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Neighbours Episode 2446 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2446
Australian airdate: 04/08/1995
UK airdate: 28/03/1996
UK Gold: 15/03/2002
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Miranda Starvaggi: Leah de Niese
Betony Stanza: Veronica Leigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stonie tells Cody that he enjoyed doing the ad for Chez Chez.
Stonie tells Brett that he's not a nerd and the article has done him a favour - loads of women are after him.
Danni tells Malcolm to decide between her and Stonefish.
Number 32
Mal tells Danni he's fed up of her recently but Danni counters that Mal treats her like she's second best. Mal assures Danni that she isn't second best to anyone - she's his girl. Danni is appeased, but just then Mal goes off to a driving lesson with Stonie! She isn't pleased but Mal says he won't drop his mates for Danni.
DANNI: If you love me, you will.
MAL: If you love me, you wouldn't ask me to.
He goes off to his driving lesson.
Hannah and Miranda are discussing hot guys in a magazine and Hannah asks Helen's opinion! Miranda says she has a boyfriend but Hannah doesn't believe her. Miranda says his name is Daniel and he's in year 9 (nearly fifteen). Miranda invites Hannah over to her house for dinner so she can meet him!
Garden of the Martins
Jen is sitting quietly reading something when Phil comes up. It's a letter from Jen's aunty: her cousin Sarah has got leukaemia. She wants Sarah to test for bone marrow compatibility: no close family members match. If Jen happened to be compatible she'd have a bone marrow transplant operation. (Let's take bets on whether she's compatible!)
The Pub
Danni is moaning to Lou that Mal is taking her for granted. Lou tells Danni to get a life of her own - couples need to do their own thing too. Danni disagrees and says the two people should be enough for another.
Mal comes in and Danni isn't pleased when he said he's come because she wanted him to spend time with her. Danni said she meant time on their own. *rolls eyes*
Helen is cooking dinner when Brett comes in and admires the new decor and the new table. He shows Helen an application for artists in residence at the National Park and thinks she should apply. But Helen says she's rather a young up-and-coming artist to get it. Brett also shows her a load of faxes from girls wanting to meet him. Helen wants to read them, but Brett says he hasn't censored them yet - some contain some pretty racy stuff! Brett doesn't want to meet any of them - he says he's too scared. Helen does a deal - if Brett contacts one of the girls, she'll apply for the artist's job.
BRETT: That's blackmail!
HELEN: Yes, it is, isn't it?!
The Pub
Lou, Mal, Cody and Stonie are excited about the TV advert. They agree to meet up tonight to watch the ad and make pizzas. Lou asks Danni to work late and she isn't pleased.
Brett has rung one of the girls so tells Helen to get her application form written! He looks agitated and says he's meeting the girl in the Coffee Shop tomorrow.
HANNAH:(doubtfully) You've got a date?
Hannah says there must be something really wrong with her if even Brett Stark can get a date! She flounces off to her room.
Number 32
Lou and Mal have got some pizzas to wait for the advert with. Mal says he's worried he's shutting Danni out. Lou says that Danni's like her mother - sometimes it's easier to give in just to have a quiet life. But he warns him that the stranglehold will increase until he can hardly breathe(!) and laughs. Lou said he made a stand early with Cheryl that he wouldn't be pushed around. Mal doesn't know how much to give and how much to take!
Number 24 - kitchen
Stonie and Cody are getting some snacks together. Stonie says he's not sure about going to the premiere of his advert - everyone will laugh at him. He's worried that his reputation will be stuffed forever! Cody assures him he's still a tought guy!
Number 32
Mal and Brett have already started on the pizza when Stonie and Cody join them. Lou thinks the whole of Erinsborough is going to be watching - apparently word has spread.
They put on the TV. Just then Danni comes in.
CODY: Join the party!
DANNI: I don't need an invitation, Cody. It is my home.
She flounces off to her bedroom and Mal follows her. Mal tells her to relax and join them, but Danni says she's going to bed.
Hannah's bedroom
Phil comes to see why Hannah is still awake. She asks Phil if she's ugly, smells or has a horrible personality. Phil assures her that she hasn't. She thinks there's something wrong with her because she hasn't got a boyfriend. Phil tells her there's no hurry even though Miranda has a boyfriend! He tells her to stop worrying and not to do anything silly to compete with Miranda.
Garden of the Martins
Jen is sitting on the Miranda with Holly, thinking about her cousin Sarah. Apparently Sarah is pinning all her hopes on Jen being compatible. Jen does want to be the one to help her, but anyway, there are no guarantees. Jen explains to Phil that any operation can be risky, but she might have more complications than most.
Number 32
The advert comes on.
Stonie is in a dress and a ginger wig (to look like Cheryl) and is leaping around the pub.
STONIE: Cheryl Stark's gone STARK raving mad! Hahhhahahahahahahah!! This place! Chez Chez is cool and crazy and it's party time every night! With lie low prices and the best beer in town. And food! You want food? We got gourmet chips to die for! (throws chips). So get here, grab a bus, grab a cab, strap on your skates, get ya mother to piggy-back ya! Get your butt on down to Chez Chez for a good time had by all. We'll take good care of ya! Chez Chez - you'll love it!
Everyone is really pleased with the way the ad has turned out and they clap Stonie and laugh. Danni comes out in her dressing-gown to tell them to shut up, but she gives up and goes back to her room.
Number 32 - the following morning
Mal is cleaning up when Danni comes out and shouts at him (even though he is in the middle of cleaning up). She says she won't put up with it and says she doesn't know why she bother with him. Mal rolls his eyes.
Hannah's Bedroom
Miranda shows Hannah a love bite on her neck. She teases Hannah that she's never had a boyfriend. Hannah says she has - she's just never told Miranda about them. She says she could get a boyfriend if she wanted to. Miranda goes off to school on her own, calling Hannah a liar.
Number 32
Stonie is eating cold pizza for breakfast and says maybe he should get an agent. Danni harrasses them about cleaning up again and Stonie says she's worse than his mother. He goes off for a shower.
Danni tells Mal that they need to talk. Mal says he's not ditching Stonefish, so Danni says she thinks they should sleep in different rooms - she won't be treated like an outsider in her own home. Mal tells her that he needs more in her life than just her.
Helen tidies Hannah up for school and asks what she has on her neck. She says she's drawn a lovebite in with eyebrow pencil! She says she's trying to show Miranda she isn't better than her. Helen tells her it's not worth creating a reputation for herself. Hannah says maybe Helen has a point and goes to wash it off.
Brett is surprised by a girl putting her hands over his eyes from behind, but he can't guess. It turns out to be Betony - the girl he was meant to be meeting in the Coffee Shop. She says she couldn't wait until lunchtime to start a relationship with him. She forces herself on him for a pash!
BETONY: Your place or mine?!
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