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Neighbours Episode 2833 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2833
Australian airdate: 16/04/97
UK airdate: 26/09/97
UK Gold: 17/09/03
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Wayne and Debbie agreeing to go on a date to the pub.
Ruth telling Ben to keep away from her kids and it isn't up for discussion.
Number 30
Ben is trying to work out why Ruth went ape at him but Sarah points out that Lou is annoyed at him too for missing their appointment. He explains that something important came up and not taking the kids shopping either. She also points out that with Jo leaving too they'll either have to find someone else or everyone will have to contribute more which could be problematic for him given he hasn't got a job.
Number 26
Debbie gets compliments from her dad and sister as she presents herself before her date. Phil also tells her about Jo departing and she is going to remain a silent owner until she sorts herself out overseas and then will call.
Phil questions her if she is rushing into things with Wayne, which she rejects and thankfully for her Wayne arrives. Debbie does the formal introductions and Wayne makes small talk with Phil while Debbie gets her bag.
Number 32
Ruth is still seething and the kids are trying to do a suck up job. They are wondering why she is upset and she explains that she'd made it clear that they weren't to take a lift from Ben. Lance explains that it would have been rude not to and Anne adds her tuppenceworth in that Ben is a nice guy. Both are bemused as to why it was wrong to accept the lift after having lunch with him. Ruth concedes that she is being overprotective but still wants them to be keep their distance from Ben until they get to know if he is a nice man.
Number 28
Toadie and Billy are bored silly and Billy is refusing to go talk to Anne. Libby is working out Toadie's share of the phone bill and he is gobsmacked as to how much he owes him for that and Jo's pressie.
Lou's Place
Wayne is being very flattering to Debbie but she changes the subject onto how long it is going to be until TCS is ready - soon he replies. He wonders how long it will be until he gets Phil's approval after his chat with him while she was getting her bag. Debbie replies that she knows how she feels and nobody can change that.
Number 26
Phil is bending Ruth's ear about Debbie's date with Wayne and he tells Ruth that she may wish to keep any potential romance between Ben and Anne on hold until they get to know him better.
Number 32
Toadie is after some money from Lance to help pay his bills but he is broke. Likewise Anne says she is broke too so not to try there. Toadie suggests that she goes talk to Billy but Anne is not budging.
Ruth arrives home and quizzes Anne how she could afford the new dress and finally she is force to say that Ben lent her the $10 she was short. Toadie chances his luck to see if she has any money paying jobs on offer but she is quick to reply that she has two workers keen to do free jobs for the foreseeable future.
Number 26
Debbie arrives home to find Phil waiting up and rejects his offer to sit and chat with him in favour of having coffee alone with Wayne in the kitchen. Phil follows them in, to suggest he has coffee with them but Debbie tells him to return to the livingroom and she'll bring his coffee out. He asks them where they went and after they answer that, how the meal went. Wayne suddenly decides that he is up early in the morning and so thinks its wise to leave.
At the front door, Debbie apologises for her father's behaviour before saying bye to him.
Back inside, Debbie reminds him that she isn't a kid and doesn't need him to stay up for her and when Phil admits its because he doesn't trust Wayne and that he'll be back inside soon enough, Debbie ticks him off and reminds him that Michael faced the same problems too when he was released. This seems to hit home to Phil.
Lassiter's Complex (next day)
Debbie is surprised to see Wayne hard at work when she arrives for work and apologises to him for her father's behaviour. Toadie accosts her to ask for some extra shifts but she tells him no until the renovations are finished. Wayne knocks him back too and Toadie rejects Billy's offer of paying for them to see a film and tells him to spend his money on Anne since she has someone buying her dresses, which of course is news to Billy.
Number 30
Ruth arrives to see Ben to pay him back the money he gave Anne for her dress because she doesn't want Anne borrowing money from someone she doesn't know. Reluctantly he takes her money.
Number 26
Toadie tries Phil for some paid jobs but gets no joy from him. He departs and Ruth arrives to tell how petty she was being over the whole Ben lending money to Anne thing. Phil tells her his embarrassment of staying up for when Debbie returned from her date.
Number 28
Toadie returns home surprised to see Billy there and tells him to do something about Anne before its too late.
Number 32
Billy takes his friends advice and calls round to see Anne. He subtly brings up that she went shopping with Ben but doesn't like it when Anne describes Ben as a really nice guy. The two of them end up squabbling and Billy decides to leave since he is obviously wasting his time.
Lassiter's Complex
Phil comes by to apologise to Wayne for making him feel unwelcome and adds that it isn't personal. Debbie arrives to see what is going on and Phil invites Wayne to join them for dinner. After Phil leaves, both are gobsmacked as to the change in Phil.
Ramsay Street
Anne spots Ben walking up the street and she is annoyed to find out that Ruth has paid back the $10 he loaned her. Ben is cool with it and tries to defend Ruth.
Number 28
Toadie is still trying to figure out a money making scheme but Lance's comment about someone they saw begging whilst shopping has him thinking.
Billy returns home after going for a walk to think after his fight with Anne and Lance decides it's safe to return home. The boys start chatting about Toadie's lack of money and he announces that he's got a foolproof plan for making money, and his only regret is he wishes he thought about it earlier!
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