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Neighbours Episode 2381 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2381
Australian airdate: 08/05/95
UK airdate: 29/12/95
UK Gold: 17/12/01
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Cheryl that he'll mortgage the Car Yard to help Cheryl to buy Lassiter's Arcade.
Susan suggests that Luke comes on strong to Libby in order to scare her off.
Annalise tells Sam that she thinks she's pregnant.
Annalise says she feels awful and Sam tries to reassure her. He can't see how she can be, they've been really careful, but there was one time they weren't and it could have happened then. Annalise says she's going to see Karl and tells Sam it's nothing to do with him, she's going on her own.
Susan tells Libby that she's enjoyed Luke's company at the GP dinner. Libby says that she always has a wonderful time when she's with Luke. Susan starts banging on about the future and how Libby will get the money to move in with Luke later on. Libby says it's early days yet.
Coffee Shop
Annalise tells Ren that she's waiting for an appointment to get a pregnancy test. Ren is surprised and asks about Sam. Annalise says that Sam's being supportive, but she really does think she's pregnant. Ren tells her not to panic until she knows for sure.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Cheryl are telling Brett and Danni about their plan to buy the arcade. Danni says she could open a couture shop.
Susan is standing in for the receptionist today. Annalise goes in to the office to see Karl.
Inner Office
Annalise asks Karl to do a pregnancy test. They discuss Annalise's cycle and Karl says it's hard to get a conclusive test so early on. Annalise says she's been feeling sick as well, though she hasn't vomited. Karl still thinks it's too early to tell - he says he'll check her over instead now. Annalise is desperate to know and asks Karl to do a blood test, but he says there's no point - the results will take 24 hours and he'll be able to do a urine test in two days anyway. Annalise opts for the blood test.
Coffee Shop
Susan tells Luke that the plan has mis-fired - he must break up with Libby soon. Luke says he feels like they're playing with Libby's feelings but they agree to carry on.
Danni, Mal, Lib and Brett are working on the school magazine. They disagree what they're going to put in it, and Libby says they must decide soon - the magazine is due to be printed in 4 days.
Sam is telling Marlene about Annalise's pregnancy scare. He says it could be really right for them - they love each other and the natural progression is to start a family. Marlene says that Annalise is probably scared, but Sam says all he wants is for Annalise to be happy. He can't understand why Annalise is so unhappy about it.
Ren and Annalise are talking about the pregnancy test. She doesn't know what she'll do if she is - she can't have a baby right now. She's got too much going on now and isn't ready for motherhood. Ren asks about Sam but Annalise hasn't spoken to him about it. Ren says that if the test is positive, she'll be there for Annalise.
Karl thanks Susan for filling in this morning. Karl says he's pleased he hasn't heard from Sandy Morris today. Susan wants to know if he's going to ask Sandy about the break-in, but Karl's hoping he won't see her again. Susan's worried that she'll come back though.
Susan thinks Libby is getting even more obsessive about Luke.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Cheryl are explaining the deal for the arcade with Danni and Brett - things are going to get a bit tight for a while since they're mortgaging all their assets. Brett's willing to help out, but Danni isn't very happy. Lou suggests that they start paying a percentage of their wages for board, instead of a flat amount. Cheryl says Danni had better get used to it.
Annalise comes in and Sam tells her he loves her whatever happens with the test. Marlene puts her foot right in it by letting slip that she knows about the scare. Annalise is very angry that Sam has told Marlene.
The Kennedys are finishing dinner and Karl suggests that they could invite Luke over one night. Mal is suspicious about the fuss being made over Luke.
Sam has come to see Luke, but he's not there. Ren tells Sam that she knows what's going on with Annalise and Sam could talk to her. Sam gets mad that Annalise has told Ren and says that Annalise is a hypocrite.
No.24, the following morning
Annalise is still in a bad mood and insisting that the baby is hers, and only hers - she's the one that has to carry it around. Sam points out that the baby belongs to both of them. Annalise says Sam's part is already over and done with. Sam is upset by this.
Ramsay Street
Lou, Brett and Mal are walking to school and Danni is moaning about having to pay board. Brett thinks it could be a good article - are parents forcing their children out of home by insisting they pay board?
Libby tells Karl and Susan that they've been acting funny about Luke. She says she gets it - they're doing reverse psychology. She isn't pleased and storms off to school.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Cheryl have got their approval from the bank! All that remains is for the Robinson Corporation to say yes to the bid.
Coffee Shop
Libby is telling Luke what Karl and Susan have been doing. Luke sits her down at a table and tells her that he thinks she's a really special girl, but she should know that he knew about her parents plan and went along with it. He tells her it's over between them. Libby is very hurt.
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