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Neighbours Episode 2303 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2303
Australian airdate: 18/01/95
UK airdate: 12/09/95
UK Gold: 29/08/01
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Ling Mai Chan: Khym Lam
Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Lech Koca: Robert Forza
Francine: Cerrian Clements
Robert Dong: Nelson Leongue
Nicole Cahill: Andrea McEwan
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Billy telling Hannah that he has Nicole in the club house with him. Hannah is furious.
- Lech telling Cody that it's nice to meet her, but not seeming so interested in Mark.
- Mai asking Cheryl if she and Lou can't get back together.
- Molly choking on a glass of tomato juice with chilli in it. Philip furious at Hannah for putting it in there.
Chez Chez
Mai is sitting at a table with Lou, telling him that she can't believe the university got the funding. Lou comments that she might be asked to lecture at *other* universities, but Mai smiles that she's got to do the first one there before she travels the world! She adds that she's got to work to pay him back all that money! Lou, however, insists that it was the least he could do for his own daughter. Mai remarks that he's been so good to *her*, so why doesn't he do something for himself - like make it up with Cheryl? Lou, however, retorts that Cheryl has to make the first move.
No. 26
Hannah is sitting at the kitchen table with Helen, sighing that her father *hates* her. Helen replies that Philip *doesn't* hate her, but they're both very disappointed in her. Hannah cries that Molly's trying to take her mother's place. Helen insists that he isn't - and Hannah doesn't want her father to be alone for the rest of his life, does she? Hannah admits that she doesn't, but why does it have to be so soon? She points out to her gran that *she* doesn't like Molly either. Helen, however, just warns her that her father must be allowed to see whomever he pleases without any interference from *them*. Hannah runs off, angrily.
No. 22
Marlene is sitting with an upset Cheryl, asking her why she doesn't ask Lou to come back home. Cheryl shrugs that he knows where she is if he wants to see her. Marlene asks her why she has to be so stubborn. Cheryl, however, reminds her that Lou is the one who walked out. Marlene presses her to just *ask* him. Cheryl retorts that that would be like admitting that it was her fault. Marlene, though, insists that it would just be her telling him that she wants to see him again. Cheryl says stubbornly that if Lou wants to break the ice, she's eager to hear anything he has to say.
No. 26
Philip arrives home and Helen asks how Molly is. Philip replies that she's fine; he can't believe how well she took it. He adds more curtly that he's never been more embarrassed in all his life; he doesn't know what's got *into* Hannah. Helen tells him that it's hard for Hannah to see him with another woman like this. Philip mutters at Helen that she should just come out and say 'I told you so'. Helen sighs and says she's a little worried about Hannah. Philip comments that this has to be confronted. He heads to bed, leaving Helen looking worried.
No. 26
The next morning, Hannah is having breakfast as Philip asks her tersely what she has to say for herself. Hannah murmurs:
HANNAH: Nothing.
Philip goes on angrily that he's never been so ashamed of her his whole life; her behaviour was absolutely appalling. He adds that he's been too lenient on her lately - so she can come home straight after school every day, so no more rhythmic gymnastics, no more ballet and no more horse- riding. He continues more gently that he knows what she's going through, but Molly's a friend, so why can't she accept that? Hannah mutters that she'll try,
Hungry Bite
Billy is sitting with Nicole and he invites her to the club house after school. Nicole retorts that it's so dirty. She adds that it's time for class, and she heads out. Billy heads to the counter to pay and he hands the money to Mark. Cody is sitting there and she asks Mark if he's coming to the talk this morning on Esoteric Thought. Mark, however, says he has to see Father Michael as soon as he gets a break. He adds that Cody can still go. Cody comments that she can't go on her own, but Mark muses that she won't be on her own for long, he wouldn't have thought, going by the way Lech's been looking at her. He warns her that there's something about the guy he doesn't like.
Lech is leading the talk on Esoteric Thought when Cody walks in and sits next to a female student - Francine - who starts talking about Freud. Cody drops her books suddenly and apologises for interrupting. Lech uses the interruption to introduce Cody to everyone, adding that he thinks she's going to be very valuable to the group.
Radio Station
Lou is presenting his show as Mai and Marlene listen from outside the studio. Mai comments to Marlene that he's good. Marlene nods that he's got the gift of the gab - but she's hoping that this time he'll let *her* do the talking and stop the silly argument he and Cheryl are having. Mai comments that they need a way of getting them both together without either of them thinking they're giving in.
Erinsborough High
Robert is talking to Hannah and he invites her to come round to play a computer game after school. Hannah starts to say no - but then Billy and Nicole come into the classroom and she quickly tells Robert loudly - so that Billy will overhear - to come round to her house, adding that they'll be on their own.
Chez Chez
Father Michael is telling Mark that the church needs to know he's going into this for the right reason; a break- up isn't necessarily it. Cheryl joins them and offers them drinks. The two men ask for stubbies. Father Michael tells Mark that he's got a good heart; if he's as keen as he is now in a year's time, he's sure the seminary will welcome him with open arms.
No. 24
Marlene puts two long boxes on the kitchen table and Mai comments that this is certainly something Lou and Cheryl would never have thought of on their own. Marlene muses that desperate times call for desperate measures!
Lech is leading a discussion about Thomas Aquinas, and he asks the group how they feel about that. No one replies, so he turns to Cody and asks her what *she* thinks. Cody tells him that she's not really sure she agrees with Aquinas... She goes on with her argument. France starts to argue against her, but Lech tells her that they shouldn't dismiss Cody's ideas. The female student smirks at what she clearly perceives to be Cody's stupidity.
University grounds
A short time later, the talk over, Lech asks Cody what she thought. Cody grins that she thinks she just said something really stupid and shallow; she thinks she'll give it a miss in future. Lech, however, insists that she's down to earth and a breath of fresh air. He invites her to come for a drink, adding that he can tell her why he set up the club and why they can't afford to lose her!
Club House
Billy goes to push open the door of the club house - but Hannah and Robert are sitting inside with their backs against it. Billy calls out and tells Hannah that he has to let her in as Nicole's coming. He starts using his shoulder to try and ram open the door, but to no avail. Nicole turns up and asks Billy what's going on. Billy hands her a small posy of hand- picked flowers. She asks him if he's cleaned up yet. Hannah opens the door and spits:
HANNAH: No he hasn't - and he's not going to.
Nicole glares at Billy and snaps that either Hannah goes or *she* does. She thrusts the flowers back at him and snaps that he's pathetic. She storms off.
Chez Chez
Cheryl heads off for the day as Mark tells Father Michael that it was Cheryl's mum that came up with the idea for the Youth Centre. He adds that Marlene is a very determined lady! Cody and Lech come in and Mark watches them as they take a table together, ignoring Father Michael as he talks about how they need a lot more people like Marlene. Father Michael realises Mark is staring at Cody and Lech and asks what the problem is. Mark explains that it's Cody: he thinks she's a little too trusting sometimes. He adds that he knows he shouldn't be quick to judge, but he just gets a really bad feeling about the guy.
No. 26
Hannah tells Robert that he should be going. He heads out as Billy comes in angrily and asks Hannah what the big idea was; it's *his* club house too. Hannah retorts:
HANNAH: I just did what you did to *me* the other day. Anyway, Nicole's just a stuck- up little—
HELEN (admonishes): Hannah!
Hannah tells Billy that she did him a favour; he's better off without her, so why doesn't he just rack off? Billy storms out. When he's gone, Helen tells Hannah angrily that she needs to take a long, hard look at herself; look at the way she just treated Billy and Robert. She goes on that she knows Hannah isn't happy with Philip and Molly, but that isn't an excuse to be horrible all the time. Hannah, however, yells:
HANNAH: You're all the same. You don't care. *Nobody* does.
She runs off to her room.
No. 24
Lou has turned up at No. 24 and finds Mai there with Marlene. He asks what's going on. Marlene tells him that they don't like to see him so depressed all the time. She goes on that she wants him to make the first move, but in a very funny way; she thinks she and Mai have found a way to make this more palatable. Mai adds that he can make it up with Cheryl without losing face - and he might even enjoy himself. Marlene points to one of the two boxes and Mai tells him to open it and all shall be clear!
Chez Chez
At his table with Cody, Lech comments that she still hasn't said whether she's coming to this gig tonight. Cody says she doesn't know... but it sounds like fun, so she will. Lech tells her that he'll pick her up at her place at 8:30pm. He heads off. When he's gone, Mark asks Father Michael to excuse him and he walks over to Cody and comments to her in disbelief that she's not *really* going out with Lech, is she? He adds that he's such a sleazebag - and what about Rick? Cody insists that it isn't a date; Lech is just going to show her around and introduce her to some of his friends. She then warns Mark tersely not to be so overbearing and holier- than- thou; he's not a priest *yet*. She walks out. Mark smiles at Father Michael meekly.
No. 22
Cheryl arrives home to find Lou sitting waiting for her. She asks him what he's doing there and he replies that her mother and his daughter have been ganging up on him; they've decided that the two of them are desperately in love with each other and they're too stubborn to admit it. Cheryl asks if he's come to apologise, then. Lou, however, tells her that he hasn't; Marlene and Mai's plan was far more devious than that. He stands up and brings out from the kitchen two long, padded sword- type 'weapons'. He holds them out and smiles:
LOU: Choose your weapons, wench!
CHERYL (laughs): You can't be serious?!
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Ling-Mai Chan, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2303
Ling-Mai Chan, Lou Carpenter

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2303
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin

Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2303
Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2303
Philip Martin

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2303
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Nicole Cahill, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2303
Nicole Cahill, Billy Kennedy

Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2303
Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb

Francine, Cody Willis, Lech Koca in Neighbours Episode 2303
Francine, Cody Willis, Lech Koca

Ling-Mai Chan, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2303
Ling-Mai Chan, Marlene Kratz

Robert Dong, Nicole Cahill, Billy Kennedy, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2303
Robert Dong, Nicole Cahill, Billy Kennedy, Hannah Martin

Father Michael Graham, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2303
Father Michael Graham, Mark Gottlieb

Marlene Kratz, Ling-Mai Chan in Neighbours Episode 2303
Marlene Kratz, Ling-Mai Chan

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2303
Cody Willis

Francine in Neighbours Episode 2303

Cody Willis, Lech Koca in Neighbours Episode 2303
Cody Willis, Lech Koca

Robert Dong, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2303
Robert Dong, Hannah Martin

Billy Kennedy, Nicole Cahill in Neighbours Episode 2303
Billy Kennedy, Nicole Cahill

Father Michael Graham, Cody Willis, Lech Koca, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2303
Father Michael Graham, Cody Willis, Lech Koca, Mark Gottlieb

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2303
Helen Daniels

Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2303
Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz

Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2303
Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2303
Cheryl Stark

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2303
Lou Carpenter

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