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Neighbours Episode 2848 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2848
Australian airdate: 06/05/97
UK airdate: 16/10/97
UK Gold: 07/10/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Rohan Kendricks: Paul Zebrowski
Penny Tripp: Janet Westbury
Cathy Herron: Shari Russell
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: JA
Debbie flirts with Darren, not unnoticed by Lou.
Ben telling Lisa that he is going to be friends with Ruth, but the hard part will be making friends with her kids.
Rohan takes his temper out a cushion.
Rohan's House
Libby has forgotten her bag, Rohan thinks she is spying, and guesses she has seen his tantrum. She asks him if he wants to talk, but he declines. She tells him that although the trip to The Coffee Shop didn't go well, at least it was a step in the right direction, he got out and met people. Rohan isn't as agreeable, he thinks he should have stayed at home. He tells Libby that he doesn't want his charity. When Libby has left, Rohan looks annoyed at himself.
Number 32
Ben gives Ruth a huge bouquet of flowers, much to her delight, though she is surprised. Ben says that it's a thank you for lunch and the talk, he really enjoyed it. He asks where Lance and Anne are, but they are both out. Ben asks if Ruth would like to come down to the garage and see the bus the next morning. She says that she would love to. It seems that she appreciates Ben letting her take an interest in his life. Ruth thanks Ben again for the flowers before he leaves, it seems to have put a smile back on her face.
Number 26
Debbie invites Helen to a launch tomorrow, it's for a product called 'Crispy Bites' which are apparently a new innovation in snack food. Helen has to politely say that it doesn't sound like her sort of thing, she doesn't want to bite anything crispy by the looks of it. Debbie struggles over who she should take with her, and Helen suggests Darren. Debbie is surprised, she worries that Darren might get the wrong idea, Helen thinks that it will be fine if she makes it clear that it's an outing for two friends.
Ruth comes over, and she is dying to share her good news, she is literally bursting with pride. She tells a delighted Helen and Debbie that she has cleared the air with Ben, she is also keen to tell them that he bought her flowers, and she is going to go and see his bus tomorrow.
RUTH: Tomorrow, I'm going to go and have a look at his work on Lou's bus, he really wants me to see it.
HELEN: Well of course he does, he wants his mum to be proud.
RUTH: I couldn't have asked for a lovelier....
Ruth hesitates before finishing off her sentence, beaming with pride.
RUTH... a lovelier elder son.
Number 28
Libby feels guilty for Rohan burning his hand. Susan tries to offer advice, telling Libby that she might be getting too involved. Libby is defensive, she says that Rohan needs her. Susan tells her not to force the issue, as it might do more harm than good.
Number 22
Debbie has come by to invite Darren to the product launch. He thinks that she is asking him on a date, but she assures him it's not a date, it's just a thank you for all the work he has done on the coffee shop. Darren seems to be agreeable to that, so says that he will go with her. When Debbie leaves, Darren is grinning from ear to ear, at the thought of being in the bosses good books.
The Bus
Ben is at work bright and early on the bus, obviously keen to impress Ruth. Darren arrives in time to see him working hard. Debbie drops by to let Darren know that the launch starts at twelve, and they agree that he will pick her up at half past eleven. Ben assumes that it's a date and Darren admits that he is not sure. He tells Ben that he and Debbie go back years, and they have had their ups and downs. Ben says that the invite is a good sign, but Darren tries to convince Ben and himself that he and Debbie are ancient history.
Rohan's House
Libby can't find Rohan when she gets his house, it seems to be dark and deserted. She eventually finds him in the garden, but he is in a bad mood. Libby tells him that he has to go to the doctor about his hand, but he is being objectionable, but Libby persists and seems to get through to him.
ROHAN: Has anyone ever told you you're a really bossy woman?
LIBBY: You're the first one today.
The Bus
Ruth has come to visit Ben at work, and she has brought morning tea. Darren can't join them as he is going on his 'business thing' even though Ruth and Ben think it's a date. Even still Ben wishes him luck, saying he hopes it goes well and Darren can't help but agree.
Ruth has brought Date loaf, which she has made herself, and that just happens to be Ben's favourite, much to Ruth's delight. Ben says that his mum (his adoptive mother) used to make date loaf all the time, and is the date loaf queen of her neighbourhood. Ruth nervously says that she hopes hers is up to scratch, and Ben digs in to find out.
Number 26
Debbie is all dressed up for the business thing/date, and Helen hasn't failed to notice her smart appearance. She is wearing a suit she keeps for special occasions, and Debbie says that it is a special occasion. Helen makes subtle hints that she is dressed up for Darren, but Debbie isn't biting.
The Bus
Ruth is eager to know how her date loaf went down, Ben thinks it was pretty good, but not as good as his mum's. Ruth disappointedly says that she will have to settle for second best. Ben talks about his work, and he asks Ruth to wait for a part that he is expecting while he nips to the hire shop. Ruth is happy to help.
Rohan's hand is getting better, and he tells Libby that she was right, he wouldn't have gone to the surgery by himself. She teases him that it was almost an apology, and he admits that he is a stubborn pig, but relations are improving as they are both laughing.
Libby suggests that they go for a walk, and Rohan asks why she would want to spend more time with him than she has to. She says that she enjoys his company, and is quite 'an interesting pig in his own way' Libby tells Rohan that she would like to get to know him better, and he is pleased. He doesn't fancy a walk though, so Libby suggests a trip to the pub for a few quiet beers and a chat, and idea that Rohan is more than happy to go along with, he hasn't been to a pub since he lost his sight.
Number 26
Darren and Debbie didn't bother with the launch, as they had to pay to get in, so they shot through. Even as successful business people, they didn't fancy having to pay to go and sample Crispy bites. Helen suggests that neither of them waste their day off, so Darren invites Debbie for a drink down at the pub, she enthusiastically agrees.
The Bus
The part that Ruth has been waiting for has arrived, but the courier won't let Ruth sign for it. Ruth looks disappointed, but Ben arrives just in time to collect it. Ben tells Ruth that he should have told the courier that she was his mum, but she admits that she felt a bit awkward. Ben tells her that it doesn't bother him.
RUTH: I might be your birth mother Ben, but I can't replace the woman who brought you up, she's the one you call mum.
BEN: You are who you are, and that's fine by me honest.
Lou's Place
Rohan thinks the pub was a good idea, he is enjoying himself, and it's provoking happy memories. When Darren and Debbie come in the atmosphere changes, and despite the fact Rohan can't see, he can sense that something has bothered Libby, she tries to play it down, but he can tell from her silence and abruptness that something has startled her. She tells Rohan that her ex-boyfriend has just walked in, and Rohan guesses that it was with another woman. Rohan asks Libby if she is jealous, and she insists that she isn't, she just finds it strange. Libby changes the subject, but again things get frosty when she broaches the subject of Rohan's mates, and when he gets too uncomfortable with the conversation, he insists that he wants to go home.
The Bus
Ben senses that Ruth is on edge, but tells her to relax, he thinks that he is lucky having two mums. Ruth tries to insist to Ben that she is not trying to take the place of his other mother, and he assures her that she could never do that, but it doesn't mean that he can't have feelings for Ruth. Ruth tells Ben that she has really enjoyed herself with him today, and Ben tells her that she will be the first passenger on the bus. As she leaves, Ruth gives Ben a big hug, and it brings poor Ben close to tears.
Rohan's House
Libby thinks that she should maybe go home after the atmosphere in the pub, but Rohan is keen that she should stay for a coffee, it seems that he is keen for some company. Libby apologises for offending him before, but an unusually cheerful Rohan insists that he wasn't offended. He says that Libby is the first person in a long time who has paid him any attention. Libby agrees that she is his cleaning lady and companion. Rohan comments that he has to pay for friends now, but Libby insists that she will be his friend for nothing if he is a bit nicer to her, something which Rohan is prepared to do.
Number 28
Ruth is enthusiastically telling Susan how much she likes Ben. Ruth says that he is a stranger to her, but she feels that she is getting to know him, and the more she learns the more she likes him. Susan is pleased for her.
When Libby gets home she is in a cheery mood after her day with Rohan, she tells Susan that her hard work to take him out of his shell has paid off. Susan rewards her with a freshly baked cookie and the three of them toast to perseverance.
Number 26
Darren asks Debbie if she had a good afternoon, they agree that they had fun. Debbie tells Darren that she was a bit apprehensive about asking her, but she is glad that she did. Darren moves in for a kiss, but this doesn't seem to please Debbie, she shouts at him for ruining their good day.
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