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Neighbours Episode 2292 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2292
Australian airdate: 03/01/95
UK airdate: 28/08/95
UK Gold: 14/08/01
Writer: Dianne Dempsey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Ling Mai Chan: Khym Lam
Molly Harrison: Robyn Hughan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil sees a woman who looks like Julie from behind and scares her.
- Mal tells Karl in front of a waiting room full of people that he'll be run out of town for killing a patient!
- Cheryl tells Lou that she wants to meet Ling Mai.
- Squirrel tells Sam that she's decided what to do about the baby.
Youth Centre
Squirrel tells Sam that she wants to keep the baby. Sam goes very quiet and Danni decides to leave them to talk.
SAM: What exactly is going on here?
SQUIRREL: Don't keep denying it! it's a wonderful thing that's happened, you haven't done anything wrong.
SAM: You're damned right I haven't! You certainly have!
SQUIRREL: I didn't mean to get pregnant!
SAM: For crying out loud, Squirrel, look! One of two things is happening here and I don't like either of them. Either the bloke that's got you pregnant has done a runner and you're trying to line up a new daddy...
SQUIRREL: Don't, Sam!
SAM: ...or you're completely out of your tree!
Sam insists that he's never slept with Squirrel, so she can't be pregnant to him. Squirrel starts to cry and tells Sam that he should admit that it happened!
Karl tells Mal off for eating seven weetabix. Mal has another crack about the dead patient back home, and Karl very angrily slaps his spoon out of his hand.
KARL: I did not kill anyone!
MAL: Not what I heard, doctor! Tell me, then, why did we leave our old town so quickly?!
KARL: People think that doctors are like God, Malcolm. They think we can keep them alive forever, but that's just not possible, people die!
MAL: Well, I heard this patient was young.
KARL: Vincent Hardigan.
MAL: What?
KARL: His name was Vincent Hardigan. And yes, he was young. He was strong and healthy too, or so I thought. Sometimes the symptoms just don't present themselves until it's too late. It wasn't my fault!
MAL: Then why run away and hide in a suburb?!
KARL: It's complicated.
Malcolm shouts that they should have a family meeting to discuss it and Karl shouts back that Malcolm doesn't know everything about life!
Outside the Pub
Phil introduces Lou to Molly - explaining that Molly had been wearing Julie's clothes when he saw her. He offers to buy Molly a drink and Lou makes a sharp exit!
Billy tells Mal that Karl wouldn't kill anyone - apart from anything else, it would cost him too much(!) Mal still wants to have a family meeting saying he doesn't like having a murdered for a father(!)
Youth centre
Sam has made Squirrel a cup of tea. She tells him her real name is Ursula. Sam suggests that they both go and see a doctor together - he's a bit worried about her. She just tells him he'll make a great dad!
Danni can't believe that Lou has a daughter they didn't know about and Marlene says men are very childish about such things(!) They gossip about Sam, and in conversation, Marlene realises that Squirrel is pregnant to Sam!
Mal tells Susan and Karl that he wants to have a family meeting about vincent Hardgan. Karl is not pleased and bluntly refuses. Susan backs Karl up and tells Malcolm that he doesn't know when to stop. He strops off to his room.
Karl sends the other kids off too, as he's very upset.
KARL:(to Susan) I don't deserve this, do I?!
Lou introduces Ling- Mai to Brett and Danni. Then Cheryl comes in with Lolly and is also introduces. Ling- Mai says it must be very hard for the family to have her turn up, but Cheryl says it's fine.
They all drink a toast, but the atmosphere is strained.
Phil comes in with Molly and introduces her to Helen and Hannah. Apparently she gave Phil a lift home, so leaves almost immediately. When she's gone, Helen and Hannah stare at Phil in silence.
Susan tells Karl to just have the family meeting, Mal just wants a plausible explanation. She tells him to just explain it calmly to Malcolm.
SUSAN: I know the man I married. He's intelligent, he respects life and he's a good doctor. Karl, just tell the kids the truth, that's all they want.
Youth Centre
Marlene is ranting at Sam for getting Squirrel pregnant. He insists that he hasn't even slept with Squirrel, but Marlene doesn't believe him! Sam says that Squirrel is mad.
Ling- Mai is showing brett some photos of where she works, and of her boyfriend. She explains that her mother was a doctor at the public hospital. She met Lou when she was a medical student, so Ling- Mai's grandmother brought her up while her mother continued her studies. She explains that her mother always said Lou was an honourable man, but he belonged to another country. Also, that he was a bit of a larrikin! Everyone laughs.
Sam apologises to Marlene for getting angry before. She hugs him and says that of course she will believe Sam's word about Squirrel. He is very relieved. Sam can't work out if Squirrel is lying, or whether she's delusional. His gut feeling is that Squirrel is ill.
Hannah is just off to bed and asks Helen who Phil's friend was. She's upset that Phil likes the woman.
HANNAH: Dad's not allowed to love anyone else. He belongs to Mum, and me.
HELEN: Darling, no- one is going to take your Daddy away from you, I won't let them.
HANNAH: Promise?
HELEN: I promise.
Cheryl liked Ling- Mai very much, but Lou will have to give them all time to get to know one another properly.
LOU: At least you know I'm not having an affair!
CHERYL:(laughs) An affair might have been easier to deal with!
Karl has agreed to a family meeting and everyone sits down.
KARL: Alright. Vincent Hardigan died. He was my patient, I was responsible. Are there any questions?
They all sit in silence.
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