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Neighbours Episode 2443 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2443
Australian airdate: 02/08/1995
UK airdate: 26/03/1996
UK Gold: 13/03/2002
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Marelle Balaskas: Christine Earle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise bets $20 that Mark will mention religion over lunch.
Father Michael tells Mark not to be so hardline but he refuses.
Danni is mad that Stonie, Mal and Cody are going to the football without her.
Ren tells Annalise that she's been having dreams about Luke.
Number 24
Sam is still sick and Annalise is looking after him.
Number 32
Brett runs in - he is going to the football too. Before Mal goes, Danni says maybe she should come but Mal doesn't seem keen. He can't see the point of her going if she'll just be miserable. He says they can do something special tomorrow instead.
Number 30
A woman comes round to see Ren - she's only met Ren before but has sensed that something is troubling her(!)
Annalise and Sam come round to the dinner with Mark. Ren introduces the woman to Mark as her old therapist. Mark asks what sort of therapy she does and she replies channelling, crystal healing, psychic counselling. Mark is very displeased and says he abhors everything she stands for. He tells Ren to throw her out. Ren insists that the woman, Marelle, stays. Annalise suggests she, Mark and Sam go to their place instead.
Youth Centre
Luke is repairing the table football when Libby comes in. They chat about Mark. Luke doesn't know what to do for work now. Libby says at least he's still got his family and his friends. They start playing table football.
Number 24
Mark has made a lovely dinner for Annalise and Sam. He insists on says grace - about fighting Satan's dark forces! Annalise asks Mark about the incident in the street and they chat amiably. Sam says it's nice to see Mark and Annalise getting on so well now. Mark says he's got something to ask Annalise and Mark - about the prodigal son.
MARK: I'm afraid that your relationship is an abomination. You must give it up. Give it up now. For the sake of your eternal souls.
Sam looks stunned.
Number 30
Marelle is psychically analysing Ren (like you do) She says that Luke was very close to her and he could be again. Marelle says that Ren must choose the right message from her dreams - she was the victim in her dreams, so she must avoid Luke at all costs.
Number 24
Mark is telling Sam that he mustn't hide his face from the Lord. He says he has nothing to offer Annalise and isn't ready for responsibility(!) Sam understandably gets mad and says that Mark can't bear to see him and Annalise happy. Mark says Sam is avoiding the truth - he should marry her or let her go, he has no respect for her. Sam gets even more mad and grabs Mark by the front of the shirt. Mark says he'll just turn the other cheek so Sam throws him out.
MARK: Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.
Mark says he'll pray for them both and then leaves.
ANNALISE: I think I won the bet.
Number 32
Danni answer the door to Libby who is looking for Brett. He's still at the football, but she invites Libby in. They chat about men and Libby says she's glad she's sworn off men!
Number 24
Sam is still sick. Danni is ignoring this and is begging Sam to tell her about football. He finally agrees to teach her the basics. First, think of football as a religion!
Youth Centre
Annalise comes in to see how Luke is getting on. She tells him about the lunch with Mark - she had no idea she was such a psycho these days. They sit down to play cards.
Marelle is telling Ren that things won't be as easy as she thinks with Luke - apparently he exerts a potent force over her and she will have to be very strong.
Just then, Luke comes in. He comes over and Marelle shoos him off telling him he's not wanted. She says that Ren doesn't want to see him. Luke stalks off.
Number 24
Sam has perked up a bit and is telling Danni all about football. Annalise comes in and joins them.
Number 32
Mal, Stonie, Cody and Brett are home from the football. Danni makes them all tea while they all chat excitedly about the match. Danni looks a bit left out. Then she starts talking about Mickey Forbes (clearly she has learnt well from Sam). Mal and Brett are stunned into silence!
Number 24
Cody is talking to a blanket covered person thinking that it's Sam. Just then Sam comes out of his room, all better. It's Annalise under the blanket - she's caught Sam's cold! She refuses to let Sam go to work - he has to pay back the favour and look after her now!
Number 32
Mal, Stonie and Danni are cleaning up the wreckage from the night before. Mal apologises to Danni for thinking she hated football. They talk excitedly about Mickey Forbes. Mal says that Danni is coming to the football with him from now on. She doesn't look very thrilled!
Outside Lou and Cheryl's
Brett opens the paper to read Libby's article. His face falls.
BRETT: I'll kill her!
Brett has come to (presumably) kill Libby. He tells her she's made him sound like a complete loser. And indeed the headline does say "Essay Champ, Loser in Love" (!) Brett tells her he'll be a laughing stock at school.
BRETT: I might as well shoot myself now.
<<2442 - 2444>>
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