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Neighbours Episode 2377 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2377
Australian airdate: 02/05/95
UK airdate: 25/12/95
UK Gold: 11/12/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Luke tells Libby that everything is against them getting together.
Mark tells Lucy that she has to admit her drinking problem - he can't help her until she does.
Rosemary asks Helen to call a meeting of all the Lassiter's tenants.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is worried that he came across stupid on the radio about council bye-laws - he's going to read up on them.
Cheryl is suspicious about the tenants' meeting that's been called by Helen - she thinks something is up, although she's not a tenant herself.
Helen can't understand how Lucy got into Mark's pool at 11pm. Lucy says she just fell in. Helen warns Lucy that she mustn't get any ideas about Mark - nothing can come of it. Lucy says that nothing is ever impossible.
Lou tells Brett that he can't take him back on at the pub he's got so many other part-time jobs he'll never fit them all in. Lou says if Brett packs in all his other jobs, he can detail the cars and do sales on commission. Lou says he can complete Sam's job first as he's promised him.
A notice has been put up about a school magazine and Libby looks interested.
Coffee Shop
All the tenants have gathered and Cheryl as well. The tenants tell Cheryl that she's not welcome at the meeting because she owns her own place. Cheryl stalks out.
Helen comes in and starts the meeting. She tells them that there are things happening at the Robinson Corporation that she thinks they should know about.
Car Yard
Cheryl is ranting to Lou about not being allowed into the meeting.
Coffee Shop
Apparently the Robinson Corporation wants to stop diversifying and concentrate on their hotels. All the shops in the arcade will be sold with the current tenants being given first refusal. Everyone looks very worried. If they can't raise the money, the shops will be sold to the highest bidder.
A meeting of people interested in the school magazine is goign on. Libby, Brett, Danni, Mal and Paco are all there.
The Pub
Phil, Karl and Annalise are all sitting very sadly talking about the sale situation. Karl says maybe they could go in to a co-operative between them, but Phil and Annalise don't think people would go for it.
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Helen and Lucy that he could put Julie's life insurance towards buying the shop. But it's not quite enough. Helen offers to help Phil out, but he says she's done more than enough for him over the years. Phil asks Lucy if she's interested in a share in the newsagency - she does own part of the house after Jim. Lucy gets annoyed with Phil and tells him angrily that it's her house. She gets up and starts shouting at Phil. He sits there bemused.
The Pub
Annalise says she'd been planning on selling the lease anyway to go overseas, but she doesn't think anyone will buy now. Cheryl and Lou come in and Annalise goes off to talk to her. Cheryl is shocked to hear about the sale. Annalise asks Cheryl if she wants to buy the Coffee Shop to go with the bar. Cheryl looks shocked, but doesn't completely rule it out.
The magazine meeting has moved to the Kennedy house. Danni is sulking because she's been made photographer. Mal wants to be the photographer's assitant(!) Libby is made feature writer.
Libby heads off to the Coffee Shop to meet "someone".
Coffee Shop
Helen apologises to Phil for Lucy's behaviour.
Libby comes in looking for Luke.
Helen tells Phil that Lucy is very sensitive at the moment. She's surprised that Lucy accepted her engagement to Reuben so easily. Helen tells Phil she's about to tell him a secret. Reuben has a very serious heart condition, he could die any day. She doesn't know how long they have, but she's going to make sure they enjoy every minute of it.
Libby comes in to find Susan ironing. Susan twigs that Libby has a bit of a boyfriend but she's shocked to hear that it's Luke. Libby says it's how they feel that's important and their ages have nothing to do with it. Susan is stunned into silence.
The Pub
Lucy is telling Annalise that she sometimes gets angry with people for no good reason. They chat about the sale of the shops. Lucy orders a champagne cocktail. She tells Annalise that she's going to stay in Erinsborough for a while - she's interested in Mark. Annalise is shocked and reminds Lucy about the priest thing.
LUCY: Oh you know men, Annalise, they change their minds every two minutes! It suppose it depends what's on offer.
Lassiter's Gazebo
Danni is taking photos and being distracted by Mal. She tells him off.
Mal says he could do a cartoon for each issue instead of being a photographer's assistant!
Karl is telling Susan about the sale of the surgery building. Susan makes Karl a cup of tea and he twigs that something's wrong - she always pampers him before she tells him bad news.
Susan tells Karl about Libby and Luke. Karl laughs but Susan says they mustn't handle this badly. Karl says Luke will just have to let Libby down gently!
The Pub
Cheryl tells Lou that she wants to buy the entire Lassiter's complex. Lou says it's an enormous risk, but Cheryl says you have to take your chances while they're there.
<<2376 - 2378>>
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