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Neighbours Episode 2315 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2315
Australian airdate: 03/02/95
UK airdate: 28/09/95
UK Gold: 14/09/01
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Lech Koca: Robert Forza
Francine: Cerrian Clements
- "Little Darling" by Jimmy Barnes
- "Cruise Control" by Headless Chickens
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody agrees to go out for dinner with Lech. She tells Phil not to tell Rick.
Karl suggests that Cody lodges a formal complaint against the cricket team selectors.
Marlene discovers that Bianca's things have gone - she's run away.
Number 24
Sam is angry with Bianca. Annalise comes in at that moment. Sam inexplicably blames himself for Bianca running away because he told her to face up to her problems. Annalise goes off to call the police and the hospital while Marlene and Sam go out to look for her.
Cody meets a friend from Uni (Francine). She asks if Cody is going out with Lech tonight - she says Lech is dangerous. Every year he picks out a new student to be his playthings, spins her a load of lines and then dumps her - it happened to Francine last year. Cody thinks that Francine is jealous. She says that Lech will recite poetry to Cody and when he does she'll know she's in trouble!
Number 30
Mark, Father Michael, Marlene and Ren are trying to figure out where Bianca could have gone. Marlene decides to check the detention place she used to be in and everyone heads out.
Karl has called to check on Helen's hip. He asks Helen to do a portrait of Malcolm, Libby and Billy for Susan's birthday - he'll pay. Helen agrees.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is filming himself for the video. He goes round the house giving a video tour of the house. Cheryl is not impressed. She shows Lou a plan to increase membership of the pub she wants all the current members to bring a friend to a special night. The only problem is getting everyone there on the same night. Lou suggests a theme night or a fancy dress party.
Cody is all dressed up to go out with Lech. Rick calls round with a rose for Cody and apologises for his behaviour over the holiday. Rick asks why Cody is dressed up and she admits that she's going out with Lech. Rick asks why Cody is doing this - isn't he enough for her? He slopes off, sadly.
The Pub
Cheryl suggests a fancy dress party where everyone comes as a famous dead person. She says that Lou could come as Elvis but he says not - because he isn't dead!
Cody and Lech come in (god, how on earth can she fancy him, even a little bit, couldn't they have chosen a hunk to make it more realistic??) They sit at a table and Cody tells him about her row with Rick. Lech spouts philosophy at her and then says that Rick didn't take the chance to be mature and he's the one who should be feeling bad about it, not Cody(!)
Number 30
Rick is sitting dejectedly on the sofa. He tells Ren and Mark about Lech. Ren says Cody's Lech obsession will burn out, she thinks he's a fake. Mark and Ren tell Rick to wait for Cody to come to her senses, but Rick thinks she's changed since she was at Uni.
The Pub
Lech suggests that he and Cody go to her place to chat. Lou sees them go and woners if Rick knows what's going on.
Everyone has gone to bed. Lech opens a bottle of wine for himself and Cody and says they can talk about "Beauty and Truth". Cody realises that Francine was right as Lech starts to recite the same poem. He moves in to kiss Cody but she stops him. Cody tells him that Francine warned her about him, but Lech says Francine is a lunatic. Cody isn't fooled though and tells him quietly to get out before she rips off both his ears(!) Lech finishes his wine and then leaves. As he gets to the door he tells Cody she's making a big mistake. Cody sayst he only mistake she made was when she agreed to go out with him.
Number 30
It's very late now, so Rick is surprised to hear a knock on the door - it's Cody. Rick apologises for his recent behaviour and Cody tells him that Lech is a jerk. Cody apologises for the way she's treated Rick - he's the best friend she's ever had. Rick says that whatever she does, he'll always be there for her. Cody wants to go on holiday with Rick as he originally planned.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene and Sam come into the shop to regroup in their hunt for Bianca. Sam finds a note on the counter - it's from Bianca. It says that she doesn't feel she belongs in Erinsborough and not to look for her. This only redoubles Marlene's determination to find her (still can't think why)
Martins, the following morning
Karl brings Helen a photo album with photos of Mal, Libby and Billy. Helen is surprised - she thought the kids were going to sit for her in person. She says it's much more difficult using photos, so Karl agrees to ask them. However, it will make it a lot harder to keep the painting secret from Susan.
Ramsay Street
Rick, Karl and Cody are playing cricket. Karl asks if she's thought about the cricket team anymore. Karl suggests a little experiment to get the cricket team to change their mind.
Lou and Cheryl's - garden
Lou is being filmed for the video in his gardening outfit. He suggests that Cheryl goes to the fancy dress party as Elizabeth I. They are getting on very well.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Ren, Mark, Marlene, Sam and Annalise have gathered to look for Bianca. She gives them all a mobile phone so they can keep in touch and they agree to meet back in three hours.
Karl has dressed Cody up as a bloke so she can try out for the cricket team!
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