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Neighbours Episode 2868 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2868
Australian airdate: 04/06/97
UK airdate: 14/11/97
UK Gold: 05/11/03
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Marlene tells Darren to treat Debbie properly
Toadie wants to know if that 'it' for punishment, Karl and Susan laugh - it's not over yet
Marlene and Lou argue about the bus and Lou tells her to 'butt out' of his life
Coffee Shop
Darren apologises because they can't get the house to themselves. Debbie understands though because it's Marlene's house as well. Darren wonders if they can get privacy at her house, but she doesn't think so - Helen will be there.
In walks Hannah followed by Toadie and Billy. Debbie can't believe it as she thought they were grounded. Turns out they are, but she won't tell anyone will she? Naturally not and she warns them to stay out of trouble. Her and Darren leave and Hannah, Toadie and Billy sit down at a table. They moan about being grounded, it's very unfair and all they do is get up, go to school, go home, do homework and go to bed. They wonder how long it will last
BILLY: It could be weeks!
HANNAH: Months.
TOADIE: Years!! There's a way out of this...
Number 24
Marlene offers Lou some food. Lou snaps that he's reading his paper. He's angry. Marlene begins to explain that she only wanted to help. Lou thinks it makes him look incompetent having someone tell them to go to his bus. She explains that if people knew what had happened they might have comeback. He sarcastically thanks her for her concern, pauses and thanks her for the thought. He then asks her what makes a good restaurant. She replies 'good food and service', but Lou responds with publicity, customers want to know what's on offer! He knows he can turn it around and leaves to go to the pub to think of some ideas.
LOU: I may be down at the moment, but I'm a long way from being out.
Number 28
Susan's talking to a sweet looking Dahl, who's making a mess with his food. Toadie and Billy walk in and she turns around just as they try and make a run for it. Toadie observes that she's home early. It turns out the staff meeting was cancelled and she wants to know exactly where they've been. When they tell her they've been to the coffee shop she thought they'd agreed to be home straight away. Toadie comments that they never actually agreed, so Susan rephrases the statement they were 'told' to come straight home. Billy and Toadie argue their case, that they've learnt their lesson etc but Susan is having none of it. Toadie wants to know how long it'll last, Susan says it's until they learn to accept and follow the rules, so it's up to them. She turns back round to put the dustpan and brush away and Billy and Toadie pull faces. Without looking at them she tells them to stop it.
Lou's Place
Lou is staring at a poster of the bus. Marlene hovers and he tells her to come in. She's come to help him. Lou's been doing some thinking - he should pack it in. The tables have turned and Marlene tries to persuade him to keep trying. Lou tells Marlene to tell a barman to put out some drinks. Marlene wonders what he's up to and he keeps it a secret, but there's a bus driver coming over.
Number 24
Debbie and Darren are pleased to find that Marlene isn't in. They kiss. Darren tells her to sit down and offers her a drink, but she isn't thirsty. He goes to get some orange juice for himself and trip on some toys on his way. Debbie goes to put on a CD but can't find anything. They both talk at the same time and Darren tells her to go first. She says it was nothing she just wondered where Marlene was, Darren wonders too.
Phil's closing his boot and turns round the see Lou's bus coming up the road. He smiles and Lou and Marlene get off the bus as it draws up. He says hello and thinks it's the first official booking. He says it's the first and last booking. Phil looks to Marlene who has no idea what's going on! Lou says he'll enlighten them - he's going to have a street barbecue and she (the bus) is going to 'go off with a bang!'
Number 26
Hannah wants the TV on as she's done all her homework. Helen thinks that's very good, but no. Phil walks in and spreads the news of the street barbecue and everyone is invited. Hannah jumps up and down excitedly - freedom! Almost Hannah, almost. She's gutted when Phil says everyone but a certain teenage daughter will be going. Hannah thinks it's very unfair, she's going to be grounded until she's fifty. Phil laughs, only until she takes responsibility for her actions and maturity.
Phil leaves to spread the news of the barbecue and Hannah sits next to Helen. Hannah thinks that Phil hates her, Helen assures her that he loves her very much and he just wants to teach her the difference between right and wrong. Hannah sighs and sulks off.
Number 28
Susan and Karl are planning what to eat. Susan doesn't care what it is, as long as she doesn't have to cook. There's a knock at the door and Susan goes to answer. It's Phil who's brought the news of the barbecue. He then moves on to the fact that Hannah won't be going, Karl and Susan look to Billy and Toadie. Phil isn't going to tell them what to do with their kids but thought he should just let them know. However, Karl agrees and they need to be consistent - and with that there is a loud groan from the boys who are at the table. Billy complains but Toadie goes for the 'fair is fair' approach and then adds that they'll find some mouldy crackers behind the fridge or something to eat. Susan agrees and they do need to eat. Karl tells her not to go weak and Phil agrees with Susan, seeing as it's free food. Billy and Toadie cheer. Karl tells them not to get too excited. They eat and then they leave, it's not over yet.
Number 26
Phil, Debbie and Darren all head into the kitchen to start preparing some salad for the barbecue. Debbie asks Hannah if she's joining them, which she isn't as she doesn't get to go. Phil passes on the good news that she will be going, only to eat though and Hannah jumps up and also runs into the kitchen area.
Marlene wonders if they happy couple (Darren and Debbie) will be going. They look confused and say of course they will .She thought they might have wanted some alone time together, but the two think they have plenty of time. Marlene thinks they must be taking it slow then. The two look at each other and then back at Marlene with a sort of 'what's it to you' kind of face, and Debbie says they are.
Marlene goes over to Helen and wonders what she thinks of that - they wanted privacy and now they couldn't care less. Marlene thinks they're hiding something, Helen doesn't think so as Debbie has made some very intelligent decisions regarding the relationship and they're going to be fine.
Mmm...barbecue. Lou's just putting out the food on the barbecue. Lou asks Phil, who's nearby, for a favour. It's the netball team and they have a game later, he needs to be there, so wonders if Phil can keep an eye on things. Which, of course, he can!
Susan, Karl, Toadie and Billy wander up. It smells good apparently. Lou says it'll be ready in about 15 minutes, much to Billy and Toadie's delight. Karl points to the house - back inside with them. Toadie can't believe it but Susan reiterates that they did say 'only for dinner'. But she supposes they can hang around until it's ready. Karl can't quite believe it and calls her weak. Karl will be watching them.
Billy and Toadie join Hannah. Billy is relieved that Susan didn't want to cook, otherwise they'd still be inside. Hannah hates being grounded (I don't think many people like it Hannah). Toadie knows there's a way out of it, he just doesn't know how yet.
Number 24
Marlene, Darren and Debbie are doing food and stuff. It looks like Debbie is chopping onions as she keeps wiping her eyes. The phone rings and Darren answers - it's a job for him. He tells them he can't make it that evening, but tomorrow morning is fine. Debbie calls him and says that she doesn't mind him going tonight. He talks to the person on the other end again and says there's a change of plans, he can make it! He's happy, as is Debbie for him.
Marlene wants to know what's going on. One minute they turn down a chance to be alone together whilst all the neighbours are at a party and now the job. Debbie tells her they're trying to get to know one another again and they're both happy. Darren agrees and would probably be happier if his 'nosey Grandmother would butt out'.
Lou is telling a joke and all the extras laugh. Susan goes to usher the kids inside - their time is up. The groan and then disappear. Lisa wants to know why they're celebrating. Lou explains that he's giving the bus up. Lisa says that they were going to book it up after their match and they wouldn't have been the only ones!
Number 26
Phil and Helen are at the kitchen table whilst Debbie makes some tea in the kitchen area. Phil checks that Helen hasn't overdone it. She says she hasn't and had a great time. They both laugh that it's like Lou to celebrate the end of a business. Helen thinks it's a shame Darren had to go, but Debbie explains that he had a job to go to. Phil starts to talk about choosing money over love and Helen thinks it's very understanding of Debbie to let him go. Debbie then says that she doesn't need him with her every minute of the day and she's not an obsessive. Helen is about to apologise but Debbie cuts her off wondering why everyone is so interested in her business. Phil gives a harsh but fair 'Deb'. She apologises but her relationship with Darren feels like it's everybody elses except their at the moment. Debbie joins them at the table with teas and mentions Marlene. Helen says she means well. Debbie knows, and so does Helen and she loves them for it but they're where they want to be.
Number 24
Marlene hopes the job was worth missing the party for. Darren looks a bit annoyed but fortunately Lou and Lisa walk in celebrating their win cuts Darren off. The two explain how great they were. They had the best Goal Attack and the greatest defence Netball has every seen. Plus, Lou who is the most inspiring coach! Lisa reckons they'll make it to the finals now and Lou agrees saing they'll dress the bus up and celebrate in style. Marlene is a bit confused and Lou explains that the bus is back o nthe road for parties, celebrations etc etc.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Darren are moaning about everyone interfering in their business. Darren thinks the most important thing is they they're happy. She agrees but it won't get them off their backs. Darren suggests a 'real date'. Debbie thinks it's a good idea.
Number 28
Susan offers Toadie and Billy a lift to school, but they'd rather walk. Karl tells them to have a good day and to study hard. Also, they must remember to come straight home. Toadie doesn't think Susan will let them forget that. Billy pulls on his Dads arm asking if they can have one coffee shop visit and Toadie adds that even prisoners get recreation time. Karl ignores them and continues ironing. Susan looks as though she's going soft and Karl says 'yeah!...but no'. The boys groan and leave the house.
Susan gets up and walks over to Karl, saying that they are really hating it. Karl laughs, but he's loving it! Susan wants to iron the shirt. He hands over the iron and Susan says she's sick of the kids moaning, Karl agrees but that's what happens if you ground kids - they're under-foot. Susan tease shim that it's bad enough when it's just him. Susan wonders how long it should go on for. Karl reckons the end of the week, so they learn their lesson. But Susan thinks they've already learnt their lesson and they won't lie to them in a hurry again!
Erinsborough High
Toadie, Billy and Hannah are at their lockers. They need a plan that 'the olds can't say no to'. Toadie notices a poster for the debate team, who needs new members. Hannah and Toadie think it's great, you can be anywhere when you're 'at the library'. Billy adds in unenthusiastically that debating is for nerds. Hannah points out that Anne has signed up. Toadie laughs and says that Billy can impress her with his whiz and intelligence. Bill says that it'd look like he was sucking up to her and then walks off. Toadie and Hannah look back at the list and put Billy down on the list. It's their ticket to freedom!
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