'll see".
Boxing Gym
Lance is in the ring with his coach. His coach is doing a 'come on then' and Lance is punching his coach's gloves. He leaves himself open and the coach gives him a bit of a knock round the head. He tells him to concentrate and Lance keeps going at it. The coach ends up bashing him into the corner and Lance has been shown up.
They go again because Lance doesn't want to just aim for his hands. It's hilarious as Lance takes 5 attempts at the coach's head and misses all 5 times. The coach then puts him back in his corner. His coach tells him he's not ready for the ring and then walks off.
Number 28
Karl opens the door and it's Phil! Phil has dropped some papers off for Susan. There's lots of junk on the table and Phil asks if he's spring-cleaning. Karl says they are, as Mal's leaving prompted it - it's old toys etc that belonged to the kids when they were younger. Phil gives a bit of a banister a weird look. Karl explained that Billy got his head stuck in the banister and they had to saw him out. Phil wonders how Susan is coping and Karl doesn't look too sure. He says that it seems to have hit her all at once, Phil reckons she'll be fine and Karl hopes so. They both say that they have great kids and Phil fills Karl in on the latest regarding school - joining the debating team.
Erinsborough High
There's lots of noise in the one and only classroom for 5 people. Susan comes in and quietens them and goes round the room saying the names of those present. Anne comes in late explaining she got held up. The debate subject is 'do girls need more protection than boys?'. Toadie immediately starts up with of course' but Susan explains that the debate team is thinking about other points of view.
Anne asks Billy what he's doing there, and he points to Toadie and Hannah saying it was not his idea. Susan thinks this is a signal that he wants to start! She puts him with Myles and Hannah. He complains that he's not with Anne. Leaving Toadie, Anne and Cindy. Susan says they are all under their own supervision and she pats Toadie head wishing them all luck.
Billy punches Toadie who's doing a lot of laughing at Billy's expense. Anne doesn't even know why they bothered to turn up - but Toadie points out that if they didn't there wouldn't be a debate at all. Billy is leaving, he's going to go and find something to do. Toadie goes to leave but Anne says that they're working and he sits down again. Myles, Hannah and Billy leave.
Coffee Shop
Ben comes in and sees Lance. He asks him about the boxing. Lance gives short answers to Ben's questions and eventually blows his top saying that the trainer thinks he is 'one of the best boxers he's ever seen'.
Number 28
Susan comes in complaining about school - the kids aren't the only one who looks forward to the end of school. Susan wonders what he's up to and motions to the boxes on the table. Karl says he's been clearing out and motions to the boxes that are going or being given away. Susan picks out something and says that he can't throw some clothes away, then she spots 'bibbie bear'. Karl says that it isn't that important because Malcolm buried it after they buried their cat! Susan sees something that belongs to Libby, I don't know what it is but neither does Susan! Either way Libby made it for her in art once. Then Susan spots Billy's dinosaur, Karl thinks Billy will be happy without the dinosaur but Susan disagrees. Susan think it's bad enough they are growing up without them getting rid of all their old toys. Karl looks sympathetic and tells Susan that there are a lot of kids that would love those toys.
SUSAN: Not as much as I do.
Erinsborough High
Billy comes in and teases Toadie with a football/rugby ball. Anne sends Billy away and wants to talk to Toadie. Anne thinks they should call the debate off (she clearly doesn't think that, but it's her way of getting Toadie to do some work I think!) Anne thinks that running off to kick a football is an excuse for not being able to come up with any arguments. Anne says that everyone thinks he is really smart, but if he can't come up with any arguments then she promises she won't tell anyone.
TOADIE: Alright, Anne. Sit down and take notes. The reason chicks don't need more protection than boys is because number 1 boys are more prone to get into fights. Number 2 the number of chicks enrolled in self-defence classes has probably tripled over the years. You better do some research on that Annie and number 3 we have to work out what the word 'protection' means, it could mean anything! And protection from what? Themselves? Global warming? Nuclear fallout? Everyone is prone to that, alright? So get off my back.
Anne looks pleased with herself.
Boxing Gym
Ben's come to speak to Lance's trainer - he wants to know if everything is OK. The trainer explains that Lance is too keen to get into the ring and he's not ready to. Ben thanks the trainer for looking out for him and the trainer adds that he's not sure Lance is in the sport for the right reasons.
Number 28
Susan's reminiscing over the things she's found in the box. Mal's cowboy hat, Libby's 'pleases' (a book that Libby filled with the word 'please' al the way through to see a band), Billy's stethoscope. Susan laughs about the day Billy, aged 3, went with Karl to work. Karl continues explaining about how it was good experience and that if toys are going to be put into ears they need adult supervision. Susan looks a bit withdrawn.
SUSAN: We can't throw any of this away.
Karl gently says that if it'll help her, they'll keep them. He gives her back a reassuring rub and then joins her on the floor to see 'what other treasures there are'.
Erinsborough High
Billy is outside with Hannah and Myles. He tells Myles to 'just kick it' (the football/rugby ball). Myles is clearly someone who hasn't kicked a football recently as it doesn't go anywhere near where it's supposed to.
Toadie, Anne and Cindy come out of the school and announce that they're going back to Anne's to work on the debate. Toadie does some tough talk - Billy's team doesn't stand a chance! When Myles kicks another wonky football, Billy goes inside - there's no way he's going to be beaten!
Number 28
Susan and Karl have got a box of stuff to give away or throw out. They have two boxes to keep. Susan makes him promise he won't get rid of them behind her back, but Karl tells her not to worry she can keep them.
Susan looks sad again as she looks at a teddy. Karl comments that they bring back good memories. Susan wants to see them used again, for them to be more than memories. Karl calls her Granny Kennedy and says they will be! Karl reiterates that he meant 'funky cool' grandparents not old ones. Susan wanders over to the kitchen, clutching at the teddy bear. She says she doesn't want it all to be memories and she doesn't want to be a grandparent yet either. Karl doesn't think it'll happen quite yet anyway.
SUSAN: I'm a mother, it's what I do and what I think I'm good at.
KARL: You still will be. It's just your kids will be older.
SUSAN: It's not the same. I want to be a real mum. I want to have another baby.
Susan looks ever so sad on the last line (all I could think of is 'I want to be a real boy' from Pinocchio!). Perhaps a little bit teary, but definitely upset. The last shot of the scene is a shocked Karl.
Number 32
Ben visits, which causes Lance to leave. When he does Ben explains what the trainer told him earlier and Ruth is glad that Ben is keeping an eye on him for her.
In walk Toadie and Anne. Ruth wonders what they're up to and Anne says that they're working on the debate, Ruth is surprised as it's for school and optional. Anne explains that Cindy (conveniently, may I add) lives miles away so they're working separately and pulling their ideas together at the end. Ruth thinks they should very organised and she's impressed. Ruth offers Ben a coffee and they leave Anne and Toadie to it. Anne checks that they are going to try and beat Billy, aren't they? Toadie agrees - he's going to get creamed.
Number 28
Susan doesn't think that there's much to talk about - she wants to have another child and she's not going to change her mind. Karl goes to sit next to her on the sofa and reminds her a year ago he wanted them to have another child and she changed his mind. Karl thinks her decision is too impulsive but Susan disagrees.
Billy walks in, which interrupts Karl and Susan's discussion. He's ranting about Toadie and the debate. Karl doesn't think a debate is so bad, and that he should go and work on it, in his room, now. But Billy joins them on the sofa and continues talking about the debate whilst Karl gets as far as 'Billy your mother...' before being cut off. Billy says 'if you really care about someone you don't tell them to buzz off, do you?'. Karl almost smiles and looks to Susan. He responds with 'No mate, no you don't. You just stop what you're doing and put it off to a more appropriate time'. Him and Susan exchange glances.
Number 26
Ruth has come to see Phil. She wants to chat about Lance and his boxing, she's worried about him and thinks his trainer is beating him up to prove a point. Ruth explains that the trainer just showed him up to prove to Lance that he isn't ready for a real fight as yet. Phil thinks that might be a good thing, he won't get into fights that way. However, Ruth thinks it might take what little confidence he has away from him. Phil can see her point and thinks that the only person Lance needs to prove himself to is himself. Phil's advice to Ruth is to trust Lance and she must leave him to work things out on his own.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are discussing having another child again. Karl reminds Susan that when the kid is in its teens they'll be old. Susan thinks that's rubbish and many people have kids at their age. Karl says it isn't what he had planned for this part of his life, when questioned on this he says that he planned on spending more time with Susan - not going down to the police station when he's 60 to see what his kid had done. Susan says they might be like an angel. Karl says they might be like Toadie. Susan reminds Karl that he likes him really!
Billy and Toadie walk through and discuss the debate. Billy doesn't understand why he's so into it. Anne's the only one who cares about the debate - but apparently now Toadie does too.
Boxing Gym
Lance tells his trainer that he wants to box with someone. His trainer thought they'd sorted this out, but Lance thinks that he would be able to beat another person but didn't stand a chance against him anyway. The trainer isn't convinced at all. Lance just wants to prove himself. The trainer says Ok and calls over Mac. Lance gets into the ring and doesn't look at his opponent. The jaws music starts and the camera shows Mac (legs only) getting into the ring. We then cut to Lance who looks up at his opponent. Oh dear - Mac is massive.
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