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Neighbours Episode 2799 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2799
Australian airdate: 27/02/97
UK airdate: 08/08/97
UK Gold: 30/07/03
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Justin Black: Chris Ryan
Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jeremai
Sarah wondering if Billy likes Anne.
Helen and Phil gush over the wedding ceremony while Hannah picks rice out of Helen's hair. When Phil goes to answer the phone Hannah asks if they can go and see Madge and Harold up in Queensland some time?
HELEN: I didn't think you'd be interested in going to visit "old people".
HANNAH: Sure I am. They live near a beach, don't they?
Phil covers the phone mouthpiece as he tells them that it's Michael on the phone - he's not coming to visit but he's wondering if they can put up a mate of his for a few weeks until he finds something a bit more permanent. All Phil knows is that he's coming to the City to repeat Year 12, and Michael being Michael he's left it to the last minute; the friend will be arriving on the morning train tomorrow. Helen agrees and Phil passes on the good news while Hannah delights in the prospect of having a country boy in the house.
Number 32
Ruth answers the door to Susan who has some papers for her to sign for the PTA which she can pick up tomorrow if she's busy tonight. Ruth says she's not tonight but has just realised she's got a fundraising do for her old hospital tomorrow night which she said she'd go to but forgot about.
RUTH: Tell me where I'm going to find a presentable partner.
SUSAN: Hello! Phillip!
Ruth declines but rebuffs Susan's suggestion that she goes stag. The kids will be busy...
RUTH: You know what it's like to have a social life.
SUSAN: No, not really.
Billy's telling Susan that Brett's sailing the world and he's fine. Susan's worried that he's only doing it because of what's happened with Cath. Billy says that it might just be a knee jerk reaction and that until he starts booking things... Susan says it's not that easy, when Mal makes his mind up about something that's it.
Billy answers the door to Phil who's come over to ask Susan's advice about the lodger. Phil talks to Susan about the lodger, Tim, who's starting at Erinsborough High. Phil says that Michael's worried that as Tim's starting the year so late he might need some extra help. Susan doesn't have the time herself to work one on one with Tim but suggests Lisa might.
Hannah's buzzing about Tim's arrival and is about to head off with Phil to pick him up from the station when Ruth arrives to see Helen with some new physio toy. Ruth mentions the dinner and wonders if Helen wants to come with her. Helen says she's likely to want to come home just as Ruth was starting to enjoy herself and suggests Ruth asks Phil. Ruth's worried that Phil might think she was cracking onto him but Helen says they could go as friends, no problem, and she's sure he'd love to go with her. Ruth's worried that he'll turn her down though.
Number 32
Susan's called over to pick up the papers and asks if Ruth's asked Phil to the dinner yet. Ruth says she asked Helen who said she should ask Phil. Ruth says she's worried he'll either turn her down or think she's keen.
SUSAN: You are keen!
RUTH: I'm not!
Which earns her a look and a half laugh from Susan. She admits that she's not overly keen and Susan urges her to ask Phil.
Outside number 32
Billy arrives and helps Anne out with the picnic gear and tells her he's looked up the bus timetables to get them to the beach. Seems like there was no need as Justin pulls up in a car. Justin greets Anne with a kiss and Billy with twenty bucks, saying that it's his mum's car and he's OK to borrow it. He kisses Anne again and Billy's not happy.
Phil's finished getting Tim settled into the house who hopes he's not going to get in the way.
PHIL: If you do get in the way we'll bowl you over.
Bit like my household then. He warns Tim that things can get hectic from time to time - understatement of the century. Hannah asks why Tim dropped out of school in the first place, Tim says that his dad got sick. Hannah presses on - what was it? His heart. Did he die?
Helen jumps in but Tim says that he didn't die, he just couldn't work and so Tim had to manage the farm. He's determined to finish his education so they stand a good chance of keeping the farm. Phil says that he's going to introduce him to Susan because of his worries about not being up to speed. Tim wonders why he just can't see Susan in school but Phil says that Susan's pretty easy going.
Justin's rubbing sunscreen into Anne's shoulders, turning it into a touchy-feely moment. He apologises to Billy for being all couple-y with Anne and suggests they get into the water. The boys suit up for the surf and head off. Justin says he's glad Billy could make it, Anne's really special to him and he wants to get on with her mates. Justin offers to make next time a foursome, he knows a couple of girls who'd Billy would get on with. Hopefully not at the same time. Billy declines, saying that he'll find his own girls.
He finishes pulling on his fins... and then promptly trips over them as he heads to the water. He looks around and sees that Anne's been watching them.
Ruth's come back over and Phil introduces Tim to her before heading off to Lisa's. Flustered, Ruth makes up an excuse as to why she's come over (to check the physio toy thing I won't even try to name!) so Helen asks Hannah to take Holly out to feed her. Once Hannah's taken the hint and left, Helen asks why Ruth came over. Ruth admits she came to ask Phil out but couldn't do it because of the kids. And her nerves, Helen points out.
Helen invites Ruth to wait but Ruth decides she'd rather go stag and bolts.
Number 30
Tim's been introduced to Lisa and so Susan and Phil decide to leave them to it. Tim admits that it feels like everyone's assessing him and Lisa assures him it'll calm down when he's settled in. Lisa's looking through his transcripts and says that he's doing fine in maths and science. Tim says that's because there's a right answer and a wrong answer.
LISA: You don't find that with English?
Of course he doesn't! English is mainly interpretational - there is almost always no wrong or right answer so long as you have the evidence to back up your point of view! Thankfully Lisa empathises and says that the grey areas can be tricky. Tim just wants to get a pass but Lisa says that if he wants to go to Uni it'll have to be a decent mark so that's where they'll concentrate. She says they'll treat it as scientifically as possible.
Phil comes home and declares that his good deed has been done. Helen and Hannah discuss how quiet Tim seems but Phil says he's just met them so give him a chance. Helen declares that her new toy isn't working and asks Phil to go over and see Ruth about it for her. After much insisting on Helen's part Phil leaves to go to Ruth's. Helen smiles to herself and Hannah asks what's going on.
The boys run back up to Anne, Justin telling Billy that he can read the waves pretty well. Justin says he was going to give Billy a go on his board but he wasn't sure if he could handle it. Billy snipes back that he can do it, his sister can... Justin remarks that lying down (as Billy was doing on his boogie board) is one thing, standing up is another.
Anne is having trouble opening her bottle of drink, and when Justin tries his hand keeps slipping. Billy takes it from him, twisting open the lid without a problem.
JUSTIN: I loosened it for you.
Billy says that he might be stronger but Justin's the better surfer.
JUSTIN: There is no way you're stronger than me.
What is he? Five? Apparently so as with the next shot we cut to an arm wrestle. Anne's not impressed and shakes up her lemonade, spraying it over them both. She declares this is not her idea of fun and when she gets back from her swim they'll have stopped behaving like a pair of macho idiots.
Number 32
Ruth's looking over the physio toy, wondering why Helen couldn't get it to work. Then the light bulb goes off and she realises exactly why Helen sent Phil over with it. Ruth covers and says that maybe she didn't explain it as well as she could have.
PHIL: Right, well I'll leave it to you to tell her that she got it wrong 'cause I'm certainly not going to.
He goes to leave and Ruth stops him. She nervously starts to ask him to the dinner but chickens out, saying she's got this new coffee and she's not sure what to make of it so could he try some? Phil asks if there's anything else and Ruth bolts to the kitchen.
Tim's helping out in the kitchen, telling Helen that he's used to being in the kitchen with his mum. She is of the opinion that if a woman is expected to help on the farm and drive a tractor, then men should be able to do their own ironing.
Susan calls over with most of the books that are on the book list so Tim can get started. She starts to wax lyrical about the books, Tim just watches her. She talks about one book that had an impact on her life and Tim says that she probably always loved reading. Susan replies that a good story you just can't put down before saying she has to go. Tim stares at the books and can't believe how many there are. There's five...
Anne wants to go home - she's not having fun anymore. She just wanted to have a nice day and for them to get along but they're just trying to impress her by being big jerks.
Number 32
Phil tries the coffee... and declares it tastes fine. Ruth says that she can never resist trying something out, maybe she should just stick to what she knows and likes. Phil says that way she'll never make any new discoveries. Phil is about to head off when Ruth blurts out about the dinner function and she's so busy prattling on she doesn't hear Phil say four times that he'd love to go until he actually grabs her and says he'd love to go. He agrees to pick her up at eight and when he's gone Ruth exclaims "yes!"
Coffee Shop
Billy's sat outside when Hannah comes up and asks how the beach was. Billy says that three's a crowd before Hannah goes to get a drink. Justin comes up and wants to have a chat. He accuses Billy of trying to take Anne off him and says that if he tries he'll punch his head in. Billy doesn't bite and says that he should take a shot now. Justin says that he's been warned.
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Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2799
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Bonnie in Neighbours Episode 2799
Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Bonnie

Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2799
Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin

Ruth Wilkinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2799
Ruth Wilkinson, Helen Daniels

Justin Black, Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2799
Justin Black, Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Tim Buckley, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2799
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Tim Buckley, Helen Daniels

Tim Buckley in Neighbours Episode 2799
Tim Buckley

Anne Wilkinson, Justin Black in Neighbours Episode 2799
Anne Wilkinson, Justin Black

Lisa Elliot, Tim Buckley in Neighbours Episode 2799
Lisa Elliot, Tim Buckley

Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2799
Lisa Elliot

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Holly in Neighbours Episode 2799
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Holly

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2799
Helen Daniels

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2799
Hannah Martin

Billy Kennedy, Justin Black in Neighbours Episode 2799
Billy Kennedy, Justin Black

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2799
Anne Wilkinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2799
Susan Kennedy

Justin Black, Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2799
Justin Black, Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2799
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2799
Ruth Wilkinson

Justin Black, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2799
Justin Black, Billy Kennedy

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