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Neighbours Episode 2439 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2439
Australian airdate: 27/07/1995
UK airdate: 20/03/1996
UK Gold: 07/03/2002
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Janine Stark: Wilhelmina Stracke
Blair Griffiths: Daniel Bowden
Stacey Griffiths: Juanita Timpanaro
Olivia Rezzara: Renai Caruso
Quintalena Pagganoni: Abby Meates
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Shop Assistant: Rachael Bourke
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Some kids put a label on Melissa, "I Love Billy".
Janine tells Marlene and Cheryl that she has until the end of the week to get back to the base.
Phil suggests a fun and crazy event to increase business at Chez Chez.
Billy goes to Blair Griffiths house to get an assignment, but a girl shouts at him to mind his own business.
Billy is frantic that Mr McKenna is going to fail him for the assignment. Susan tries to calm him down and asks him what happened - Billy tells him about Blair's sister. Susan thinks it's odd that Blair's sister would stay home to look after him.
Blair's house
The phone rings and it's Susan. The sister, Stacey, answer the phone. She tells Susan that Blair isn't very well and is having a day off. Susan asks where her parents are so Stacy says her mum is away at a conference. It's clear that Blair and Stacey are home alone.
Outside the pub
Janine is distracted but tells Cheryl that everything's fine.
Coffee Shop
Melissa is waiting for Billy to turn up. Her friends tease her saying no-one would be stupid enough to go out with Melissa.
Brett is drawing doodles of Danni at the bar (with horns!) He observes that the pub is quite empty and Lou says he's going to come up with an advertising campaign. Brett warns him that advertising can be costly but Lou says he has a targeted market in mind! Danni and Brett offer to help him - they've got all the skills Lou needs! Lou says all they need to do now is to convince Cheryl!
Coffee Shop
Billy and Melissa are glancing at each other from separate tables. Susan comes in and tells Billy to get home and peel potatoes, much to his embarrassment!
Outside the pub
Lou tells Cheryl about the advertising campaign for Chez Chez. Cheryl looks doubtful saying she doesn't want Lou ruining her pub by attracting yobbos. Cheryl accuses Lou of thinking that she's a hopeless business woman.
Back Porch of Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is pouting. Lou tries to reason with her, saying that Erinsborough isn't London or Paris. She is worried about leaving Lou to look after the pub while she's away.
Billy is peeling potatoes crossly. He tells Susan off for embarrassing him in the Coffee Shop. Billy mentions how dirty Blair and Stacey's house was and Susan looks surprised. She asks if Billy has met Blair's mother but he hasn't. Susan thinks there's something wrong there but she doesn't know what.
Number 32
Lou is talking to Brett and Danni about the advertising campaign. Brett says it's best to keep things simple. He suggests lettebox drops, but Danni thinks that's boring. She suggests TV spots, radio spots, the works, but Brett thinks it'll be too expensive. Lou suggests centering the advertising campaign around Cheryl. Brett and Danni decide to price out the cost of advertising.
Lolly is having a bottle - it's her first birthday today. Brett, Lou and Danni tell Cheryl about the advertising campaign - it will be promoted with Cheryl's name and face. Cheryl is quite pleased by this.
Lou takes them off to show them a surprise - some wet cement in which they will all make a handprint for Lolly's birthday. Lou, Marlene, Cheryl, Janine, Brett, Danni and Lolly all make their mark. (Think the girls should have taken their rings off!)
Susan bumps into Stacey and asks her for a word. She asks her for a note from her mother to excuse her absence from school yesterday. She says she'll bring it in tomorrow, fending off questions about her mother. Susan says that Stacey can come and talk to her at any time, but Stacey says there's nothing to talkabout.
Coffee Shop
Billy is reading a magazine when a Quinn comes up. Billy warns her not to hassle him - he's not interested. Quinn says that he doesn't have a chance with Melissa - Melissa thinks he's a geek. She says that Melissa wants Billy to leave her alone.
Everyone is having cake for Lolly's birthday party. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it much and is crying loudly! Cheryl hugs Janine and says that going back to the forces will be OK.
Billy sees Blair. He is not happy with him for telling Susan about their house. Billy doesn't understand what he's carrying on about. Blair says he wishes he hadn't trusted Billy in the first place.
Coffee Shop
Janine is buying food for her trip back to the forces. Danni and Brett tell her that they'll miss her when she's gone. She says she'll say hello to Darren for them when she sees him.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is loading Cheryl and Janine's luggage into the car. Cheryl puts Lolly in the childseat and tells Danni and Brett to look after Lou - especially with the advertising campaign. They all hug goodbye.
BRETT: Thank God they've gone! I thought they would never leave!
Melissa tells Billy that she's liked him for ages, much to his surprise. They realise that Quinn has lied to them both. Melissa is pleased to hear that Billy really likes her too. They have a pash. Quinn sees this and looks fed up.
<<2438 - 2440>>
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