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Neighbours Episode 2345 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2345
Australian airdate: 17/03/95
UK airdate: 09/11/95
UK Gold: 26/10/2001
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jen makes dinner for Phil and Cody with an ulterior motive.
Cody only scrapes a pass on her latest assignment.
Hannah wants to give up all her other interests to concentrate on gymnastics.
Jen admits to Cody that she likes Phil.
Ren comes in to buy some invoice books. Phil is reading a book on diets. Ren advises him to exercise, but Phil says he already is. Ren suggests an exercise bike in fact, she could rent theirs to him for $10 a week. He agrees.
Helen says Hannah is looking tired from all the getting up early. Helen thinks she should have an early night, but Hannah says she can't miss gymnastics.
Coffee Shop
Libby and Danni are indecisive about what they want to order. Susan asks them about the photographic competition. Danni thinks she's going to win, but Libby thinks she is going to win(!)
Cody is showing Karl her "just scraped through" essay for advice. Cody is finding medicine hard - it's a great shock compared to school. She's worried she might fail the year. Karl tells Cody that he found medical school hard too, he had to work his but off. He tells Cody to think about whether she thinks it's worth it.
Coffee Shop
Susan apologises to Phil for Karl's tantrum the other day. Phil says it's given him a kick-start - he's joined a dating club and feel great about himself. Susan looks worried(!)
Cody is studying while Helen puts some canvases together. Helen says she's a bit stressed out too over Hannah's general exhaustion. She says Hannah's so tired, she doesn't know what she's doing. Cody suggests a skin sauna and hair treatment for them both (what happened to the studying, Cody?!) Cody says Helen has to look her best for Reuben!
Jen is reading a magazine and looking sneakily at Phil. She goes over to the counter and nervously asks him about the dinner dating club. She says Phil doesn't need a dating club - she'd like to go out with him herself. Phil doesn't realise she really likes him and tells her he'll muddle through with the club.
Ren, Danni and Libby are talking about the photography competition - Danni has won. Danni and Ren agree to meet up this afternoon to talk business.
Helen is steaming her face. Hannah has fallen asleep at the table. Cody agrees with Helen that Hannah is doing too much. Hannah wakes up and says that maybe she should give the horse back - she won't have time to look after her when she's doing her gymnastics. Helen isn't very happy to hear this.
Coffee Shop
Susan is cleaning up when Karl comes to pick her up. She tells him about Phil doing a dating club and says it's because of what Karl said to him. Susan is worried that Phil is going into a world of social misfits. She tells Karl that he doesn't know how lucky he is.
Gymnastics Club
Hannah is practising on the bean, but she isn't very good. She gets on to a higher beam. The teacher tells her she has to perfect the basics first - she'll hurt herself otherwise. But Hannah does a handstand and falls off.
Helen and Cody are wearing face-packs. Helen tells Cody she's really nervous about Reuben - it's been so long since she went out with a man. She says that older people have a lot more baggage - Reuben could be an axe-murderer for all she knows! Cody says she thinks Reuben is OK.
Cody tells Helen in confidence that Jen fancies Phil, but that PIl doesn't know. She wants them to figure out a way to get Phil to see it, but Helen says matchmaking is a tricky business. They should let things run their own course.
CODY: Like you and Reuben?
HELEN: Like me and Reuben.
They both laugh.
Gymnastics Club
The teacher is working with Hannah on her handstands. But she i hopeless. The teacher tells her to have a rest, but Hannah won't. Hannah gets very frustrated and starts shouting that she can't do it. She runs out.
Ren likes Danni's designs. Danni thinks Ren is being overly optimistic about producing the clothes. Ren says she's going to handle it.
Cody has made Jen a cup of tea while she recounts what happened at the newsagent. She says she feels so stupid. Cody says she'll suss Phil out when he gets home. Helen has gone to pick Hannah up.
Libby has come in for her shift - Phil is just off to the bank. He's also going to buy himself some bike shorts. Libby tries not to laugh. She thinks Phil already does enough exercise though.
Helen and Hannah come in. Helen explains that Hannah has had a rough time - she has to get bed-rest and sleep. When Hannah has gone, Helen explains to Cody that most of Hannah's class have been doing gymnastics since they were three, Hannah can't keep up.
A tattooed man comes in and demands loudly that Libby opens the till.
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