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Neighbours Episode 2438 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2438
Australian airdate: 26/07/1995
UK airdate: 19/03/1996
UK Gold: 06/03/2002
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody tells Stonie that he shouldn't let Danni and Mal walk all over him.
Ren wants to get her dream analysed.
Luke tells Mark that he's sick of his religious spoutings and quits his job at the Coffee Shop.
Number 32
Danni is ranting that Stonie should have turned Shane in earlier. Mal tells her to calm down. Danni says it's OK as long as Shane doesn't get out again!
Coffee Shop
Jen and Cody are having dinner. Mark tells her that Luke's soul is lost and explains about him quitting his job. Jen rolls her eyes. Cody thinks Mark has become really weird. Jen is worried that Luke is alienating half of Erinsborough!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Mal asks Karl to give him a driving lesson. Karl says that he doesn't want to invade Susan's territory in teaching Mal to drive, but eventually he relents. He tells Mal not to tell Susan!
Number 32
Stonie is telling Cody about the Shane situation. She tells him off again for not standing up to Danni and Mal about the chores.
The teacher comes in and shouts at the kids irritably. He insults them about their latest assignment. He puts them into pairs for their next assignment - "A Vanishing Way Of Life". Billy is paired with Griffiths.
Coffee Shop
Billy is telling Libby that God hates him. He complains that his assignment partner is a nerd. Libby bends down to pick up some papers and Mark immediately shoos her away. He says her skirt is too short and she's making his customers have lewd thoughts! Libby says only Mark is having lewd thoughts - no-one else has noticed. Libby storms out and Billy says Mark owes Libby an apology. Mark said that someone had to point out Libby's dress was unseemly.
BILLY: Man, you need help.
Karl comes in for a word with Mark. He tells him to stop preaching his warped values to his daughter who is currently crying her heart out at his surgery. Mark says he didn't mean to upset her but Karl isn't hearing any of this. Mark tells him piously that he was greatly disturbed by the length of Libby's skirt. Karl managed not to hit Mark and tells him that he's become a fanatic. Then Mark starts going on about Mal living in mortal sin. Karl offers to refer Mark to a psychiatrist! He warns him to leave his children alone. Mark doesn't take this in at all and just smiles (What a nutter!)
Number 30
Jen is looking for Luke, but Ren hasn't seen him. Jen explains about his run-in with Mark - he hasn't been home since. Jen says that she thought Ren was special to Luke. Ren looks surprised and kind of pleased. Jen leaves before she can drag any more details out of her.
Coffee Shop
Danni, Mal and Stonie are having lunch. Mal arranges to go to the football with Stonie and Danni is not pleased. She tries to put them off by saying it's going to be a boring game.
Billy introduces Karl to his nerdy assignment partner, Blair Griffiths. This kid has the trademark nerd attributes - greasy hair and glasses. They chat about the assignment as Blair has a coughing fit. He seems really hungry and eats all the biscuits. They arrange to meet up again tomorrow.
Libby comes out and tells Karl she's been thinking about what Mark said - she's taken the hem down on her skirt. Karl insists that Mark is the one with the problem, not Libby.
KARL: He's going through some kind of inner conflict which is causing him considerable stress. When people get like that they sometimes act out of character, sometimes quite irrational.
BILLY: In other words, he's flipped!
Karl tells Libby and Billy to just ignore Mark's preaching.
Number 32
Stonie and Mark come in from the football. They're really cold and sit round the heater to warm up. Stonie reminds Mal that he's supposed to be picking Danni up from work. Mal says that Danni will understand - it's raining and cold outside.
Mal rips up Stonie's contract - from now on, Stonie is a permanent part of their household.
Luke gets the rams head out of his bag and Jen catches him. Jen asks how the ram got into his bag and Luke says it's a long story. Jen says she knows about the ghost story. She's glad to see that Luke is OK - she gets worried when he doesn't come home at night. Luke tells Jen what happened with Mark - about the moral guidance he's giving to people. Luke says she only has to ask Karl what Mark said to Libby for verification.
Number 32
Danni is squeezing oranges. She's really mad with Malcolm for not picking her up from work the evening before. Also when she got home they didn't speak to her and watched the football replays on the telly.
Malcolm tells Danni that Stonie's contract is in the bin - Stonie is now a permanent resident.
Blair isn't in school today so Billy can't give in the outline of his assignment. The teacher doesn't really believe him and tells him to go and get it off Blair at lunchtime, or they'll both get zero.
Number 30
Ren is watching a TV show about dream interpretation. Ren has sent them a fax about her dream about being with her ex. The dream interpreter says that in her heart, Ren knows that she wants her man back. She thinks she should go and find him this minute and tell him so! Ren can't believe it.
Blair's house
Billy knocks on Blair's door. Blair opens it and reluctantly lets Billy in. The house is an absolute tip. Blair says that his mum's at work. He goes off to get the assingment. Billy looks round the room which is littered with empty food cartons.
Blair gives Billy the assignment. Just then a girl comes in and tells Billy angrily to mind his own business. She shouts at him to leave them alone.
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