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Neighbours Episode 2522 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2522
Australian airdate: 21/11/95
UK airdate: 15/07/96
UK Gold: 02/07/02
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Colette Mann
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Linda Carpenter: Regina Gaigalas
Lance Hails: Andrew Bibby
Scott: Scott Kelleher
Rachael: Mumbi Kaigwa
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Kate tells Karl not to judge her, saying he doesn't know her.
- Brett and Susan arrive in Africa. It seems Brett has got the wrong suitcase - he's got the one full of baby clothes for Lolly!
- Sam tells Phil that Luke isn't down the coast. Phil doesn't understand why Jen would lie.
Phil comes looking for Luke.
PHIL: What the hell do you think you're doing?!
LUKE: I need to be left alone.
PHIL: Jen is really upset about you! She's quit her exams to go looking for you!
LUKE: She shouldn't have worried.
PHIL: How could she *not* worry?! You're supposed to be in Japan, acting like an adult! Suddenly we find you're back here! Why didn't you let us know?!
LUKE: Like you say, Philip, I'm an adult. I don't need to inform anyone of my whereabouts.
PHIL: You should stop thinking about yourself for a change, pal! Unless this is what you want?! To be here on your own, no- one caring about what happens to you! You set the precedent, Luke, you're going to end up a very lonely young man!
LUKE: So?! What's it to you?! Why are you so upset, Phil?!
PHIL: Jen...called. She told me she was with you.
LUKE: Well, then. Seems I'm not the only one deceiving people, am I?! I thought you and Jen were doing alright.
PHIL: So did I. Finding you here proves that wrong.
LUKE: And you didn't know before?
PHIL: She seemed happy enough a week ago.
LUKE: Well, that's Jen for you. She hides her problems better than most people.
PHIL: How can I help her if I don't know what's upsetting her?!
LUKE: I'm not a counsellor, Phil! All I know is, I want to be left alone right now. Maybe Jen does too.
PHIL: What, you're going to stay here?!
LUKE: I'll find somewhere soon. Youth hostel or something.
PHIL: You'd better come home with us, I'm sure Helen won't mind...
LUKE: Thanks, but no thanks! I'll be fine. I really just need to be left alone.
Coffee Shop
Kate apologises to Karl for jumping down his throat last night. She says he was just being caring, but she wasn't ready to answer his questions. She explains that her family are very protective of her. She wanted to make the most of the time she had left, so she left. Karl tells her he understands, but thinks Kate should call her family: her mother must be suffering terribly not knowing where she is. She concedes that Karl is right, and agrees to think about calling her mother.
Cheryl is worried about Brett being in Africa with the wrong suitcase. Lou says they can always top up his credit card so he can buy new clothes.
Lou signs for a large parcel. It's the portrait of Lou.
LOU: I don't get it. Who would pay $7000 for a painting, and then give it away?!
Hannah gives Zoe her letter for Lance. She promises to deliver it.
Phil comes in and tells Helen that he's found Luke in Erinsborough - living in the old bus. He doesn't know why Jen lied to him. Hannah looks a bit worried and goes out, saying she has to catch up with Zoe.
Libby and Sonny come in. Billy is making a candleholder and Sonny admires it. He offers Billy some advice on sanding. Billy is angry that Libby has told Sonny about his dyslexia.
Susan meets Rachel from WorldVision. She is going to be their chaperone to go to her village. Brett comes up, ranting about his missing clothes. Susan introduces him and they discuss his luggage. Rachel suggests they do some shopping in the city.
Brett writes a postcard to Libby, saying that things aren't working out like he thought.
Rachel, Susan and Brett walk through some African stalls. Brett is not enjoying himself, still upset about his luggage.
Coffee Shop
Hannah finds Zoe and tells her that the letter is all wrong - she needs to talk to Lance in person instead. She asks for the letter back, but Zoe has already delivered it.
Phil is on the phone to Jen. He doesn't tell her about Luke. Helen warns him that he shouldn't play games.
HELEN: I'm sure she will come back, Philip.
PHIL: Then she'd better make it sooner, otherwise she might find she's not welcome.
HELEN: You don't mean that.
PHIL: Yeah, I think I do.
They wonder what to do about Luke. Phil says the Handleys are determined to do their own thing without any help from them.
Coffee Shop
Hannah is talking to Lance about their break- up. Hannah says that she just didn't want to spend as much time with him so she could see her other friends too. He says he felt the same. They agree to be friends.
No.28 (evening)
Libby and Sonny come in. Sonny apologises to Billy for upsetting him before and shows him that he's brought him some tools. Billy is very hostile and Libby tells him off. Sonny asks Billy to call a truce, it is the season of goodwill, after all!
Brett is still in a foul mood. Scott from WorldVision briefs him and Susan on their upcoming study tour. He tells them that they'll be experiencing a lot of new things, and he wants them to keep a journal.
When Scott has gone, Susan takes Brett to task.
SUSAN: I realise that everything here is very different, and I realise the trip hasn't gone that well for you so far.
BRETT: You could say that. And if Mum had let me pack my own luggage...
SUSAN: Stop, just stop! It happened, you can't change it, and it doesn't matter! What you can change is what you do from now on. You can stop whinging about Cheryl, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you can start enjoying this trip! Because if you don't, Brett, you're going to ruin it for both of us!
Brett is silent.
SUSAN: Brett, take a look around! This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Loosen up! Get down! Chill out!
He finally thaws a bit.
BRETT: Yeah...it's just the culture shock, I guess.
SUSAN: You can call it what you like, I don't think there's a pill for it! Oh, come on Brett, let's forget about home and families and everything except where we are, and what we're doing right now! Alright?
BRETT: Deal.
African village
Later, Brett is watching an African dance and looking a bit overwhelmed. By the end though, he is persuaded to get up and have a dance himself and really gets into it.
Lou and Fake Cheryl are having a quiet drink and a chat. Cheryl is still worried about Brett having the wrong clothes.
There's a knock at the door and it's a woman called Linda. She informs him that she was the one who sent him the portrait.
CHERYL: Hello, I don't think we've met. I'm Cheryl.
LINDA: Nice to meet you, I'm Linda. Lou's ex- wife.
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