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Neighbours Episode 2834 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2834
Australian airdate: 17/04/97
UK airdate: 29/09/97
UK Gold: 18/09/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie coming up with a plan to get money.
Lou telling Darren he isn't now lending him the money.
Number 22
Marlene is trying to tell Darren how he should spend his bank loan and he is doing his best to distract her. He changes tact and gives Wayne a call.
Number 26/Number 22
Phil hands the phone to Wayne who is surprised to get a call. Darren asks that he meets him at the pub in 15 minutes, which he reluctantly agrees to and lies to Phil and Debbie about having to go and meet a supplier as to why he needs to leave so suddenly.
Phil mentions to Debbie how odd it was having to leave to meet a supplier and despite verbally not agreeing with her dad, her facial expressions show that she thinks its odd too.
Number 22
Darren heads off to the pub to meet Wayne and Marlene is suspicious of his excuse too - going to meet Wayne to discuss advertising his business (part of what Marlene said he should keep back some of his bank loan for when she was talking to him at the start). She tells him to talk to her but he cites not wanting to mix business with family as his reason for chatting to Wayne.
Darren leaves and Toadie enters to chat with Marlene - he proposes to her that he looks after Lolly while since she is returning to work. Marlene gives him the bad news that Lolly is booked into the crèche but he turns on the charm and she agrees to talk to Lou who will have the final decision.
Karl is working so hard on the surgery that Susan drops by with supper since he hasn't made it home. He's excited about the surgery opening but not with having to work with Marlene because he thinks she'll want to run the place how she wants it not how he does. Susan points out that she's experience and given the new business, it will be a plus.
Lou's Place
Darren is taking his frustration out on the pool table waiting for Wayne when Lou saunters over to talk to him. He isn't exactly in the mood to make small talk with Lou.
Wayne arrives and Darren tells him he wants to go ahead with the warehouse job although he still thinks it's easier than Wayne is painting how things will be. Darren wants to do the job tonight and Wayne leaves to make arrangements.
Darren and Wayne wait for their dodgy security guy to turn up but when the guard shows, it isn't Alan his made. Wayne still wants to go ahead with the job, but it means having to knock out the security guard. Darren realises the implications if they get caught - a 15 year sentence and so calls the job off much to Wayne's disgust.
Number 22 (next day)
Marlene is nervous before her first day at work and despite Lou telling her to stay at home a bit longer; she decides to head to into work to show Karl her keenness on the first day.
A rough looking Darren comes down for breakfast and comes clean with Lou that the business has fallen though and that there was no bank loan.
Number 28
Karl has enjoyed the breakfast Susan has made and is planning on heading into work early so he can read the paper and enjoy a coffee before the first patient arrives. His plans go though the roof though when Marlene arrives to get a lift into work with him (to save them having to take 2 cars) so she too can have a coffee and read the paper!
While she is there Toadie gets the go ahead from Marlene to mind Lolly and he is happy with the $3 an hour rate. Karl pulls him aside because he wonders what Toadie is up to given he didn't haggle the rate and doesn't quite believe him when Toadie says that he needs the cash and likes being with Lolly.
Marlene is bored since there are no patients so annoys Karl with the intercom system by bothering him every couple of seconds!
Lassiter's Complex
Darren is packing up his things when Wayne stops by to rub it in that things would have been different if they'd done the job last night. He can't see it when Darren points out that he saved him from a potential 15 year stretch and to top it all wants his wages too! Wayne storms off after Darren tells him that he hasn't got the money to pay himself let alone him but he will get what's owed to him and as he leaves, he brushes Debbie off too. Naturally she wants to know what is going on but Darren doesn't answer that question, instead asking her why she is wasting her time hanging around with Wayne.
Number 28
Lou drops Lolly off and gives Toadie some instructions for him and tells him to call immediately if he has any problems.
The place is still deserted of patients but Marlene just thinks it just needs the word to get around. Suddenly they spot a potential patient coming into the surgery and Karl dashes into his office in preparation. Marlene quizzes the potential patient and confirms the diagnoses with her - a simple head cold and that the best medicine for that is bed rest and hot chicken broth, which she then proceeds to hand out the recipe for! Cue one happy patient and one annoyed doctor!
Outside somewhere
We now find out why Toadie was so keen to mind Lolly because he is using her to help beg! 'My sister and I need train fare home to see mum' is what the poster says to help his cause and some woman buys his story and hands over two $5 notes.
Karl catches Marlene reading the paper and she apologises profusely that it won't happen again. She then suggests that they put the quietness to use by getting him to look at her bunions!
Lou's Place
Darren again takes his frustration out on the pool table and Lou brings up the bombshell that he dropped and asks if he wants to talk. Darren isn't in the mood to talk but Lou is doing his best to get him to open up.
Outside somewhere
Toadie's begging is doing quite well judging by how much money is in the hat but the long arm of the law catches up with them to put an end to their begging in favour of a little chat down the police station.
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