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Neighbours Episode 2293 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2293
Australian airdate: 04/01/95
UK airdate: 29/08/95
UK Gold: 15/08/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Elliot Patterson: Jon Concannon
Stu Cunningham: Craig Woolridge
Patient: Anne Vercoe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise heads off on her trip with Al. Ren tells Mark that she's trying to make him jealous.
- Karl tells the family that he was responsible for Vincent Harding's death at his practice in their old town.
MAL: Alright, I'm listening.
KARL: Vince came to see me just before he left on a trekking holiday. So I gave him all the standard shots. He also asked me for supplies for what he called his survival kit. He knew the conditions were rough in the Himalayas, and obviously he didn't want to get caught halfway up a mountain with some stomach bug, so I gave him some mild medication just in case. He'd obviously given this trip a lot of thought. Now, I asked him if he wanted a thorough physical. He assured me he was fit and well - he certainly looked strong and healthy - so I had no reason to doubt him.
MAL: Then, what happened?
KARL: I'm not sure. We got word that he'd collapsed on a hike. Before help could get to him, he died. Now, from all reports he suffered from a severe myocardial infaction. This is a massive heart attack.
MAL: Vince wasn't the type to get a heart attack!
SUSAN: You don't have to be old and fat, Malcolm. He could have had a weakness all his life, been born with it.
MAL: So why didn't you pick it?
KARL: He never presented with any symptoms of heart disease. Alright, if I had insisted on a full check- up I might have discovered a problem, but on the other hand, I might not have.
SUSAN: You did everything that a reasonable person would have.
KARL: I'd like to think so. He's still dead, though, isn't he?! Now, to some extent I blame myself, and so do a lot of other people.
LIBBY: It's not your fault, Dad.
KARL: When word got back, his family were obviously very distraught, and they were also very angry. I mean, after all, I had seen Vince just a week before he hopped on a plane. So the stories started, the practice suffered, Jack Turnbull panicked. So I offered to sell my half of the practice and move out. He didn't try to stop me. I think he was relieved. Things gathered momentum and moving seemed to be the best option.
BILLY: You could have stayed and defended yourself.
KARL: No, a country doctor's practice is built on trust. Once you lose that...
LIBBY: You should have told us, Dad.
KARL: Yeah, you're right. I should have. I'm sorry.
A silence descends over them.
Mark is looking for some dance music for the next Youth Disco - it's a way for him to get involved with the parish. Ren thinks it sounds daggy, but Mark protests that the church isn't just a bunch of men in funny frocks. She thinks institutionalised religions are headquarters for negative energy.
Ramsay Street
Mark is sticking a Christian fish on his car when Billy comes along. He asks Mark why he wants to be a priest as he seems normal(!) Mark says it's like being a doctor for the spirit(!) Mark invites Billy to the parish disco but he doesn't look keen.
Phil tells Helen and Hannah that Molly has invited him round for morning tea to have a look at her worm farm. Hannah asks if she can come along and Phil agrees - as long as Helen can mind the newsagency.
Billy calls round and Hannah decides to go and play with Billy at the clubhouse instead.
The mood is better at the Kennedy household this morning. Mal tells Susan that he's sorry he pushed Karl on the topic now, he feels really guilty about it. He says he'll ask Karl if he can come back to the Surgery.
Mark calls round with some wedding cake for Annalise. She isn't too impressed and there is a stilted conversation between them about the parish dance.
When he's gone, Annalise tells Al that she can't believe Mark brought cake round - he didn't even look upset or embarrassed! Annalise. She tells Al how unhappy she is - did she really love Mark?
Billy and Hannah are working on the clubhouse. Billy mentions the parish dance and says he might go. Hannah thinks it sounds OK, and Billy should invite someone along as a date. Billy asks Hannah if she thinks Nicole Kale might go with him. She is crestfallen.
Mal is back behind the receptionist when a man comes in with a burnt hand. He's a very rude man and tells Mal that being a receptionist is a girly job. Karl invites the man, Mr Cunningham, into the inner office and looks pleased to see Mal there.
Phil shows Helen some worms that Molly has given him. He also babbles about what a good cook she is. Helen tells him seriously that she doesn't want to see Phil get hurt.
Al tells Annalise that the next chapter of her life could be completely different from the collage she's made featuring Mark. She asks him to help her make a new collage, as part of the healing process. He reluctantly agrees.
Karl is just seeing his last patient of the morning out. He thanks Malcolm for his work today and Malcolm apologises for last night. Karl says he thinks last night was good for all of them. He suggests they get some lunch at the Coffee Shop.
MAL: Dad...I was wondering...well, it was just a thought...there's a game on at the cricket ground tonight, and well, we haven't been together to a match for years.
KARL:(pleased) No, we haven't.
MAL: Well, if you're not too tired, I was wondering if you'd...
KARL: I think it's a great idea!
Mark asks Phil if he can put up some posters about the Parish Dance. He also asks Phil if Hannah can come along, it's for all ages, and it'll be well- supervised. Phil says he'll think about it.
When Mark has gone, Phil tells Helen that he's surprised that Hannah would *want* to go!
Billy and Hannah have completed the clubhouse and are having an official opening. They agree to keep the clubhouse secret, unless both of them agree. Hannah tells Billy that she'd like to go to the dance too. She is, however, pleased to hear that Billy wouldn't bring Nicole to the clubhouse!
Annalise and Al are completing their collages. He's quite enjoyed. Annalise's collage is full of things she wants to do, like go to New York, and get married. Both are quite surprised at the other's collages. She asks Al if he has a girlfriend, but he doesn't.
Mal and Karl are off to the cricket game. As they leave, Billy and Hannah come in. Hannah is still mooning over Billy and says they should play cricket in the street one day.
When Hannah has gone, Libby tells Billy bluntly that Hannah has the hots for him. He is horrified and says she's just a kid. Susan warns him not to hurt Hannah.
Phil asks Hannah if she wants to go to the Parish Dance.
PHIL: Sweetheart...there comes a time in your life...and you're at that time...when boys...well, your feelings start to change. And that's a perfectly natural part of growing up.
Hannah just looks at him.
PHIL: What I'm trying to say is...
HANNAH: Dad, are you talking about sex?
PHIL: No...no... yeah, sort of.
HANNAH: Well, what do you want to know?
PHIL: I don't want to know anything, I just wondered if *you* wanted to know anything.
HANNAH: No, not really, I'm not in a hurry or anything.
PHIL: Good, good...that's very good. but I do want you to know if there's ever anything you want to talk about, you can come to me.
HANNAH: OK. So, I can I go to the dance?
PHIL: The dance? Yeah...er...I guess so!
HANNAH: Thanks, Dad! You're the best!
Al asks Annalise awkwardly about the mystery man on her new collage. He thinks she should put herself in the centre of her own life - not Mark, not him, not any man.
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