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Neighbours Episode 2346 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2346
Australian airdate: 20/03/95
UK airdate: 10/11/95
UK Gold: 29/10/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen feels nervous about dating Reuben.
Jen asks Phil out, but he refuses, thinking she is asking out of pity.
Hannah rants in gymnastics class that she is rubbish (to be fair, she's right!)
The newsagent is held up by a tattooed man.
Libby nervously opens the till, but there's hardly anything in it - Phil has only just gone to the bank. The man shouts at her and storms round to look in the till himself, manhandling poor Libby a bit as he does so. He shouts at her to tell him where the money is. He takes Libby by the throat. Libby's self-defence training suddenly kicks in and she wrestles the man to the floor, pinning his arm behind his back. Just then, Phil comes back. Libby shouts at him to call the police, still twisting the bloke's arm.
Cody is doing Helen's nails.
There's a knock at the door and it's Brett. He says he's come to instruct Helen on the rules of hot dating in the nineties(!) Helen says she hasn't been on a date for a very long time.
The police have arrived and taken the criminal away. Susan happens to walk by and runs in to see what's happening. Libby says she feels fine, but suddenly she comes over all shaky (and who wouldn't, poor love). Susan takes her home.
The Pub
Jen tells Cody that she wants to include the partners of the guys in their class in their social circle - apparently they've been feeling a bit left out. They are arranging a dinner. Cody says that Jen should bring a date too. Jen says she'd like to ask Phil, but is apprehensive after last time.
Jen has come to see Phil. She's very nervous, but eventually invites him along to be her date on the weekend. Phil still thinks she feels sorry for him. Jen insists that she doesn't. Phil says he can't anyway - he's going on the singles dinner date on Saturday night.
The Pub
Jen is telling Cody that asking Phil out again was a disaster(!) She is doubting her own attractiveness. Cody says that's rubbish, it's just that Phil has forgotten how to read signals.
Libby is telling Susan and Karl details of the raid at the newsagent. Karl says that Libby should never have been left on her own. Susan tells Karl, that Libby must be allowed to stand on her own two feet, and that Libby can handle herself. But Karl says he's decided that Libby can't work at the newsagency any more. Susan disagrees - she thinks the job is very good for Libby.
Phil is telling Cody about the raid. He asks Cody to babysit for Hannah tonight. Cody says it'll be OK - Jen can come over to study. She tells Phil pointedly that Jen is a Really Nice Person.
Lou and Cheryl's
Libby is telling Brett about the raid, and she demonstrates the move she made. She throws him on to the sofa. Brett is impressed and tells Libby she's incredible. Libby suddenly looks all shy, but pleased as well.
Flashing between the Martins and Reuben's house
Helen and Reuben are both trying to decide what to wear on their date.
Later at the Martins
Hannah is resting on the sofa. Helen comes out dressed in a nice red suit, and Hannah, Cody and Jen admire her outfit.
There's a knock at the door and it's Reuben - he's brought Helen a nice bunch of flowers. Helen introduces him to Hannah, Cody and Jen. Then they head off. Reuben is quite transfixed by Helen.
CODY: Helen? We won't wait up for you!
Helen and Reuben have arrived at a nice restaurant. Helen is surprised - she thought they were only going to the gallery. But she supposes Hannah will be alright with Cody.
Suddenly Helen realises that some of her paintings are on the wall. Reuben says the owner is a great admirer of Helen's work. He admits he became a partner in the restaurant a few years ago.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett has made some more banners for protesting in the park. Libby says she doesn't know if they can win - it's all about money. Libby thinks that the council are probably in the pocket of the construction people. Brett thinks she might be right - there could be a cover-up going on.
Reuben tells Helen that he took on the restaurant not long after he retired. He met a bloke who was a wonderful chef and decided on a joint venture. Reuben can't even boil an egg though(!) Apparently Reuben used to be in the rag trade before he retired. But now he's handed the business over to his son Garnet and his grandson Kingston. Reuben says he has his doubts about Kingston though - he's a bit of a tearaway.
REUBEN: You really are a truly remarkable woman, Helen. And I'm enjoying your company more with every minute.
Hannah is falling asleep on the sofa. Cody and Jen are studying. Hannah is a bit miserable about her gymnastics again. She moans to Cody and Jen that she's a failure. Jen says that Hannah gave it her best shot. Hannah says she's giving up now, but Jen thinks she can enjoy gymnastics if she just does it for fun. Jen thinks Hannah should go back and have another go. Hannah thinks that maybe she will.
Karl, Susan and Libby are having a discussion about the newsagency. Susan points out that danger can happen anywhere - even in the home. Libby insists she's keeping the job. Karl has to give in, but insists he isn't happy about it. Karl says he's proud of her for handling herself though.
Karl says a bloke called John Reiner called for Libby. He suggests she calls him back.
SUSAN:(patting Karl) Good boy!
Reuben and Helen creep in. It's very late. He tells Helen that it might be a bit suddenly, but he hasn't felt this way about anyone since his wife died. Helen offers him a cup of coffee, but Reuben says he'd better go, or Helen won't be able to get rid of him. Helen kisses him on the cheek.
REUBEN: *surprised look*
HELEN: Well, it is the nineties, after all!
REUBEN: I shall call you again very soon. And I warn you, I am a persistent man, Helen. I'm going to woo you like you've never been wooed before!
Helen closes the door on him and smiles.
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