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Neighbours Episode 2118 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2118
Australian airdate: 30/03/94
UK airdate: 27/12/94
UK Gold: 13/12/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Len Mangel: John Lee
Jesse O'Connor: James Ryan
Sally Pritchard: Brenda Webb
Gwen Childs: Robyn Bissett
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Michael tells Doug that there's a chance he could have AIDS.
- Helen offers to return a dress to Len but he tells her to keep it.
- Jesse tells Hannah that the snake she has is not his.
- Rick tells Sally that she'll definitely be seeing more of him.
Jesse and Hannah discuss the snake. Jesse says it might be his snake after all, and lets it out to have a look. Apparently his snake responds to vibrations. In the end they realise it is the same snake, it's just that he has shed his skin. Hannah still refuses to hand the snake over(!)
Helen comes in and asks what's going on. Hannah stomps off shouting that both Jesse and the snake are slimy and ugly(!)
Debbie reminds Cody, Rick and Brett that they need to sell some shares in order to pay back their loan on the paper- making equipment. Rick mentions that he's learning Japanese and Debbie rolls her eyes at him.
Michael and Hannah are heading off to meet Debbie, Cody, Rick and Brett at the Youth Enterprise meeting. Helen is surprised to hear that Julie and Phil are going out too - she's cooked a roast!
When Helen has gone into the kitchen, Len tells Julie that she could have some consideration for Helen.
Hannah is reading out a list of demands - she wants a line of cards to be named after her, to be involved in all brand decisions, and to have 50% of the profits! They scoff at her but she says if they don't agree she'll rat them out to the teacher. They quickly decide to negotiate(!) Debbie offers her some shares in the company, Hannah says she'll think about it.
Julie has stayed for dinner after all. Len gets in a few digs about the rest of the family not being there. When Julie has gone, Len tells Helen that he's glad to have her all to himself and puts his arm around her. Before he can go any further, Debbie, Michael and Hannah charge in, arguing, and spoil the mood(!) Helen starts to laugh in despair!
No.22, the following morning
Hannah tells Debbie, Cody, Brett and Rick that she will accept design credits and a cut of the profits - 16.222% to be exact(!). Debbie was thinking more two or three percent, but Hannah points out that it's one- sixth. They aren't very keen saying it's blackmail, but Hannah says she calls it "getting ahead in the business world"(!) They are forced to agree.
Michael comes in and asks Cody urgently if he can speak to her outside.
Ramsay Street
Michael tells Cody that he's had a call from the clinic - they wouldn't tell him the results over the phone and want him to go down in person. Michael is very stressed that it might be bad news.
Sally is giving out leaflets about a meeting to discuss the merger. Rick tells her that he's had a look at the Japanese text books and they look very interesting. He offers to give her a tour of the school but Sally just rolls her eyes.
Sassy tells Brett she's glad to see him and gives him a Matchbox car as a present. She invites him to take her to lunch at the Coffee Shop. Brett makes his excuses and tries to give her the car back. She says they can go to the Coffee Shop for dinner instead(!)
Len tells Helen that her family take her for granted. Helen says that she enjoys looking after the family and they appreciate it. Len says he hopes they do appreciate it, and not expect it.
Debbie and Cody are chatting and Cody says she's meeting Michael for lunch. Debbie asks Brett to look at marketing strategies, but Sassy says Brett and her are going off to lunch.
Michael is waiting for Cody on the bridge with his test results.
MICHAEL: I wanted you with me when I open this.
CODY: You'll be fine.
Michael opens the envelope and unfolds the paper with the test results on, to the accompaniment of foreboding music.
CODY: Well?
MICHAEL: Negative!
CODY: Negative!
MICHAEL: Clean and free!
They hug, happily.
Michael goes off to ring Chrissie.
Over tea, Debbie tells Julie that she wants to change schools as Erinsborough High is so overcrowded. Hannah moans on that she hates "Jesse the snake boy". Julie says that neither of them are changing schools because she and Phil can't afford the school fees. They bicker until Helen tells them off for squabbling in front of Len.
Michael tells Cody that Chrissie is negative too, and thanks Cody for all her support.
CODY: It's all over now, so things can get back to normal.
MICHAEL: Especially seeing now that there's nothing stopping us.
CODY: Stopping us from what?
MICHAEL: You know...it.
CODY: Michael, is that all you can think about?
MICHAEL: But I thought that...
Cody rants that she has enough going on in her life without sex and tells him to leave it.
Jesse has come over to thank Hannah for looking after his snake. Hannah is unimpressed. Julie comes in and tells Helen that Phil definitely will be home for dinner tonight. Julie invites Jesse to stay for dinner and says he can ring his Dad.
In the kitchen, Julie tells Helen that she's invited Jesse to stay for dinner. Len has clearly been getting under Helen's skin as she's not too happy. Len says he'll eat at the coffee shop so there's more to go round.
Rick comes round looking for Gaby to talk about the sausage roll fundraiser. He sees that Cody is in a bad mood. Cody tells Rick she's sick of being there for people with problems - Mum, Dad, Gaby, Michael...sometimes she needs support herself! Rick says he's always there for Cody.
No.26, the following morning
Len has left his jacket behind. There's a wallet in the pocket, so Helen gets his address from Len's driving licence inside it.
Anson's Corner
Michael has come to the address on the licence on Helen's behalf to return Len's jacket. There's a woman in the front garden and Michael explains why he's come. She is not pleased and beckons Michael inside for a chat.
Inside house
The woman is explaining that Len is a conman - she thought Len loved her and he convinced her to put her money in a joint bank account. Then he spent all the money and left her! He may well be trying to do the same thing to Helen.
LEN'S EX: He's a conniving, scheming, heartless old gold- digger, out for everything he can get!
MICHAEL:(concerned) Gran...!
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