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Neighbours Episode 2444 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2444
Australian airdate: 03/08/1995
UK airdate: 27/03/1996
UK Gold: 14/03/2002
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Billy can't understand why Blair is being so weird.
Jen is worried that Luke has outstayed his welcome.
Brett shouts at Libby for writing an article about him titled, "Essay Champ, Loser In Love"
Brett tells Libby that she's made him out to be a real loser. Libby says she was just trying to paint an honest picture of him. To Libby's shock, Brett walks out.
Libby starts to panic and doesn't really know what she's done wrong.
Blair tells Billy that they'd better get stuck itno their assignment. Billy suggest Blair comes to his place - he doesn't want to go to Blair's place because of Stacey throwing him out last time.
When Billy has gone, Stacey comes over and grills Blair on what he said to Billy.
Garden of the Robinsons
Helen is hanging out the washing and Jen is surprised to see that some of Luke's clothes have been washed too. Helen says she nearly fell over them in the bathroom(!) Jen asks Helen is Luke is being a nuisance, but Helen says he isn't. She just asks Jen to ask him to come in quietly at night in the future.
Susan wants everyone to write an article for the school magazine. Brett says there's already been enough articles written about him and the other kids tease him. Susan suggests that he writes an article on his trip to Canberra, but Brett says pointedly that he'd rather write an article on journalistic integrity! Brett tells Libby that she's ruined her life. Packo says there wasn't anything to ruin!
The Pub
Phil is asking Lou for ways to tackle Luke about coming in late at night and waking everyone up. Lou tells him to be upfront.
Cheryl gives Lou a call and he tells her about using Stonie for the TV campaign. Cheryl clearly isn't thrilled to hear this!
Youth Centre
Annalise is helping out but is still sick and is coughing. Brett comes in and sits down at a table for a sulk. Annalise has read the article so knows what he's talking about.
Libby comes in at this moment.
ANNALISE: Well, if it isn't Lois Lane herself!
Libby tells Brett that she's sorry for upsetting him, but that's what journalists do. Annalise pipes up and says that it reminds her of a piece Libby wrote about her. Libby lets slip that she did write the piece about Annalise. Annalise says she doesn't blame Brett for hating Libby, saying that Libby just uses her friends and doesn't deserve to have any.
Susan arrives home to find that Karl has taken all the food out of the cupboards and piled it on the counter. He says he's looking for rye bread and chips. Susan thinks that Mal and Danni have been borrowing food. Karl says he'll be following things up! Then he goes off to his room, leaving Susan to put all the food away!
Libby comes in looking very fed up. She tells Susan that she's stuffed up - she let slip that she wrote the article about her. Susan is surprised to hear this and says that Libby hasn't won any popularity contests. Libby still can't really see what she did wrong, but Susan tells her that she broke a confidence - she shouldn't use off-the-record stuff.
The Pub
Brett and Lou are talking about the advertising campaign. Lou and Phil talk about selling Suede Tess, but Brett suggests using her to go into breeding. Lou thinks this is a good idea.
Packo is teasing Blair, so Stacey tells her to shut her mouth. They start a fight which is broken up by Susan. Susan tells Stacey that they should have a talk.
Susan wants to know the whole story - she can't understand Stacey change in behaviour recently. Susan asks if there's a problem at home but Stacey insists there isn't. She says she'll be fine tomorrow.
Brett is walking along and sees Helen. She tells him she saw the article but doesn't think he's a sad case - she thought the article was very refreshing. Finally an article about a young man who is intelligent and sensitive! Brett says sometimes he'd like to be dangerous and crazy!
Youth Centre
Brett is feeling a bit better about the article. Libby comes in to apologise to both Brett and Annalise - in the future she won't write anything off the record. But both Annalise and Brett refuse to accept her apology. Libby shows Brett some faxes that have come into the Erinsborough news - all from girls who want to meet him! Apparently they think Brett sounds like a FSNAG - Fascinating, Sensitive, New Age Guy!
Libby and Brett are friends again(!) and are reading through Brett's faxes. Karl is surprised to hear about Brett's new-found popularity! He says he might give one of them a ring.
The Pub
Jen tells Phil that she'll sort Luke out. Lou is excited about the breeding idea. Phil is fed up - he's just had a letter from Colin Taylor saying that he's coming home - full of ideas of how to improve the newsagency. He'd been hoping that Colin was gone for good! Jen says Phil could just tell Colin he's not needed, but Phil says it's not that simple!
Billy and Blair are working on their assignment. Susan asks Blair is everything is OK at home and he says it is.
When Blair has gone, Karl calls a family meeting (Mal isn't there). Karl asks about food missing from the cupboards. Suddenly Billy gets up - Blair has left his pencil case behind.
Ramsay Street
Billy runs after Blair and accidentally knocks his bag off his arm. The contents fall out and Billy sees that it's food - food from the Kennedy house. He asks Blair why he stole food from him. Blair begs him not to tell Susan and Karl - he and Stacey will be put into a home.
<<2443 - 2445>>
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