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Neighbours Episode 2792 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2792
Australian airdate: 18/02/97
UK airdate: 30/07/97
UK Gold: 21/07/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Sally: Anna Pinkus
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Lou telling Toadie he wants a word.
Phil being chased by the dog.
I so did not notice last episode that Phil actually dived through the car window to get in. That's kinda cool.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Lou lays into Toadie for calling the cops. Toadie says he wasn't trying to dob him in and says that it did look a bit suss. Lou says him paying cash is just how he does business and it happened at the back of the pub 'cause that's where it happened.
LOU: What would you rather I did? Have it lowered to the ground by helicopter?
Toadie apologises and says if there's anything he can do… There's that glint in Lou's eye again.
Inside the Coffee Shop
Debbie's watching the two men and is willing Lou to either flatten Toadie now or let him come back in and finish his shift. She notices that Lance is busy watching too and reminds him that he offered to fill in for Toadie. So that includes cleaning the tiles. Lisa finally manages to get Debbie's attention back and asks her about the netball game. Debbie says that with the business she barely has time to turn around.
Toadie finally comes in and Debbie says that he's paid to work, not have arguments. Toadie retorts that it was hardly his fault and isn't impressed when Debbie adds the five minutes that he spent outside on to the end of his shift. Debbie realises that Phil's not back yet and wonders how long it takes to deliver one pizza.
Customer's house
The dog has had enough of barking at Phil and is now trying to nose its way into the pizza bag. Phil's attempts to get out of the car are met with yet more barking. The dog gets the pizza out of the bag and trots off happily with it, Phil quickly gets out of the car to grab it, heading back to the car when the dog makes a quick return.
Coffee Shop
Debbie's telling Jo all about the issues with Toadie and Phil's disappearing act. Finally Phil walks in and says he got attacked by a beast of a dog and while Jo is concerned for Phil, all Debbie asks is if he delivered the pizza. Phil admits that he dropped the bag and Debbie isn't happy to see the damage done to it. She says that the guy has been on the phone wondering where his food is, and Phil replies that if he keeps a dog like that loose in his yard then he'll have to get used to missing out on food deliveries. Jo sides with Phil but Debbie wonders why Phil didn't call her, she could have called the customer and asked him to lock up the dog.
I'd have thought the barking would have been a big clue myself.
Debbie tells Phil that he'll have to call and apologise but Phil decides he's had enough and storms into the kitchen, taking off his work shirt and putting his own back on. He tells Debbie that if she doesn't care about her staff's safety then maybe she should do it herself – gain a bit of perspective in the matter.
Ramsay Street
Toadie's complaining to Lance about having to deal with not only Lou but Debbie's foul mood too. Karl apologises, saying that he didn't know Lou didn't know. Karl says at the end of the day he did get Lou into trouble with the cops when he'd done nothing wrong. Toadie says that he was just trying to help Phil and Ruth out but if this is what being helpful gets you see if he does it again in a hurry.
Karl asks how Lou is going to make him pay "big time" and Toadie says that's a pleasure that awaits him.
Hannah asks if Phil will be going back to the Coffee Shop later.
PHIL: Not unless Debbie has a complete change of attitude.
So… no then. Phil says Debbie will scare off all the staff and Hannah says that Mrs Kennedy will be scaring off all the students if she keeps going the way that she is. She reckons that the power has gone right to her head. Phil wants Hannah to have a bit more respect for her teacher.
HANNAH: You've been complaining ever since you got home but the second I start you have a go at me. That's so unfair!
PHIL: Good point.
HANNAH: So can I let rip?
He says he shouldn't be complaining about Debbie. She's the boss and her mistakes are her mistakes, hopefully she'll learn from them. He says that he might head down later and apologise – maybe Hannah should apologise to Mrs K for wagging, lying and getting Lisa into trouble. Hannah points out that even Phil thought she was overreacting but Phil says that she doesn't want this hanging over her and she certainly doesn't want to be making life difficult for herself.
Coffee Shop
Jo's been helping out and Debbie thanks her profusely, saying that she'll never forgive Phil for walking out on her. Jo says that she's not sure Phil was the one in the wrong. She calls her on how she treated Phil – he was attacked by a dog doing her a favour. Debbie says that it's a business, they can't let one barking dog get in their way.
JO: Fine, it's a business. But you can't go around rubbing people up the wrong way. If you do that we could lose the Coffee Shop and then I lose my investment. Lift your game, Debbie, before it's too late.
Karl is bringing Susan up to date on the Toadie / Lou situation and Susan finds it somewhat funny that Lou was nearly carted off by the Taxation Department and the police in the same day.
SUSAN: He was just trying to do the right thing.
KARL: (mock balancing with his hands) Toadie, right thing, Toadie, right thing. No, they are mutually exclusive I'm afraid.
He gets up off the couch to answer the door to Hannah who asks to speak to Susan. Karl makes a tactful exit and Hannah apologises for her behaviour and promises it'll never happen again. Susan agrees to wipe the slate clean and forget about the whole thing. Susan asks if the sale was any good and Hannah admits that it wasn't what they thought it would be.
Phil brings the TV back over and Lou says he doesn't have the cash to pay him back just yet. Phil says it's OK and makes a quick exit. Karl says that Lou has his support in whatever punishment he's got lined up for Toadie and Lou thanks him for his support. Lou says he needs to pick up some accounts from the pub – maybe he could get Toadie to baby-sit as a start to paying off the debt. Karl wonders if Lou's deranged, leaving Toadie in charge of Lolly. Lou says that he'll ensure they don't leave the house and Lolly adores Toadie. It's only the beginning – Toadie will be doing chores for Lou for the rest of the year.
Ramsay Street
Hannah, Lance and Toadie are playing basketball when Phil calls her over. He says that Lisa is one short for her netball team the next day. Hannah offers her services and Lisa accepts.
Karl interrupts the game, telling Toadie that Lou requires his services. He takes the basketball off him and after slam dunking it in, throws it at Toadie who catches it badly, complaining about his hand.
Lou's Place
Debbie comes in looking for Jo. She says she's thought about what she said and knows she's been over-reacting. Debbie assures Jo that her investment is safe and apologises for being a pain. Jo says that compared to Phil she got off lightly.
Toadie's objecting to the babysitting gig, saying that he can't be trusted with kids, he's completely hopeless.
LOU: There's two very good reasons why this time will be different. One, I don't have any other choice, all my other babysitters are tied up.
TOADIE: Yeah, that's OK. What's the second?
LOU: I'm glad you asked that, now listen carefully. If anything happens to my daughter that doesn't please me, your life won't be worth living. Because I will extract long, slow, excruciatingly painful revenge on you.
Toadie quickly agrees to the task.
Debbie's apologising to Phil saying she went over the top, the pressure just got to her. They agree to start again and hug.
Lou says that he shouldn't be too long but he knows that Louise is in good hands. As they're talking in the kitchen, Lolly is attracted to the bright flashes by the new TV that Lou set up earlier. Toadie wonders what the noise is and turns around to see smoke and sparks coming out of the back of the set. He races across the room, jumping off the table to the plug which he yanks out of the wall before Lolly can get any closer.
Ramsay Street
Susan calls out to Phil and tells him that Hannah came to see her. She wonders if Phil had anything to do with it and she thanks him for the gesture. She apologises for going off at the deep end, it's the pressure of the new job. As Phil and Debbie head off to the Coffee Shop she spots Lisa coming home with her shopping. She apologises for having to put the business with Hannah and Anne on her report. Susan admits when she first started teaching she was caught between trying to be a good teacher and having the kids like her. She assures Lisa that it gets easier to find the right balance between being their teacher and being likeable, but it pays to keep some distance.
Karl is tending to Toadie's hand and tells him to keep an eye on it. Toadie is bemoaning the fact that first it was the basketball, now this. Karl tells him to stop complaining but Lou doesn't care what he does – if he'd not grabbed the plug God only knows what could have happened. After all the fuss about the TV it turned out to be dodgy after all.
LOU: Mate, I take back all the things I ever said about you.
TOADIE: What? Even the good things?
He just saved Lolly's life and he'll be forever grateful.
Customer's house
Phil's delivering a pizza, telling the world's smallest dog to "get" as it ambles across to him! He knocks on the door and it's answered by a woman dressed to impressed – but she doesn't seem impressed with her delivery boy! She asks why they can't have young ones like everyone else.
WOMAN: Like the ones on TV.
I ask myself this question so many times. She closes the door on Phil who calmly knocks and tells her that she forgot her pizza.
Lisa turns up and Hannah excitedly tells her that she's been practicing and that Phil is going to buy her a new skirt for it. Lisa interrupts her and says that something's come up and that they won't be needing her. Hannah asks if they've found someone else, and Lisa admits that they haven't as yet. Hannah wonders what's wrong and Lisa says it's hard to explain and complicated – just one of those things.
Coffee Shop
Phil's telling Debbie about the Mrs Robinson wannabe and jokes that between dogs and propositions pizza delivery boys should get danger money. Debbie says she's got a four seasons pizza to go to Anson's Corner and Phil says he'll have to risk it.
Lance asks if Hannah's looking forward to the game and she admits that she's not playing anymore. Lisa dropped her and she doesn't know why. Lance says he might know – she could be doing it to get into Susan's good books. Lance tells her about the conversation he overheard between Susan and Lisa. He didn't catch it all but it sounded like Lisa isn't allowed to be Hannah's friend, teachers and students mixing outside of school. Hannah's fuming at Susan's hypocrisy after she went and apologised. Hannah declares that Susan's going to be sorry she stuck her nose into her private life where it doesn't belong.
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