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Neighbours Episode 2847 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2847
Australian airdate: 06/05/97
UK airdate: 16/10/97
UK Gold: 07/10/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Rohan Kendricks: Paul Zebrowski
Penny Tripp: Janet Westbury
Cathy Herron: Shari Russell
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: JA
Karl giving Marlene yet another lecture about Sarah joining the practice.
Rohan asking Libby to leave, when she gives him a hard time.
Number 28
Karl is telling Susan that Sarah will be in trouble if she keeps running out to the coffee shop during work. Susan assumes that Sarah must be pleased to get the job, and Karl says that he has already had to give her her first row.
Susan suggests a change of subject, she wants to talk about Billy's birthday. Susan feels old that her baby is turning 17, but Karl lovingly assures her that she is not old. In fact he turns on the charm telling her that she is the most beautiful woman in the room, but quickly demotes her to the second most beautiful woman in the room when Libby arrives home. Libby doesn't seem to be in the mood to accept the compliment, as she throws her bag on the counter in disgust. She tells her parents that Rohan is the most frustrating person that she has ever met. She is trying to get him to open up, but he is not taking the bait. Karl suggests that it's not the place of the cleaner to try to get him to open up, but Libby protests, saying that she can't just ignore him. Ever the compassionate caring person that he is, Karl tells Libby to get on with the cleaning and ignore Rohan, something which Susan doesn't seem to take kindly to.
SUSAN: She's not like you.
KARL: That's what worries me.
You would think as a doctor Karl would have been more willing to show a bit of compassion to a disable person, but apparently not. He tells Libby to concentrate on Uni and her job at the paper. Libby only wants to get on with Rohan.
LIBBY: I just want to get along with him, is that too much to ask for?
Number 30
Ben and Lisa are struggling with a crossword. He is a bit nervous about going to Ruth's for lunch, but the girls reassure him that it will be fine. Sarah changes the subject surprise surprise, to herself and her new job.
SARAH: If I can just get Karl's moods under control, it might just be the job I've always dreamt of.
And won't that statement come back to haunt her. If only she would quit now, but alas she is planning her morning shopping trip. Now Karl assumes that Sarah will actually be at work in the morning, but then there was that vague shift swap with the ever accommodating Marlene.
Number 28
The next morning Karl is in a fine mood. He is looking forward to work, and is even going to drop in to The Coffee Shop for a couple of blueberry muffins, now isn't Sarah a lucky girl, lets just hope that a blueberry muffin is all she is going to be getting from Karl.
Libby, on hearing that Karl is thinking of getting another muffin suggest he start cycling to work. Karl wonders what she meant, Libby tries and fails to be tactful.
LIBBY: Some people's muffins are getting a bit bigger these days.
When Karl leaves, Susan tells Libby about her plans for Billy's last birthday party as a child, as next year he will be heading straight to the pub, forgetting about his dear old mum. Susan is planning cake and party hats, now that sounds like a party, isn't Billy a lucky little boy. Libby doesn't seem to seem too keen to come to the party, she is a bit stressed out about working at Rohan's. She has decided that she is going to take Karl's advice and just go in and do what he is paying her for, though she is keen to ensure that her father doesn't find out that she is taking his advice. Susan assures Libby that Rohan will appreciate her help in his own way, he might just not be keen to show it.
The Surgery.
Karl arrives at the surgery, apologising for his tardiness, but there is nobody there to greet him, much to Karl's surprise. He has no idea where his receptionist is, and he is keen to inform the waiting patient that his receptionist has done little to impress him on her first day. The patient doesn't seem too amused either as she has had to stand around with a sore foot. Karl gets straight on the phone to Number 30, only to be told that Sarah has gone shopping. Karl is not impressed, as far as he knows she is supposed to be at work. Karl tells Lisa to tell Sarah that she may no longer have a job, and gets on the phone to Marlene. Marlene is delighted to hear that Sarah hasn't turned up for work, and doesn't seem keen to cover at short notice. Marlene cries off saying that she has to look after Louise, and wastes no time in telling Karl that Sarah is not the sort of receptionist he should have employed. Marlene eventually agrees to drop Louise off at the crèche and cover the shift.
Number 32
I see Ruth hasn't bothered to dress up for her lunch with Ben, she is in those ever-present disgusting short dungarees and Doc Marten combo, as she answers the door to an early Ben. It seems that conversation is a bit awkward at first, but Ruth wants to know everything about Ben. He tells her that it's nothing special, he thinks he's boring, but not to Ruth, she wants to know whatever he has to tell her.
Rohan's house.
Libby arrives to Rohan, who assumes that she has given up the job, but she tells him he will have to know her better than that. He is as usual bitingly sarcastic and rude. Libby invites him to The Coffee Shop, but Rohan isn't keen to go out, he likes the sound of a cooked breakfast, but he wants her to bring it to him. Libby says that's not the case and tempts him with the offer of bacon, eggs, sausages and hash browns, and for the first time, we see a genuine smile from the usually bitter Rohan.
The Coffee Shop
The thought of the breakfast has tempted Rohan, and Libby guides him to a table. He smells all the food, but is more worried that people are looking at him. Libby tells him not to worry about other people, and sits him down with the promise of a hot breakfast.
Number 32
Ben has told Ruth everything he thinks she needs to know, and Ruth seems to be impressed. Ben speaks freely about being adopted. Ruth thinks that his parents sound like lovely people, and she is keen to make sure that his parents knew that she was young, and couldn't give Ben everything she wanted him to have. Ben assures her that his mum knows that. Ben is keen to hear Ruth's story, and the two look like they are getting on a lot better.
The Coffee Shop
Libby and Rohan seemed to have enjoyed their Brunch. Libby questions him about his friends, and he is honest enough to admit that he doesn't have any, none of them bother with him now he is blind. The only person he really has to talk to is his mum, and she is the one person he wishes would leave him alone. Libby seems to be getting through to Rohan.
ROHAN: Why did you take me out for brunch? Pity? and don't lie.
LIBBY: No, I want us to get along. I'd rather be friends with someone than enemies.
ROHAN: Mum doesn't pay you to be my friend.
LIBBY: I hope not, I'd want a lot more money.
Over at another table Lisa comes storming towards Sarah, asking where she has been. Lisa informs her that Karl thinks that she should be at work, but Sarah is adament that she swapped shifts with Marlene.
The Surgery
When Sarah gets to the surgery, Karl is quick to give her a hard time. Sarah tells him that she is sure that Marlene had swapped shifts with her. When Marlene is called in to the office, she is adamant that she hadn't intended to swap shifts. When she asked Sarah how she felt about swapping shifts, she meant in general, not specifically today. The two women bicker about it. Marlene is sent out of the office, and Karl chides Sarah about not being professional, she swears that this will never happen again, Karl warns her that if it does it will be the very last time.
The Coffee Shop
Rohan seems to be enjoying chatting to Libby, he wants to know if she was a braniac at school, and if she was popular. Libby thinks that he gets a kick out of insulting her, but Rohan insists that he is just trying to work her out.
ROHAN: I'm just trying to work you out. Other people can see what you look like, I have to use second sight.
Libby asks Rohan, about his mum, and he gets edgy, he says that she treats him like his is six again, he can look after himself, he just needs time to work out how to do it. Rohan being edgy, has been playing with a cup of coffee, and promptly spills it all over his hand burning himself. A concerned Libby jumps to his aid, but Rohan doesn't want to stay around to attend to the wound, he wants to get out of there as soon as he can, but seems to have trouble, walking into tables as he goes.
The Surgery
Marlene is the epitome of helpfulness, as she ensures that Sarah is all set for the afternoon shift. Karl tries to get a word with Marlene in the office, but is interrupted by Libby and Rohan with his burnt hand. In the office Rohan can't believe he could be so stupid, Libby assures Rohan that it was an accident that could have happened to anyone, but Rohan thinks it happened because he is 'blind and stupid.' Karl tries to appease Rohan by telling him that it's not that bad, he had a twelve year old boy in the other day with a marble stuck up his nose, so he would have to go a long way to beat that.
Number 32
Ben and Ruth are still chatting away over their coffee. Ben asks if Ruth and Phil are serious. Ruth says that she hopes it is. He also comments that Lance and Anne are great, and Ruth agrees. She says that she has been very lucky with them.
RUTH: The only sadness I ever had was not seeing you grow up.
Ben asks Ruth to elaborate on her reasons for giving him up.
RUTH: I was about Anne's age, and I didn't know how I'd be able to cope.
BEN: Lance and Anne are only a few years younger than me.
RUTH: I was married by then.
BEN: Is that all it would have taken.
RUTH: No, you're father, I wish I could say we were in love, but we weren't. He didn't want anything to do with me.
BEN: And if he did, would that have made a difference?
RUTH: At sixteen you just haven't got all the things you need to be a parent, I mean you think you have, and you can learn as you go I suppose, but I could never have been the parent to you that I've been to Lance and Anne. I just didn't have it in me at that age.
BEN: Did it take you a long time to decide?
RUTH: It was really my parents who talked me into it.
BEN: They weren't impressed?
RUTH: They weren't exactly putting me on show. They sent me away to have you, and when I came back no one would talk about you.
BEN: So you just accepted what they wanted?
RUTH: I wanted a career, that meant finishing high school, so that was why I agreed to the adoption.
BEN: So it was me or an education.
RUTH: No, you mustn't think that.
BEN: I always wondered what life would have been like if I'd stayed with you.
Ruth breaks down in tears in the honesty of the words exchanged, she jumps off the sofa and turns her back on Ben, seemingly ashamed to even look at him.
RUTH: God, you must think I'm awful, how can anyone give up their baby. I don't know how you can even bear to look at me.
Ben also gets up, and moves towards Ruth, but a bit wary to reach out to her.
BEN: What are you doing? I don't blame you for anything. I can imagine how scared you must have been. I just want to be your friend. I wouldn't have come all this way, if that wasn't true.
RUTH: You being such a lovely young man doesn't make it any easier you know.
BEN: Well it does if you'll be friends with me as well, that's all I want from you.
RUTH: I'd like that very much.
Ruth is again able to turn around and look Ben in the eye, as she delivers this last statement.
The Surgery
Karl escorts Rohan out, telling him to return tomorrow.
Karl chooses his moment to catch Marlene out.
KARL: Are you off home?
MARLENE: Yes I am.
KARL: I'd like you to keep working.
MARLENE: I can't. Lolly's at the crèche and I can't leave her at the crèche all day.
KARL: Oh, I'm sorry did you think I meant keep working now? No I meant keep working in a general sense, I'd like you to keep working as my receptionist. Isn't that funny one person says one thing, another person thinks that they've said the complete opposite.
MARLENE: Are you trying to make a point?
KARL: I think I have.
Point made, Karl gives Sarah a sly wink and a smile, much to her satisfaction, and Marlene's annoyance.
Number 30
Lisa wants to know how things went with Ruth. Ben says it was great, and he thinks Ruth is a really nice lady.
BEN: I think she really loved me, still does.
LISA: You're her son.
BEN: Yeah, but she's not my mum if you know what I mean.
LISA: It must be hard.
BEN: More for her. I think she'd like to pick things up where she left off, but she knows she can't. It must be weird for her me coming in like this.
Ben tells Lisa that they have made a pact to be friends, but now the hard part will be making friends with her kids, and he doesn't think that Anne will ever speak to him again.
Rohan's House
Libby apologises for things, but Rohan tells her that it's his fault, and asks her to leave without doing the cleaning he wants some time alone. Libby goes to the door and bangs it shut, to lead Rohan to believe that she has gone, she actually remains in the yard, and sees Rohan getting very frustrated and throwing things around.
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