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Neighbours Episode 2378 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2378
Australian airdate: 03/05/95
UK airdate: 26/12/95
UK Gold: 12/12/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Sandy Morris recognises Libby and approaches her. She tells Libby she's a photographer too and asks to see her photos. Unfortunately Sandy accidentally tips her coffee on Libby's photo. Libby isn't pleased but says she has the negative at home. Sandy is pretty creepy throughout all this.
When Sandy has gone, Libby tells Luke that she'll help him deliver pizzas tonight. Luke says no - he'll be out till dawn.
LIBBY: When, then?
LUKE: Soon, OK. Promise.
The Pub
Cheryl has worked out the figures - she can afford the deposit on the Lassiter's complex. Lou warns her she'll be tying up every bit of capital she has - it's very risky. Cheryl reckons that a shopping complex can only go up and up. Lou looks worried, but agrees Cheryl can ring Helen to ask for a ballpark figure.
Helen and Reuben are planning their wedding - they want something simple. They talk about getting married at Lassiters. Phil goes over to see Lou about Suede Tess and instilling some competitive spirit into her!
Hannah has drawn a bridesmaid dress - just in case Helen and Reuben decide to have one. Helen hugs Hannah and tells her that of course she can be her bridesmaid!
Susan tells Karl that Libby is quite serious about Luke, but that they have agreed not to get heavy with Libby.
SUSAN: Just be subtle, be cool.
Libby comes in.
KARL: So, what's this thing with Luke then?!
Libby is unhappy that Susan has told Karl, but Karl says Susan was right to - he has grave reservations about her latest crush. Libby says it's not a crush - she's seventeen and knows her own mind. She shouts that the age difference isn't important and storms off to her room.
SUSAN: Very subtle. That went well.
The Pub
Lou is telling Phil about Cheryl's plan to buy the Lassiter's complex. They also talk about Suede Tess - apparently the trainer still has some tricks up her sleeve.
Billy sees Libby eating icecream and laughs that she must be under major stress. Billy picks up Libby's diary and reads a few lines, guessing it's about Luke. Billy tells Libby that she's wasting her time with Luke - Luke is cool and he wouldn't look at a wimpy teenager. Libby is furious and tells Billy that if he ever reads her diary again she'll shove it down his throat.
Outside the Kennedys, the following morning
Sandy Morris is lurking outside, but hides when Libby comes out.
Libby sees Luke coming home from his pizza round and goes over to see him. He says he's off to bed, but Libby wants to cook him breakfast first. Luke says he's only got a couple of hours until he starts at the Coffee Shop, so Libby slopes off. Sandy is still lurking.
Susan is marking when Libby comes in looking dejected. Susan gives her a hug and asks her what's wrong. Libby says that she and Luke agreed to take things slowly, but he seems to have gone completely cold. Libby's confused as to why Luke has changed so suddenly.
Lou and Cheryl's
Helen has given Cheryl an estimate for the Lassiter's complex and she's disappointed with it, but says she'll just have to raise more money.
Number 30
Libby has a study period, so has let herself in and is making Luke a lovely breakfast. She leaves him a note saying, "Now at least I'll know you've eaten today"
Carpenters Cars
Phil tells Lou that they're meeting the trainer at the Coffee Shop at 12pm.
Cheryl tells Lou that they can finance the loan as long as they purchase in both names and mortgage Carpenter's Cars as well as the house. Lou isn't very pleased and says they'd be getting in way over their heads - he'll need to give it serious thoughts.
The Pub
Reuben tells Helen that he's drafted a new will, and Kingston will be very disappointed to have a smaller share. Reuben can't believe Kingston ended up running a sweatshop - he feels maybe he didn't bring him up properly. Reuben asks Helen to have a look at the will - she's in it. Helen protests that she has all that she needs. Reuben says he wants Helen well-provided for when he's gone, but Helen reminds him that they agreed only to consider the now.
Number 30
Luke gets up and finds Libby's breakfast on the kitchen table. He doesn't look pleased.
Coffee Shop
Suede Tess's trainer (Ruby) is meeting Lou, Phil and Hannah. Apparently the way to get the dog going is to use blood - give the dog a taste for blood. It's not strictly legit but it works. Lou and Phil protest that they can't do that. Hannah is quite horrified too.
Hannah is telling Libby about them using animals to give dogs a taste of blood. Billy says that people get away with it because noone does anything. He suggests forming an anti-blooding action group.
The Pub
Phil and Lou are still shocked about the blooding thing. They agree to find a new trainer for Suede Tess ASAP. Cheryl is still on about the complex but Lou says he hasn't had time to think about it yet.
Outside No.32
Sandy Morris is lurking when Libby comes up. Sandy tells Libby that she's thinking of renting No.32. Libby says she has to go and meet her boyfriend and Sandy guesses she means Luke - she tells Libby to hang on to him.
Garden of the Martins
Billy and Hannah are drawing up their plan for their anti-blooding activism. Billy says he'll get Libby to do an article for the school magazine. Also, he thinks they should scout around and see what other trainers are using blooding.
Coffee Shop
Luke tells Libby that she shouldn't have made him breakfast. Luke's delivering pizza again tonight and Libby tells him off for pushing her away. Finally he agrees that she can come on his pizza round, but he's dropping her home at 10pm. Libby kisses Luke, but Karl comes in and sees them. He gets mad and tells Luke he'd better stay away from Libby from now on.
<<2377 - 2379>>
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