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Neighbours Episode 2836 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2836
Australian airdate: 21/04/97
UK airdate: 01/10/97
UK Gold: 22/09/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Rebecca Knotts: Charmaine Gorman
Summary/Images by: JA
Lou dealing out Toadie's punishment- he has to work at the pub, doing all the nasty jobs for free.
Billy asking Anne about Ben, he didn't come round to have her new 'super-hero' shoved in his face.
Darren confessing to Libby that he was considering carrying out a robbery.
Ramsay Street
Anne and Hannah decide to chat up Ben, who is working on a car engine. Hannah wants to go, Anne doesn't, but Hannah drags her away.
Toadie notices that Lou is watering the garden, and takes the chance to try and get out of cleaning the pub, he tells him that he looked after Louise like he said he would, Then he has the cheek to complain that Lou didn't pay him for that.
Toadie says that he needs the money, and uses his charm on Lou, who agrees to pay him $3 an hour for working at the pub. Now that is a result.
The Coffee Shop
Darren and Debbie seem to e getting on well, she says to Darren that he should get Wayne back on the job, and is suspicious of Darren's motives when he point blank refuses. He can't work with 'a bloke like that' He tells Debbie when she knows Wayne as well as he does, they will talk about it.
Hannah is asking Anne why she keeps hanging about with Ben, when she has Billy. Anne thinks that Billy might be too young, as older guys are at a different level. Hannah assumes that Anne is trying to make him jealous, but apparently Anne is not that immature.
Ramsay Street
As Lou has his leave sweeper out, Ben tries to apologies for messing up with the job on the bus, over the noise.
He asks for his job back, but Lou asks him why he should bother, he wasn't impressed with him the last time. Ben tells him that he will do the job for the cheapest price in attempt to get Lou back on side.
Outside The Pub.
Toadie is sweeping the ground, when Rebecca, the niece of the Florist at Lassiters, starts to flirt with him.
He asks her what year she is in, she informs him fist year of uni up in Belarut. Toadie is surprised to learn that she is 19 as she looks much younger.
Toadie tells her to guess how old he is, she assumes that he must be about 19 too, as afterall he works as the pub. LOL. Toadie tells her that he is 25!
TOADIE: I'm 25, I just sleep upside down to let the wrinkles going the other way- keeps me looking young and hunky.
Rebecca likes flirting, but doesn't accept Toadie's offer of a drink, which is just as well as he would have trouble buying one.
The Coffee Shop
Wayne is winding Darren up about the money he owes him, Darren tells him that he is wasting his time, he is honest now.
Wayne tries to apologise, he tells Darren he wants to square it with him, he doesn't have many friends on the outside and he wants to keep him. He talks Darren round and Darren says he can work for him part time.
It's not long before Wayne reveals his true colours again. Telling Darren that the warehouse robbery is still up for grabs, and tells him that it is big money.
Darren is not agreeable and tells Wayne to get out. Wayne says that he has a lot to stick around for, not least his 'Cute little cashed up girlfriend' Darren tells him that will soon change, but Wayne doesn't believe that he will rat on him.
Number 26
Wayne turns up to see Debbie, she is pleased to see him, he gives her a sob story about how he feels Darren is like a brother to him, and he doesn't know why he won't forgive him. Debbie seems to take Wayne's side, and tells him that she will sort it out.
Outside The Pub
Toadie and Rebecca are still flirting, whilst Toadie shirks his work.
Lou observes him skiving, and tells him to stop harassing the girl, who has since left to go to lunch. Toadie tells Lou that he was getting on well with her, but she is bound to have a boyfriend. When Lou asks if he has asked her, he says there is no point.
Lou tells him that one moment of embarrassment is nothing to all the fun they might have if she agrees to go out with him. Lou tells him to knock off and go and speak to her.
Toadie asks Lou as one last favour not to tell Billy about it, he thinks that as soon as Rebecca sees Billy she will forget all about Toadie. Lou tells him to have more faith in himself.
The Coffee Shop
Rebecca seems surprised, but pleased to see Toadie there, and offers him a coffee. He refuses lunch, as you know being the junior manager of the pub entitles him to a free lunch, LOL Rebecca is very impressed with his important position.
As Rebecca is getting the coffee, Toadie is distressed to see that Billy has turned up, and tries to shoo him out, Billy is reluctant though, as he wants to stay for lunch. With Toadie's perseverance, Billy leaves, as he thinks that Toadie still thinks he is up himself.
At The Garage
Ben is working on the bus, when Darren arrives, and introduces himself.
Lou tells him that they will be working together on the bus, and Darren comments that he hopes that he is more honest than his last partner.
Ben says that he is straight as a die.
Darren tells Lou that he is still having problems with Wayne. He is also worried about Debbie seeing Wayne as Mr Perfect. Lou thinks that the least he can do is to warn Debbie.
Number 32
Hannah and Anne are thinking about going for a swim, Anne is looking out the window, and sees that Ben is back. She suggests that they ask Ben if they can swim in his pool.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Rebecca's flirting is still going well, and Toadie eventually plucks up the courage to ask Rebecca to go to the movies with him, and she agrees. I wonder how long it's going to take her to work out that he is not 25.........
Number 30
Anne and Hannah are badgering Ben to let them swim in his pool, he says that it's fine as long as Ruth says that it's OK. Anne says that Ruth said they could, and that she has also said that she is sorry about how she spoken to Ben about the money.
Outside The Coffee Shop.
Billy is spying, and notices Toadie with Rebecca he looks shocked that Toadie has pulled such a stunner.
Toadie is promising Rebecca a good night out, where she will be wined and dined.
As Darren is putting the finishing touches to the once famous 'The Coffee Shop; sign ( you know the one with the big cup) Wayne turns up issuing threats.
The Pool at Number 30
Anne, Hannah and Ben (who is floating on a lilo) are having fun in the pool. Anne is doing her best to flirt with Ben, but Hannah is getting bored and wants to leave. Anne says that she can't leave her with Ben, as she won't know what to talk to him about, but Hannah says that she has been managing fine for the last half hour, suggesting that Hannah feels a bit left out. Anne realises that she has been getting along fine with Ben fine, and is happy to let Hannah go home.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie meets Billy there, and asks what he has been up to today. Billy tells him that he has been sussing out him and his new 'girlfriend'
Billy says he saw Toadie drooling all over her, and when Toadie mentions that her name is Rebecca , Billy starts to tease.
BILLY: Rebecca? so that means when you get married she will be Rebecca Rebecchi, or Becky Rebecchi, hot Becky Rebecchi.
TOADIE: Knock it off with you.
BILLY: Touchy
TOADIE: I really like this girl alright.
BILLY: so...
TOAIDE: So, I don't want you ruining it for me.
Billy continues to tease Toadie, which results in Toadie storming out, and Billy running after him shouting apologies.
Lou's Place
Debbie and Wayne are flirting over a drink. When Darren comes in, they shout over at him, asking if he is staying for a drink, when Darren says that he is, Debbie and Wayne make a point of taking their drinks outside.
Darren tells Lou that he can't seem to get away from Wayne, Lou says that Wayne and Debbie certainly seem to be an item now, and Debbie is even paying his way.
Lou wonders if Darren has had a word with Debbie, he says he has, but as soon as he mentioned Wayne she just got fired into him, and when he had another word with Wayne it was not successful. They have both told him to get lost, so he doesn't know what else he can do.
Lou says that's fair enough, as long as Debbie is going to be OK, but Darren tells Lou that there is no way that she is going to be OK, as she doesn't know what she is doing. Darren has a look of concern for Debbie.
The Pool At Number 30
Anne and Ben are still in the pool. Anne seems to be relishing her time with Ben, and when he asks if she is too cold, she says that no, it's lovely, and continues to try and flirt with him, as she asks him how often he has to change the leads on his car, what a chat up line huh?
Ben isn't in the mood to talk about that, and says that he has had enough and wants to jump out of the pool. He is going to make a coffee and warm up a bit. It doesn't seem that he really wants to offer Anne a coffee, but he does so anyway, and she accepts, when Ben says that he is getting out of the pool, Anne decides that he is right, it is getting a little cold, and she is going to get out and go inside with him.
At the Park
Billy is still pressing Toadie for information about Becky, he wants to know what it is like to kiss an older women. Toadie is giving nothing away.
Hannah has overheard and wants to know what the gossip is. She is very surprised to learn about Toadie's new girlfriend 'Hot Becky'
Toadie tells Hannah that Billy is just jealous because Anne dumped him. Hannah thinks that Anne has said something to Toadie, and makes a complete hash of discreetly trying to find out what Toadie knows. Billy gets suspicious.
BILLY: Has she said something to you?
HANNAH: No, not if she hasn't said anything to you.
Billy wants to know what is going on, and says that he is going to go over to Anne's and find out what is going on, but Hannah tries to dissuade him, eventually admitting that Anne is not at home. When Billy asks where she is, Hannah has to tell him that he is at Ben's in the swimming pool. Billy is Aghast, and is upset that Anne might have dumped him for Ben. When he asks the others what they think is going on, is Anne trying to crack on to Ben, Toadie has to concede that it doesn't look too good.
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