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Neighbours Episode 2592 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2592
Australian airdate: 16/04/96
UK airdate: 21/10/96
UK Gold: 09/10/02
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Casey Walker: Gareth Wilding-Forbes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells Luke he'll support him through his cancer, but Luke would rather go it alone.
- Melissa and George make up their row over Billy.
- Toadie runs down the street naked on a dare - straight into into Angie and the Kennedys.
Angie demands an explanation and Toadie says he was just going for a swim(!) But they finally confess they were playing Truth or Dare. Angie is not impressed, and everyone decides to leave them to it.
When Toadie has gone, Angie and Stonie dissolve into giggles.
Susan is grilling Billy about the Truth or Dare while trying not to laugh.
KARL:(crossly) You know what I think?! I think that Toadfish...(amiably) is a very brave young man, there's quite a chill in the air(!)
This is quite a reasonable reaction from Karl! They all giggle at the night's events.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Mal asks Stonie how his holiday was. He says it helped him get over Cody's funeral a bit.
MAL: How was the funeral?
STONIE: It was pretty final.
Mal changes the subject to the state of the car and says they'll soon be up and running. Angie comes in and suggests getting the chocolate factory to make a line of endangered animals.
Toadie, George, Melissa and Billy are hanging out. Apparently Karl has taken Susan down to the surgery to be his receptionist for the day. Toadie suggests another game of Truth or Dare but Billy would rather go to Luna Park. Melissa suggests that Toadie and George go - she wants to hang out with Billy for a bit. When they've gone, she goes to put her arm around Billy, but he says he doesn't want to risk someone coming home and catching them. She is not happy and storms off.
Susan is very reluctant to be Karl's receptionist, but has no choice as his previous receptionist has quit. Karl really misses Cody.
SUSAN:(wistfully) She really was quite something, wasn't she?
KARL: She was a one- off.
He looks around the surgery.
KARL: This has not been a happy hunting ground lately. At least as far as the young people round this place are concerned.
Susan looks at him.
SUSAN: There is something, isn't there, Karl? It's why you didn't get mad at Toadie for streaking. Tell me. Talk to me. What's a wife for?
KARL: Every now and again, things hapen to people, things I can't help. I feel inadequate, I feel like I'm letting them down. And then things happen to people I know, and...it's a hundred times worse.
SUSAN: What is it, darling? Can't you tell me?
KARL: Someone we know, someone very young, has cancer.
Luna Park
Toadie and George are enjoying the rides (over a musical montage) George thinks Melissa is ready to "get serious" with Billy.
Oncologist Office
Casey, the oncologist tells Luke all about his cancer. That it's the second most treatable cancer - with a 60- 80% success rate. The odds are good. Luke is still very upset, saying he doesn't have any symptoms other than the lump on his neck. He's clearly in denial.
Billy is brooding about Melissa when Libby comes in. He tells her Melissa has been acting really weird lately. Libby says he should tell Melissa he loves her more often, and asks if he likes George. He isn't sure how he feels about George. Libby tells him to get his head straight, fast.
Oncologist Office
Casey has examined Luke and he only has the one lump - the one on his neck. Unfortunately, they can't just operate on the lump.
LUKE: There must be something you can do!
CASEY: There's lots we can do, but you have to prepare yourself for a long haul. It could take several months. Now, I've got to schedule three tests. A blood test, a bone marrow biopsy, and a CT scan, which I'd like to schedule first thing in the morning. I'm afraid you'll have to go without your breakfast for that one.
LUKE: OK...let's just assume I really do have this. You said before that my chances of a cure, of control, are in my favour. So what do we have to do?
CASEY: Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or both.
LUKE:(shocked) Chemo? But that's...that's the one that does crazy stuff to your body. Like, you lose all your hair, don't you?
CASEY: Let's not look too far ahead. One step at a time, one day at a time. Starting with today.
Billy and Melissa are talking. Melissa apologises for being so full- on, but she's still upset about George. He admits that he likes George, but that Melissa wasn't losing him.
BILLY: We're the same. Same as always.
MELISSA:(hugging him) That's what I wanted to hear!
He does not look convinced.
Luke has been in to see Karl and is just leaving. Susan realises it was Luke that Karl was talking about earlier. When Luke has gone, Karl admits that he had to get Susan in today so he didn't have to break his oath in talking to her about it.
KARL: Medical ethics would have it that I can't discuss his case with anyone, but you're my wife for heaven's sake what do they expect? I should be able to talk to you about anything. I mean, it's not as if you're going to pin it up on the school notice board! You know, he's only a few years old than our own kids.
SUSAN: Yeah, I know. And I know that life would be a lot simpler if all your patients could be stranger. You should have come to me way before this! Some things are just too big to handle on your own.
KARL: Try telling that to Luke! As of right now, you are only the second friend he has that knows what he's dealing with.
SUSAN: He hasn't told anybody?!
KARL: No, he doesn't plan to either, he thinks he can go it alone!
SUSAN: Oh, well that is just crazy! He's going to need his friends...how does he think he's going to cope by himself?!
KARL: I don't know. But, as of now, we are in the same boat! Because neither of us can discuss this with anyone.
Luna Park
Toadie and George are on the Big Wheel. They share candy floss and chips and Toadie tells George she is really cool.
TOADIE: George...what would you do...if I kissed you?
GEORGE: Well, the second thing I'd do would be to give you my fairy floss.
TOADIE: Why the fairy floss?
GEORGE: Well, because the first thing I'd do would be to belt you in the mouth, and it'd be the only thing you could eat!
TOADIE: Oh. So I guess you don't want me kssing you then(!)
GEORGE: Toadie...don't spoil a terrific friendship by trying to turn it into love.
TOADIE: Yeah, I guess you're right. But hey, I'm a guy, you can't blame me for trying, can you?!
GEORGE: You're a dag, Toadie!
Karl and Susan arrive home. Libby is on the phone to Rupert, who has promised her tickets to a concert if she helps him with some study.
Mal comes in and Karl offers to help him to work on the car. Mal would rather wait for Grandpa Tom to get back, so Karl goes off, dejectedly.
No.24 (evening)
Luke is in the bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror. Casey's words from earlier are ringing in his ears.
He picks up a scissors and slowly starts chopping at his hair. He moves on to using a razor, and before long, Luke is bald - his hair a mop of curls, fallen in the sink.
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