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Neighbours Episode 2314 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2314
Australian airdate: 02/02/95
UK airdate: 27/09/95
UK Gold: 13/09/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Holly & Suede Tess: Trained by Luke Hura
- "Windless Island" by John Valmore Pearson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Danni and Brett don't win the School Captain election.
Bianca is ranting about the police.
Lou tells his family that he's going to run for council - to fight against the freeway plan from the inside.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni and Brett think it's a great idea, but Cheryl is less impressed - she asks him if he couldn't just write a letter to the paper instead(!) Danni and Brett offer to help Lou based on their experience at the school election(!)
Number 24
Marlene, Sam, Father Michael and Mark come in. Bianca is sitting watching telly with a face like a slapped arse. They are going to talk about fundraising for the youth centre. Bianca thinks they're wasting their time - it won't make any difference to the kids, it's just giving them false hope. She shouts that the cops will victimise them anyway and then storms out. (Please, let me slap her)
Father Michael is bemused at her behaviour and Marlene tells him that Bianca is "going through a bad patch". Whatever.
Phil asks Hannah why she's wearing her ballet top - she's been grounded until further notice. Phil says she has to work through her punishment, but Hannah says if she doesn't practice now she'll never get into the Rhythmic Gymnastics team for the Sydney Olympics(!) Helen and Phil are unmoved so Hannah runs off to her room.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Mark tells Marlene not to worry about Bianca. Marlene says that Bianca isn't homeless anymore - she's got a roof over her head and the prospect of a career now. Mark says he doesn't think that's enough. (??!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Phil calls round to see them and Lou tells him that he's running for Council. He shows Lou a book on horse training that they could use for Suede Tess.
Cheryl thinks Lou is taking on too much running for council with all his other commitments.
Number 24
Bianca finally surfaces from her bedroom and Sam politely asks her if she's feeling better. She completely blanks him and goes to the fridge. She pours herself a juice while Sam tells her not to mope around. Bianca shouts that people like Sam don't understand because they've had it easy all their lives. Sam's patience runs out (mine ran out a few episodes ago) and tells her that she doesn't want take responsibility for her own life and wants to blame the world for her own problems! (Well said, Sam!)
Hannah offers to wash up. When Helen comes in, Hannah apologises again to Phil about the Molly situation. Phil relents at Helen's insistence and says he might lift the ban on the ballet lessons - next week.
Number 24
Marlene offers Bianca some cereal but she says she's not hungry. She starts banging on that she's not going anywhere in life. Sam says she could help him with his repairs today but she refuses. Marlene says that Bianca can come to her self-defence class with her. Marlene turns the telly off so Bianca decides goes back to bed instead! (Why hasn't someone slapped her?)
Lou and Phil are trying to train Suede Tess to run. But Lou thinks they've picked a greyhound without the killer instinct. Phil suggests another dog as a training model for Suede Tess.
Phil chats to Lou about Hannah. Lou says to treat hr like a parent, not a friend.
Lou and Cheryl
Brett and Danni are making posters for Lou's campaign. Brett suggests making a video and Danni likes the idea. They suggest borrowing Mark's video camera.
Helen has hurt her hip at the self-defence class. Marlene and Hannah help her to the settee.
Number 30
Mark lends Brett and Danni his video camera and tells them to be careful with it. They are already arguing(!)
Phil has got Holly as a training model for Suede Tess. She starts to run a bit.
Number 24
Mark comes round to see Bianca who is very hostile towards him. She says Mark is no fun because he doesn't know what she's been through. She starts banging on that everything is a waste of time. Mark decides to leave. Bianca has been nothing but bitchy to him.
Hannah is looking after Helen who is still sitting on the settee. Phil comes in and is concerned about Helen's hip but she tells him everything is under control.
The phone rings.
HANNAH: If that's Robert, I'm not here.
Phil answers the phone.
PHIL: (dejectedly) Hello, Robert. No, she isn't at the moment. Can I take a message? No need, you'll call back later? What a good idea! Bye.
Phil tells Hannah that he's not lying for her again - it's not fair to lead Robert on to make Billy jealous - she must come clean with him.
Bric-a-brac shop
Father Michael and Mark are worried about Bianca. They think she needs help. They suggest that they don't leave her alone and make her feel important.
The police ring Marlene and tell her that the jewellery isn't stolen, so Bianca is in the clear. Marlene and Sam go home to give her the good news.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl and Lolly are being filmed for the video. Cheryl tells the camera about Lou's good and bad points - that he can be lazy and bed-tempered. Danni doesn't think that that's the right thing to say, but Brett thinks honesty is good(!)
Helen limps into the kitchen to help Hannah do the dinner but she tells her to sit down.
Phil opens the door to Brett and Danni - they've come to film him for Lou's video. They are still bickering about the level of honesty required though(!)
Helen says she'd be pleased to get involved and Hannah joins in too. She suggests that Phil changes his shirt for the filming(!)
Number 24
Marlene and Bianca come in looking for Bianca. But she isn't there, and all her things have gone. Marlene says she thinks Bianca has run away (let's hope she never comes back!)
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