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Neighbours Episode 2797 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2797
Australian airdate: 25/02/97
UK airdate: 06/08/97
UK Gold: 28/07/03
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Vicky: Kelly Sulikowski
Kelly: Rebekah Dowd
Kandii: Kristina Ellis
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jeremai
Mal punching Darren.
Libby telling Karl that it's over between her and Darren.
Mal's seemingly spent the night in the Ute and gets out, stretching his legs. Doesn't look like he did much sleeping though.
Karl gets up to find Libby making coffee. Karl says that Mal didn't come home last night and Libby remarks that maybe he needs to be alone. Karl offers to be there if she needs someone but he's worried about Mal - whenever he calls the brick mobile it rings off. He goes to try again.
Mal's sat in the Ute, staring out across the waves. When the brick mobile rings he cancels the call.
Harold and Madge are packing, talking about the fact that come tomorrow they'll be in another state, starting a new life. Madge tells him that Charlene won't believe it's really him until she sees him get off the plane. Madge is just finishing packing a bag and Harold sits on the case while she zips it up. He suggests they do something, maybe go for a drive. To the beach where he disappeared. Madge isn't sure, some bad memories are there. But it's important to Harold so she eventually agrees. But she's hanging onto him tightly.
Toadie is telling a couple of girls that when the boss is away the Coffee Shop is all his and if they're game then tonight they will be lavished with attention and free food. Toadie and Lance score themselves a couple of dates and the girls head off.
VICKY: He's kinda cute.
KELLY: Which one?
VICKY: The geeky one.
KELLY: Which one's that?
Toadie reckons they're in, but Lance isn't so sure...
Coffee Shop
Darren orders a coffee just as Karl walks in.
MAL: Darren alright?
KARL: Well I suppose if you call 'missing' alright, then yes.
DARREN: Where is he?
KARL: I don't know, that's why they call it missing!
Karl says he's really done it this time but Darren feigns ignorance. Karl says that he'd started to believe that Darren was a decent guy but he was right all along. He warns Darren to stay away from his family.
Madge and Harold are walking along the sand but Harold isn't remembering anything. He suggests going over to the point but Madge freaks. She says that the whole place is full of bad memories; she waited on this beach and he never came back. Harold tells her to go and wait in the car or get them an ice cream, telling her it's important for him to be here. Reluctantly she leaves him alone, staring out at the crashing waves.
Coffee Shop
Darren looks up as Libby walks in. She says that she has something to say then she's leaving. She reveals that she knows about the kiss and if that wasn't bad enough, he lied to her. Darren says that it meant nothing and it was just a kiss. His protests that he doesn't even like Cath don't get him anywhere, and when he gets to his feet Libby backs away from him. Darren now admits to an attraction but says it's over and he loves Libby. She won't accept his word that it won't happen again. He's betrayed her and it's over.
Madge comes back with the ice creams and can't see Harold anywhere. She races down to the beach in a panic, calling out for him. She goes to the point where she lost him and is relieved to see him standing on the rocks at the point where she last saw him. He says he knew that was where it was and apologises for worrying her.
Coffee Shop
Debbie has just broken the bad news to Toadie that he's not locking up tonight. He's taking it to heart and can't understand what the problem is. Debbie says there isn't one, he just doesn't have to lock up every night. After once again telling Lance he's on the wrong side of the counter she wonders why he's always hanging out given he doesn't work there. He repeats that he wants to and if she sees him often enough...
Debbie wonders why the sudden urge to work late but Toadie says it's nothing and when she's gone tells Lance that they need to find the girls and call off the date. Quickly.
Libby comes home and finds Mal there. She warns him that he'd better brace himself for some interrogating, as she came home Karl was pulling up. Karl comes in and is relieved to see Mal's home and safe. Mal says he needed time to himself and apologises for not answering his phone. Karl says he knows what happened and if anyone should be staying away from home it's Darren. Mal doesn't want to talk about Darren but Karl thinks they should. Mal snaps that he doesn't want his help which cuts Karl to the quick.
Karl talks to Libby and she confirms that she's spoken to Darren. He starts to go off about how Darren most likely tried to defend himself but like her brother, Lib doesn't want to talk about it.
Coffee Shop
Lance is on the wrong side of the counter (again) bemoaning the fact that they couldn't get hold of the two girls to call off the date. Lance suggests waiting outside and when they get there he can say Toadie was in an accident and the date's off.
Debbie comes back and tells Toadie to get back to work and Lance to get back around the counter. She then tells Toadie that Lou wants Debbie to deliver some food for the buck's party so Toadie's locking up after all. She's got a bad feeling about giving him all the responsibility and says he'd better not lock up early.
TOADIE: As if I would do that to you!
DEBBIE: Never underestimate the suspicion of your boss.
Toadie and Lance are thrilled the date is back on, but Lance is worried that Debbie is going to find out.
Karl wants to talk to Mal about it all but he doesn't want to. As Karl walks away Mal says that Darren was supposed to be his friend. Karl can't understand what Mal's going through but he has been hurt by someone. Karl understands Mal shutting down, it can't be easy talking to his father about stuff like this. Mal says it's not that, but won't say what it really is. Partly 'cause he doesn't know.
Coffee Shop
The girls have turned up and want to know why, if Toadie runs the place, is he in the kitchen. Lance says that every now and then he likes to make like a worker and get his hands dirty. The girls seem to buy this and want some food, so Lance goes into the kitchen. Toadie says he can't hurry Debbie on, she was supposed to leave half an hour ago.
Debbie comes into the kitchen, finally ready to go. She picks up the food and the keys and Toadie falls over himself to help her leave. Once they're alone he goes over to the girls, offering them milkshakes and pizzas.
Harold hopes Lou is standing by his word and Madge reassures him that he'll have a good time. Harold would much prefer to spend his last night in Erinsborough with her but Madge says they've got the rest of their lives together - this time tomorrow they'll be in Brisbane. Harold says he's sure it'll be a lovely place and Madge says she loves it.
Madge checks that he's OK with the move and he admits that Erinsborough feels like home, their home, and Madge agrees. Harold asks what happens if they miss their Erinsborough life when they're up there and they agree to leave their options open.
Coffee Shop
Toadie's regaling Vicky with tales of his misdemeanours, saying when you have charm you can get away with anything. Vicky calls Kelly and Lance over to hear some more, and as Toadie thinks of one, who do we see in the background but dear old Debbie.
Toadie starts to tell them the story about the girl who was there earlier, and how one day she was really annoying him so he got Lance to call in a fake pizza order. The music is cut off and the four turn around to see "the girl" standing there. Debbie says she forgot the salad and when she saw the lights on she thought it would be more interesting to come in through the back and see what he was up to. Saying that the girls and Lance won't want to witness it, she takes him through to the kitchen.
Lou's Place
Mal is playing pool by himself as Darren comes in. Mal ignores him as Darren tries to talk to him about what happened. He accepts that the friendship is over but he needs to explain a few things. That kiss was the first and only time something happened. It wasn't an affair and it meant nothing to both of them. Mal replies that it meant something to him and to Libby. Darren was a friend but Darren sees it as one mistake. He wants to forget it and move on, but Mal says neither he nor Libby will forgive him and he wants him out of his life.
Ramsay Street
Harold and Madge are heading to their parties, Harold wondering if he should bring a bottle of wine. Madge laughs that he doesn't drink but Harold doesn't want to be seen as a party pooper.
Parked in the street is a white van, and a scantily-clad woman asks them which house is number 26. Madge points to the Martin household and confirms that's the house she wants. Harold remarks on the Arabian outfit the woman was wearing, Madge replies that it's appropriate for a belly dancer. Harold's fuming at Lou's apparent betrayal. Madge invites him over to Susan's to have a nice and quiet night, but Harold's got a few things he wants to say to Lou first. And they're not things that should be witnessed by a lady.
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 in Neighbours Episode 2797

Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Malcolm Kennedy

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2797
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly (1997), Vicky in Neighbours Episode 2797
Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Kelly (1997), Vicky

Kelly (1997), Vicky in Neighbours Episode 2797
Kelly (1997), Vicky

Darren Stark, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Darren Stark, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2797
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Libby Kennedy

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2797
Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2797
Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2797
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2797
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2797
Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson

Debbie Martin, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2797
Debbie Martin, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Vicky, Debbie Martin, Kelly (1997), Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2797
Toadie Rebecchi, Vicky, Debbie Martin, Kelly (1997), Lance Wilkinson

Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2797
Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Kandii in Neighbours Episode 2797
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Kandii

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