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Neighbours Episode 2061 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2061
Australian airdate: 06/12/93
UK airdate: 07/10/94
UK Gold: 25/09/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Bar Person: Ian Beach
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lauren asks Lou if he's jealous of Cheryl.
- Cody rants at Rick for treating women like trophies.
- Hannah falls down a bank in the bush.
Phil wakes up just in time to see Hannah disappearing over the bank. He goes down after her and sees she has come to rest on a ledge. She cries out for help. Phil goes off to find a rope.
Rick is trying to explain to Cody that she's misjudged him - he was just *telling* Doug about the Ice Maiden competition, he isn't taking part. Cody doesn't believe him and Doug tells Rick not to bother - Cody has a broken heart, and has sworn off men. Rick sympathises and says all he wants to do is be Cody's friend. She just walks off to her room!
Phil has managed to push Hannah back up the bank to safety, but he has some trouble pulling himself up. In fact, he slips himself and falls down the bank, coming to rest against a tree.
Lou shows Lauren his first grown bean. He puts it in the freezer and is not impressed find some shop- bought beans in there(!)
Rick comes in, moaning about cody. Lauren tells him his parents rang - they're taking him to Hong Kong for Christmas! Rick is chuffed and Lauren offers to cover his shift so that he can go Christmas present shopping.
Debbie tells Cody that she and Rick used to be together, and he's a good guy. She thinks Cody is interested in Rick and bets she can't hold out until the end of the year before her men embargo is broken(!)
Cheryl tells Wendy that women in the nineties are taking control, and Wendy should tell Lou what she wants. But Wendy is rather traditional and doesn't think she can. Lou comes over, and Doug goes off to get him a beer. Wendy awkwardly tells Lou that she wants to cook a meal for him at her place. He agrees to come around tonight at 7.30pm. But when he hears her kids will be there, she offers to come over to his place instead.
Phil is slowly coming round after his fall and groans. His ankle appears to be knackered. Meanwhile, Hannah has found another way down the bank and leans over Phil, begging him to wake up.
Coffee Shop
Rick staggers in with Christmas presents for his parents. They're already wrapped, and he has something for everyone. Lauren wants to open hers, but Rick won't let her. Lauren asks him if he's counting on his mum to double the two grand, and Rick realises he's now short by about $500.
Phil comes around properly. His foot is really hurting him, but he tells Hannah to keep calm. He send her back to the car for his mobile phone - Hannah needs to go and call home and get help.
Coffee Shop
Rick can't think where he's going to get $500 from.
Cody comes in, pursued by the two sleazy guys. Rick tells them they should be ashamed of themselves and gives them a long spiel about trating women like objects and how they make him ashamed to be a man(!) They say that Rick just wants to get them out of the competition(!) Cody storms off.
Wendy heads off and tells Lou she'll see him tonight. When Lou has gone, Doug thinks Cheryl was very noble to give Wendy advice - he thought Cheryl would be trying to torpedo their relationship.
Helen has called in to see Julie and Debbie to see if there is any news from the campers. Julie decides to give them a call on Phil's mobile, but then realises the mobile phone is outside in the box that Hannah left behind.
Coffee Shop
Rick swears to Cody that he was never part of the competition to get a date with her. She says they can be friends, and that's it. He tells her he's sorry about her break- up with Drew but Cody doesn't want to talk about it.
Hannah hunts through the car for Phil's mobile phone, but of course, it isn't there. She gets into the driver's seat and sounds the horn instead. Then she writes a note on a piece of paper, "Help!" and puts it in Holly's collar, telling her to "Find Mum". Holly runs off.
Coffee Shop
Rick has another go at talking to Cody and she softens a bit this time. Cody asks Rick if he wants to go out with her, but before he can clarify what she means, Debbie comes in and interrupts them.
Wendy is cooking Lou a chilli. Lauren heads off to the movies.
When Lauren has gone, Wendy awkwardly tells Lou that they have the whole evening to themselves.
Helen is wondering why Phil didn't take his mobile phone - or the tent pegs for that matter.
Phil is sitting propped up against the tree when Hannah comes back. She tells him she couldn't find the phone, but has brought the first aid kit, and has sent Holly for help. Phil instructs her to find a branch he can lean on.
Holly isn't sure which way to go.
Wendy and Lou are just finishing their meal, and he compliments her on her cooking. They start talking about hobbies and Wendy says she likes doing decoupage. Lou doesn't know what it is, and doesn't seem very impressed when she explains. Awkward. But then he says that he was thinking of redecorating Lauren's bedroom and maybe he could get Wendy to decoupage it - they both start laughing.
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in to find Rick raiding the juke box to top up his bank balance to $2,000. She's horrified to hear that Rick has counted the contents of the charity box(!) Suddenly Rick has an idea - he'll make the money back "easy"!
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