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Neighbours Episode 2793 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2793
Australian airdate: 19/02/97
UK airdate: 31/07/97
UK Gold: 22/07/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jeremai
Cath tells Sarah that she fancies Darren
Lance tells Hannah about the conversation he overheard between Susan and Lisa
Number 32
Hannah is telling Anne about the conversation and laying into Susan for interfering in an out-of-school event. Hannah suggests talking to Lisa and then realises that Anne's not really listening. Anne admits that she's thinking about a guy. Hannah assumes it's Billy but Anne corrects her. It's actually Justin, a boy from her old school. The two of them liked each other but it's only now that she's moved schools that Justin makes a move. Hannah wonders what happened with Billy, Anne replies that he's not done anything so she's obviously been wasting her time.
Bill is curled up on the couch with a blanket and is less than impressed when Mal switches on the fan. Mal's hot, Billy's freezing and Susan's a bit worried. She notices he's a bit pale and comments on his lack of appetite. She suggests he have an early night and see how he is in the morning, maybe take the day off school if need be. Mal can't believe how easily he seems to have scammed a day off but Susan replies that if he does stay at home he can help her plan the "Walk Against Want", working out the route and helping with publicity when he's feeling better.
Wouldn't Susan be at school tomorrow? What with her being a teacher there?
Susan goes on to say that Billy could be the Year 12 rep, she's already got Anne in mind for the Year 11 rep. Billy's less than enthusiastic about the whole thing, leading Mal to joke that he must be sick. Billy tells Mal that Anne's keen but he's not ready to rush into anything given what happened with Melissa. Mal says he doesn't seem keen at all.
BILLY: Hello, I'm Year Twelve, I don't have a social life.
Billy then asks why Mal hasn't seen Cath recently and wonders if she's come to her senses. Mal replies that a couple doesn't need to hang off each other 24/7 and that Cath is constantly thinking of him.
MAL: And at night she has mad passionate dreams about me.
BILLY: They're called nightmares.
Number 30
Sarah's talking about sprucing up the décor of the house by putting up photo rails and the like so they can hang prints. Cath and Lisa are very unenthused by the whole thing but Sarah's going ahead and will call the agent tomorrow.
CATH: (after there's a knock on the door) That'll be the renovators now.
Cath suggests that Sarah call one of those TV shows and get them to do it for free. Sarah's taken with the idea, even though Cath was joking. It's Making Mansions seven years earlier.
Lisa answers the door to Hannah who bluntly asks if Lisa dropped her from the team because of Susan. Lisa replies that Susan did say something about her not socialising too much with her students and that's what led to the change of mind. Which she so didn't, but we'll let it go. Hannah thanks Lisa for being honest with her.
Hannah asks Anne if she's going to go out with Justin or not, but she's not decided yet. Susan comes up and asks if Anne wants to be the Year 11 rep for the "Walk Against Want", be a good way for her to get involved in school life seeing as she's new. Anne agrees and Susan walks off.
ANNE: How did I get talked into that?
HANNAH: That's easy. She doesn't ask you, she just pushes you right into it.
Hannah's not impressed as to how Susan's pushed Anne and Lisa around and takes off after Susan and asks her why she made Lisa drop her from the netball team. Susan's lost at first until she realises and says that she was talking about becoming over-familiar with the students, and a bit of social sport is fine. Susan says she'll look into it.
Number 30
Sarah gets off the phone, the agent has agreed to her putting up a picture rail. Cath quips that this must be the most important day in Sarah's life. Sarah says all it'll cost them is the raw materials, but that's not the catch. The catch is the local handyman will be installing it. Cath freaks that it's Darren but Sarah replies it's Mal who will be doing the job.
CATH: It'll be nice to have him wandering around the house in his cute working gear.
SARAH: As opposed to having someone else wander around the house in his cute working gear.
Cath's protestations that she has it all under control don't go very far with Sarah.
Anne's complaining to Hannah that she hates fundraising, and on top of that she'll have to spend time with Billy. Hannah says that she likes Billy so what's the problem? The problem is that she doesn't know how Billy feels, but she knows Justin likes her. And she likes Justin. Only not as much as she likes Billy. Hannah suggests she ask.
ANNE: What am I supposed to say? 'Duh, do you like me?'
HANNAH: Well, maybe not 'duh'.
Hannah says one of them has to make the first move.
Lib and Darren are working on the bus while Mal's on the mobile. I can tell that because even though he's in the background I can still see the phone. Libby comments that it'll look good when it's finished and Darren says he wishes the pay packet won't look as good, thanks to Mal's discount!
Mal comes over and says he's scored the perfect job - putting up picture rails. The idea of perfection is lost on Darren until Mal explains it's for next door. That would be Cath's place next door. Darren says that it'll be a one man job and the money wouldn't be worth splitting so Mal should take it. Mal can't understand why Darren's passing up easy money and neither can Lib.
Coffee Shop
Susan's talking to Lisa about what she did; she's taken the suggestion to the extreme! Lisa wondered that but she thought it better to err on the side of caution and realises that you should just pick your moments. Susan comments that according to the opinion poll she's the school witch and Hannah thinks that she's trying to control everyone's lives. Susan wishes she'd never taken the position and Lisa says that it's just a case of the students getting used to her having new responsibilities. Lisa invites Susan to cheer them on at the match.
LISA: Show everyone your fun side.
SUSAN: I'll see if I can get it out of storage.
Billy's curled up on the couch and not best pleased when he's disturbed by a knock on the door. He's obviously over the cold flush and into the hot as he's in his boxers, shirt hanging open, and he's got the fan on. So naturally when he opens the door it's to Anne. She says that Susan's roped her into the "Walk Against Want" and she was thinking they could do some work together over lunch. Billy's a little taken aback seeing as he's ill, but he's not contagious... Anne offers to go but Billy quickly stops her, it'd be nice for the company.
ANNE: Yeah, we'd be good together.
As in working together. On the project. She means. Anne quickly admits that she didn't come to talk about the project, she wants to know what's going on with them. Bill says it feels like they're good friends. Close friends. As a start. He says that's good enough for now and it was not the answer Anne was hoping to get.
School grounds
Lisa and Hannah are talking about what Susan said and Lisa admits she took it too literally. Hannah wonders if this means she can play tomorrow but Lisa admits that she's already promised Libby the spot. Lisa asks what position Hannah plays (wouldn't this have been something she'd have needed to know before?) and suggests that Hannah come down anyway as their Centre player has a dodgy knee and who knows...?
Mal's heading off to get the measurements for the picture rail and asks Darren if he wants in. When Darren turns him down, Lib wants to know why he was keen when he thought the job was at Phil's but then not so keen when he realised it was at Cath's. Darren says that he can't stand being around Cath. Lib assumes it's because of the driving lessons. He says she drives him crazy but Lib reckons he's overreacting. Darren says that Cath was pretty mad so maybe time out would be good for her. Libby remarks that Cath should have calmed down by now and Darren snaps that she doesn't need to go on about it. He can't stand the girl. End of story.
Number 30
Sarah asks Mal how long it'll take and he remarks that as they're not footing the labour bill he could stretch it to a couple of weeks? Of course, he'd get it done sooner with Darren's help. Cath asks why he would want Darren involved - he gets more money this way. Sarah covers, saying that Cath just wants him all to herself.
When Mal's gone Sarah has a go at Cath for her attitude and tells her that she needs to sort out this thing with Darren.
School netball court
Libby arrives and she and Lisa discuss the position she'll be playing. The girls talk about the thing between Darren and Cath and Lisa suggests she go talk to Darren, giving Hannah her chance at the game.
Billy's slowly dying on the couch so Mal winds him up. Billy admits to stuffing things up with Anne and explains what happened. He can't believe he told Anne he only wanted to be friends. He wanted to say that he wanted to take things slowly. Mal suggests that he tell Anne that he was delirious and that he should make a move before Anne gets snapped up by someone else.
School netball court
Susan and Jo cheer on the team as Hannah and Lisa help the team score another goal. Lisa tells Hannah she looks exhausted and she should sit out this quarter to catch her breath. When she comes off the court Susan enthuses as to how well she's doing. Hannah goes over to Anne who says that Billy just wants to be friends so she'll go out with Justin. Billy's made himself clear so she needs to move on.
Number 30
Libby's quizzing Cath over the thing between her and Darren. She knows there's more to it than the driving lessons. Cath says that it's a personality clash but Libby asks that she try and sort it out because Darren can't afford to keep giving up work because of it. Cath makes the "something on the stove" excuse (and Sarah's sat right there!) and so Libby leaves. Sarah tells Cath to talk to Darren and get it sorted before people really start asking questions.
Number 22
Cath's telling Darren that she thought it would be best if they stayed away from each other... which is what Darren thought they were doing. Cath points out that it's making people suspicious and so he should do the renovations at number 30, that way people won't think there's a problem.
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Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2793
Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2793
Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Lisa Elliot, Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O
Lisa Elliot, Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O'Brien

Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2793
Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot

Susan Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2793
Susan Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O
Sarah Beaumont, Catherine O'Brien

Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2793
Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2793
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2793
Susan Kennedy, Lisa Elliot

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2793
Susan Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2793
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2793
Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2793
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Malcolm Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Libby Kennedy, Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot in Neighbours Episode 2793
Libby Kennedy, Hannah Martin, Lisa Elliot

Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2793
Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Joanna Hartman, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2793
Susan Kennedy, Joanna Hartman, Anne Wilkinson

Lisa Elliot, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2793
Lisa Elliot, Hannah Martin

Sarah Beaumont, Libby Kennedy, Catherine O
Sarah Beaumont, Libby Kennedy, Catherine O'Brien

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2793
Darren Stark

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien

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