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Neighbours Episode 2357 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2357
Australian airdate: 04/04/95
UK airdate: 27/11/95
UK Gold: 13/11/01
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Stonefish: Anthony Engelman
- "Love Never Runs On Time" by Paul Kelly
- "Swing Sax" by Andy Whitmore
- "Aint That The Truth?" by Paul Norton
- "What Are We Waiting For?" by Paul Norton
- "Memphis" by The Badloves
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cheryl remarks on how dressed up Philip is. Sam says that Philip is taking Jen out, and he wants Sam and Cody to tag along. Philip protests that it's supposed to be a double date!
- Mark wants to take in some country kids for the Easter break. Luke agrees, but Ren point blank refuses.
- Bianca has to speak to Health and Community Affairs to try and get some help to find her mother.
- Philip and Jen are on a date. Philip is about to make a move when Sam and Cody (mistakenly thinking the date isn't going well) break them up to play darts! Jen says that whatever Philip's about to say will keep, and they smile at each other.
Number 24
Bianca is worried that her mother won't want to know her. Marlene says she's jumping the gun - it takes a long time to put families back together. Marlene empathises, explaining how Cheryl pretended that she was dead! Marlene thinks things will go more smoothly for Bianca than they did with her and Cheryl!
Bianca is still concerned. Marlene tells her that no matter what, her "family" in Ramsay Street are there for her. She hugs Bianca.
Cody, Sam, Jen and Philip are wrapping up the evening. Cody wonders how much they should leave as a tip, and Philip insists on paying for all of them. Cody gets the hint when he puts his card with the bill. She stands up.
CODY: Me and Sam will take care of it.
SAM: (smiling and standing) Yeah, we'll leave you two to-
CODY: (dragging Sam off) Shut up, Sam!
Jen and Philip laugh.
JEN: Subtlety's obviously not one of Cody's strong points.
PHILIP: Yeah, but you have to love her. She saved my life after Julie die...
Philip winces and apologises. Jen wonders what he's apologising for, and Philip explains that he promised himself he wouldn't talk about Julie. Jen says that Julie was an important part of Philip's life - he can't ignore that fact, and Jen can't either.
JEN: Especially if...
PHILIP: We go out again?
JEN: ...yeah.
PHILIP: I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.
Jen tells Philip that she was so nervous about their date - she felt 16 again! Philip says he felt nervous too.
JEN: I'm glad you did ask me out.
PHILIP: It's been a great night. I don't want it to end.
JEN: No.
Philip suggests that they go onto the club with Sam and Cody. Jen hesitates, but Philip says if she feels as young as she says, they should give it a whirl! Philip tells Jen that he had a few dancing lessons, so he won't be a complete embarrassment! She agrees and they leave.
Number 30
Mark and Luke are playing Monopoly. Ren is dressed up to go out with Kingston. Luke thinks it's a bit late for dinner but Ren tells him that sophisticated people eat late! As she goes to leave, Luke and Mark pull her back to have a word. They explain that they've agreed to take in a country kid.
REN: But I said no. We talked about this.
MARK: And, so have Luke and I. The majority rules in this house - you know that, Ren.
REN: I think you're being really unfair. I've got a huge amount of work to do.
Ren explains how Kingston has got her involved in Fabien's fashion show, and she's going to be frantic. Mark and Luke mock Ren's new fashion terms and attitude. Ren rolls her eyes, and continues with her thoughts. She thinks that the boys are being mean. The boys just mock her again.
REN: (angry) Would you stop it - I am being serious!
MARK: (snapping) And so are we, Ren! Look, these kids need a break. You should've seen what I saw up the-
REN: No. No. Forget the lecture, Mark, I can see that your minds are made up. I'll just have to spend more time away from the house - don't you worry about me!
LUKE: Don't be like that.
REN: Well, it's better than sitting around here and listening to you two rave on in that pathetic manner! You've got no idea about the industry and you've got NO BUSINESS poking fun at me!
Ren storms out. Mark isn't surprised it didn't go well.
Cody, Sam, Philip and Jen are in the club. Philip remarks on how loud it is! Sam says he comes all the time with Luke, and Cody spots Stonie - who's dancing crazily with his shirt undone! Sam and Cody go to dance. Philip tells Jen that they didn't have clubs like this when he was a teen!
Philip offers to buy Jen a drink, but she declines. He feels a bit uncomfortable, saying he doesn't fit in. Jen tells him to dance. Philip reckons he can't, but Jen points to Cody, Sam and Stonie and tells him to just throw his arms up and have a good time.
JEN: We couldn't look any more ridiculous than Stonefish, could we?
Philip agrees, and they rush off to dance together.
Number 26
Hannah and Helen are watching the end of a film. Helen thinks that Hannah is getting old enough to stay up a little later on occasion - but says that Hannah's not tell Philip!
HANNAH: Adults stay up late all of the time! ...hey, what's that movie?
HELEN: (turning the tv off) Oh, that's something that's um, I don't think you're adult enough to be watching.
HANNAH: Mmm, looked a bit rude.
Helen sends Hannah to bed. Hannah remarks that Philip is late home. Helen thinks he's having a good time.
HANNAH: Hope so.
HELEN: Do you? There was a time, not very long ago, when a certain person behaved very badly when her father had a female friend.
HANNAH: Yeah, but this is different. Jen's fantastic and Dad's fantastic. They're made for each other.
HELEN: Ooh, listen to you! You must be growing your wisdom teeth, let's have a look! I'll be coming to you for advice next.
HANNAH: (solemnly) No-one's as wise as you, Gran.
Helen laughs and sends Hannah off. When she's certain Hannah's gone, she puts the blue movie back on!
Number 26 - much later
Helen has gone to bed, and there's lots of whooping and hollering coming from outside. Eventually, Cody, Philip and Jen crash into the living room. They're very loud. Cody can't believe Stonie was still dancing when they left! They muck about doing Michael Jackson impressions. Philip says he's thirsty and offers the girls a drink. Cody declines and then Jen says she should probably leave too as it's late.
CODY: No! I mean, you don't have to, why? Philip makes a mean cup of coffee.
CODY: You should stay.
Cody leaves (doing another Michael Jackson impression!) and Philip and Jen go into the kitchen.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Jen declines a cup of coffee, and Philip offers her other drinks instead.
PHILIP: We've got camomile, lemon, er, plain, scented, what...
Jen corners him in the kitchen.
PHILIP: What would you like, then?
Jen doesn't say anything, but kisses him instead.
PHILIP: Got plenty of them.
The pair pash.
Number 26 - morning
Philip is cheerily spooning fruit into a bowl. Helen looks on and is very amused! Philip eventually notices, and asks what's wrong. Helen says it's good to see him so happy. Cody slumps in to the kitchen, and as Philip says he feels great, she admits she feels terrible! Cody says her feet hurt because she was up until 2am dancing. Hannah comes in and Cody tells her that Philip was dancing like a wild man at the club.
PHILIP: I feel great!
CODY: I feel shocking!
Hannah asks Philip about the club, and Cody asks Helen to return her library book. Helen says she might not be able to - she's meeting Reuben for lunch at the Winchester. The others are surprised - it's a five star place. Helen says that Reuben has something to ask her.
HANNAH: I bet you he's going to ask you to marry him!
Helen laughs it off, but it's obvious that she thinks it might be true. Everyone laughs happily.
Number 24
Marlene is searching for a cake recipe. Bianca finds it and Marlene starts gathering ingredients. Marlene thinks she might win a blue ribbon at the Easter Fair bake off.
Sam gets up and looks a bit rough. Sam says he's meeting up with Luke and Marlene tells Sam to get Luke to put a bet on for her. Sam tells her to write the details down, else he'll forget. Marlene wants to back the horse because the jockey is wearing her favourite colours and the horse has a funny name.
Sam rolls his eyes and tells Marlene you shouldn't gamble for those reasons - Luke is always talking about form. Marlene says it's instinct! Sam thinks she's throwing her money away, and is especially unimpressed she's gambling on a weekday!
MARLENE: How did I ever get such a wowser for a grandson?
Marlene finds the brandy for the recipe and says they need to buy more. Sam thinks that Marlene's a debauched woman!
Stonie is reading a magazine. Cody comes in and asks him if he won last night. Stonie is confused - there was no dance competition in the club. Cody thinks that he looked like he was trying to win something, but Stonie retorts that's the way he always dances!
Libby serves Cody with a trading paper and wonders what she's after. Cody says she's missing her wheels, so she might get a scooter. She explains that a laptop is still top priority (that's why she sold her car) as she's really behind in her uni stuff. Libby thinks that Karl got a computer for the surgery from the trading paper and he got it for a good price.
Behind Cody, Stonie has been eavesdropping on the conversation. Cody hopes that she'll be as lucky as Karl with the cost. Libby wonders where Philip is, as she doesn't want to be late for school, and Cody says that he's on his way.
STONIE: I'll help out if you like?
LIBBY: Excuse me?
STONIE: Well, I don't start school until later on this morning so I'll help out, if you want?
LIBBY: What so you can stay here and perv on all of the girly magazines?
Cody laughs!
LIBBY: Are you going to buy that one?
STONIE: What? I don't have one.
LIBBY: Well then, what's that next to your newspaper?
STONIE: It's um...
Stonie has to admit defeat and pay for the Ambrosia magazine hidden in his paper! Stonie says that he was being serious about helping out. Libby declines! Stonie leaves, looking embarrassed at being caught out with the magazine - especially in front of Cody.
CODY: (laughing) Stonie running the newsagency.
CODY & LIBBY: I don't think so!
They both laugh.
Number 26
Hannah is packing up for school. Philip is looking dreamily into space.
HANNAH: You're getting pretty cool in your old age.
PHILIP: (smiling) Thanks. (confused) Why?
HANNAH: Hanging out at nightclubs and stuff.
Philip laughs. Hannah leaves for school, but he pulls her back.
PHILIP: Hannah, can I speak to you for a minute?
HANNAH: (cautiously) What have I done?
Philip says it's not her - it's him! He explains that she's going to be seeing a lot more of Jen, as they've decided that they're going to see more of each other. Hannah figures that they're going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Philip hopes that's how they'll end up.
HANNAH: (nonchalantly) So, is she going to be staying the night?
PHILIP: (stunned) I beg your pardon?
HANNAH: Well, if she's your girlfriend, is she going to be staying the night?
Philip looks baffled and says that Hannah is way ahead of him - and Jen! He splutters a bit about when the time is right for them and then says he doesn't know! He explains that it's been a while since he's been single, and he's not entirely sure how rapidly things happen nowadays.
HANNAH: (nonchalantly) Yeah, well, if there's anything you want to know about sex, you can just ask me.
PHILIP: I beg your pardon?!
Hannah tells Philip she knows all about it - and he wonders how! Hannah says that they learnt about it at school, and someone's older sister explained the rest.
HANNAH: You are going to be doing it safe, aren't you?
PHILIP: I guess so.
HANNAH: No, Dad, you *know* so.
Philip is suitably chastened and when Hannah's satisfied that there's nothing else Philip needs to talk about, she leaves for school. Philip looks slightly shellshocked.
PHILIP: (to himself) That went well.
Number 30
Mark tells Ren that their new boarder is going to be a 15 year old called Lester Jones. Ren is even more unhappy that it's a teenager and not a child.
MARK: You were a teenager once yourself, you know. And a pretty screwed up one at that.
Ren tells him that she's sorted herself out now. Mark nastily tells her that when she was screwed up, she was basically a nice person - unlike now. Ren is irritated that because she doesn't want a loud, obnoxious teenager hanging around at the most crucial stage of her career, Mark thinks she's unreasonable.
MARK: No, you're not unreasonable. You're just cold hearted and very very selfish and I'm finding it very hard to remember when you had a nice bone in your body, Ren!
Mark storms off.
Sam and Luke are studying a racing paper. Philip asks if they have any tips. Luke thinks that Marlene's bet will be a winner. Philip starts to ask more questions, but then spies Jen and excuses himself.
They both start to say what a great time they had on their date, but talk over each other. They laugh. Jen asks for a specific gardening magazine(!) and conveniently, it's one that Philip reads himself. He talks about how he likes gardening and grows organic vegetables. Jen wonders if he has his own compost.
PHILIP: I have worms.
JEN: ...oh, that's nice.
Philip quickly explains that he means he has a worm farm in the garden!
JEN: Well, you'll have to tell me all about it sometime.
PHILIP: Dinner? Tonight?
JEN: About 7.30?
PHILIP: I'll pick you up.
They smile at each other. Jen pays for the magazine and leaves. Luke and Sam have been watching the whole exchange in amusement! Philip looks extremely happy.
Number 26
Cody is packing a bag for uni. There's a knock at the door - it's Stonie.
STONIE: I bought you a present.
He hands her a laptop bag with a bow on it. He says that Cody's been a great mate to him and he thinks she'll love the present. She pulls out a laptop.
CODY: (stunned) It's a computer!
STONIE: It's not just a computer - it's the latest model!
Luke, Marlene and Sam are listening to racing on the radio. Sam thinks their horse is stuffed. Luke says the jockey is just pacing the horse. From the back, the horse wins and Luke and Marlene are chuffed. Luke says that they've won over $100 each. Marlene is pleased and gloats to Sam.
Sam is impressed that they made $100 out of $10. Luke says that Sam should stick with them - all of his dreams will come true. Sam is keen to be part of it and grabs the racing guide himself.
Number 26
Cody says she can't take the laptop because it's too big a gift. Stonie doesn't understand - he knows that she needs it for uni. Stonie promises that he doesn't expect anything in return. Cody tentatively asks where Stonie got it. Stonie says that Big Kev got it for him - from a shop! - to help him pass Year 12 but Stonie failed again! Stonie insists that she take it but Cody isn't keen.
Stonie tells her to take it at least until she gets her own. He tells her that it's dumb to have it lying around his house when she needs it. Cody agrees - but says that she's only borrowing it.
Sam races back, having placed their bets. They all end up winning, and then Sam reveals that he backed first, second and third on the same bet. They tell him that he's won a huge amount. Sam is stoked.
Number 24
Luke, Sam and Marlene pop some champagne. Sam made $1600 off a one dollar bet. He whoops about it but Marlene warns him that a fool and his money are soon parted. Bianca walks in and is told about his good fortune. Bianca says she has something to celebrate herself - she now knows where her mother is.
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